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Measure everything

One source of truth. All your sales, support and marketing activities quantified in a single dataset.

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Measure everything

Only important data

Measure only crucial ratios and KPIs. Customize the dashbord to fit your needs. Don't be overwhelmed with to much information and be able to go into details.

Dashboards and statistics

You can create customizable dashboards or analyze data only for the period in which you are interested.

All data. In one place.

Combine statistic from different modules and get a clear view in a single dashboard.

Impressive analytics. Advanced filters

Use our filters to get an overview of the most interesting data. Filter users by a vast range of attributes or events and get the most essential insights.

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Aggregate data for more precise analysis

If a user has purchased several items, you can automatically sum up the value of each transaction and save it as an LTV in their attributes. You can aggregate it per company or sum up the income of your whole business.

Actionable data

Because analytics is litterally combined to whole communication channels in Depending on specific KPIs you can personalize direct messages and the campaigns you send.

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