The complete solution
for your Sales Team

One place for all sales, CRM, reports, and activity efforts, with everything fully automated. Assemble your entire team and focus on selling.


Distinct pipelines
with graphical flow

Visualize all lead progress in an overview to keep an eye on all potential clients. Improve your possibilities with automation flows.

Let’s talk in omnichannel

Meet your leads where they are best suited, with versatile ways of communicating. Don't limit yourself to a single channel.

Stay ahead of the curve
with automated rules

Despite complex data, you can keep it simple with automatic user flows that will complete actions based on user behavior.

Assign and notify tasks

Straightforward options to manage your agents and assign them to deals. You can also inform them if specific actions take place.

Turn numbers into performance events

Grab reports with reliable statistics about all your sales reps' work, including all leads.
Use multiple filters and segments to get all the graphs you need.