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Partners path


Reseller Partner

Become our sales representative
and earn up to 25% of the deal value.


Implementation Partner

Become our onboarding representative
and deliver product implementation together
with service support to earn up to 50%.

Find a Partner

Find a certified partner that will help you go through the sales process as well as implementation.

Find a Partner

Perks for Partners


Devoted support

Our consultants provide as short response time as it is possible and are curious about businesses’ needs.


Knowledge base

Wide range of materials helps our Partners to meet rigorous standards in terms of product knowledge.


Regular product updates

We regularly share our roadmap and product updates to keep our Partners fully informed.


Financial benefits

Our Partners earn up to 25% or 50% commission depending on their role in sales and support processes.


Feature Request

As a Partner, you have the possibility to take part in product development. We will be grateful for your suggestions.



We organize for our Partners regular trainings which focus on both technical and business areas.

Frequently asked questions

After payment is made by the customer you have provided, you’ll need to issue an invoice with your commission, and upload it into the Partnership Panel. In 14 days, we’ll transfer out the money.

Payments can take up to 14 days after delivering an invoice. Invoices should be delivered before the 14th day the following month after receives the customer payment.

There are two ways to cooperate with us - as a Reseller or Implementation Partner. If you have something else in mind, reach out to us and we’ll discuss potential options.

There are no fees. You only need to learn about - what problems it can solve and what features it provides for our customer’s benefit.

For an Implementation Partner, yes. You’ll be the main point of contact and taking over customer’s support and management after the purchase, and we’d like you to have some proficiency in our tool. We’d like our customers to be well taken care of.

If you’re looking to become a Reseller Partner, there’s no need to pass a test, but remember - the better you know the tool you’re selling, the easier it will be. So feel free to take it if you please.

For now, there’s no validity period. Once you pass the test, you’re good to go, and we hope you stay up to date with our platform and the market so you can provide top-notch assistance to the customers.

You’ll be provided with your unique referral link, available in the Partner Panel - you’ll want to share it with your leads, so as they register at, we can know that they came from you. You’ll also be able to register clients manually in the Partner Panel.

Yes, you can! As long as you have the desire to work, and refer new people to use, we’ll be more than happy to have you on board as a Reseller Partner.

Our Partnership Manager will help you get started. You can reach him at, to discuss options you have in mind.

We can give you specific presentations or other materials upon request.

For now, there are no strict rules, but we don’t want to work with spammers. Contact our Partnership Manager and discuss possibilities.

We treat our Partners on preferential conditions. You’re allowed to get a substantial discount for our Business plan for your own use. We also plan to organize regular webinars for our Partners and maybe some offline events in the future — please contact us for specific details.

You can always reach our Partnership Manager who can answer your questions. You can mail him at, schedule a call, or use our chat in the bottom right corner.

We’ll send you a ready-to-sign document after a call, which will be prepared with Adobe Sign.

Yes, we treat our partners on very preferential conditions. Please contact our Partnership Manager directly at, and you’ll get detailed information.

Please contact our Partnership Manager directly at; he’s available for your questions or suggestions.

Yes, there is a way to become our Partner in that situation. If you can’t provide us with an invoice, consider We think that it may help, though we can’t be 100% sure that it would work outside of Poland. And of course, there may be other options - we’d appreciate your suggestions.

No, right now there’s no possibility to “stack” commissions by referring other Partners to the program.

Commissions are a percentage of the revenue you’ve brought with your customers or leads and that you’re earning as our Partner. Commission levels are set in specific agreements.

As a Reseller, you can earn up to 25% in the first year and up to 15% in the second year. As an Implementation partner, you can earn up to 50% in the first year and up to 30% in the following years. In recap, Reseller commissions are earned for two years; if the customer is with us for two years, Implementation commissions are valid throughout the entire customer’s lifetime.>

First of all - commissions are higher for Implementation Partners. Not only will they need to supply the customers, but Implementation Partners are also responsible for the customer’s implementation and support after purchase. That’s why Implementation Partners are expected to pass certification testing, but there’s no need for that for Reselling Partners.


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