Smart Visitor Tracking

Find out how visitor tracking combined with
marketing automation can generate you leads.


Every step they make

Track every single action your visitors take on your website. Use this data-rich information for further sales or marketing efforts.

Enhance lead potential

enhanced tracking

See everything on a single page, that you can connect the dots between page views, mobile interaction, email opens, received text messages, plus tons more!


Track visitors and get insights

Get detailed data to understand precise visitors behavior
to increase your conversion rates.

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ChatBot integration

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Turn basic actions
into useful data

Take your data to another level and trigger automation processes based on user behavior. Use automatic chats to gather further contact info from guests after multiple visits.

Learn about triggers

Organized timeline -
360 profile overview

See real-time data and all the historical interactions a customer has had with your company — all data about behavior, events, cookies, and browser in one place.

Tracking from
the first visit'

Start tracking anonymous visitors on their very first-page visit. Analyze their behavior and convert them into customers.