Turn each visitor into a happy customer

User.com is a single workspace providing you with easy-to-use, yet very robust tools for marketing, sales, management, and support teams.


Build strong relationships with your customers.

Personalize regardless of scale. Send the right message to the right people at the right time. Connect chat messages to new visitors and turn them into happy customers.

Chat, what's that?

Rozwijaj swoją firmę automatycznie

Nie trać czasu na powtarzające się zadania. Niech automaty się tym zajmą.

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Integracja ChatBot

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The easiest way
to boost your marketing

No coding skills or technical knowledge is required.
It’s simple using our drag-and-drop creator.

Welcome back
chat message

Send a welcome back message to every user who returns to your website after being away for 5 days or more.

Send an email after
first purchase

Send a more personal thank you email when your user makes a purchase.

New CRM deal
on registration

This automation creates a new deal every time someone registers on your website.

Check out whats inside

Check out key feautres which make email marketing module awesome



Start automations in every way possible, to connect your users to automations. Fire them in a variety of ways, and combine multiple starts together.



Check if a user meets the requirements. Unlimited and advanced filters are always at your fingertips.



Use Actions to create any process, internally or externally, anything you wish to achieve after the user enters the automation.



Create custom chatbots that fit any or all your needs. Choose from limitless possibilities to start the communication ball rolling.


No coding

No need to code, everything is click and drop with our simple visual automation creator.


Action logs

View detailed logs to show data on any user, to see which triggers were fired, the conditions that were checked, or which action paths were taken.



Connect automation paths in any way, to create the ultimate customer journey. Make it as simple or as complex as you need your setup to be.



Automate portions of your chat, to save time for your agents. Add in things like knowledge base topics or follow up emails on missed chat conversations.


Email campaign

Mix in automated email campaigns. Easily set A/B testing on actions, or after certain conditions are met. Quickly send out follow-ups after a chat.