Close more deals with less effort

All your sales and behavioral data in one place.

Wizualizacja lejka sprzedaży

Switch leads between pipeline stages and mark deals as won or lost.


All actions taken by your sales deparment in numbers. All effort is conected with deal and specified users.

More than CRM

The CRM is fully integrated with other features. Automatically pass your users from sales to support team.

Business performance
analytics and graphs

Understand and always know how your sales team is performing with visuals.


Use our CRM totally for free

Access to user data for up to 2,000 contacts with the free plan

Darmowy 14-dniowy okres próbny

Integracja ChatBot

Nie wymagamy karty kredytowej

A fully automated
pipeline unit

Add an automation module to your CRM and skip daily repetitive tasks.
Focus your team on selling.

Omnichannel selling

Connect wherever they're at - Personalize and reach your leads how they want to be found; either by call, chat, SMS, or by email - any way easily integrated via our CRM.

Use omnichannel messaging today