Analytics: A clear view on your performance

Use dashboards and reports to keep track of your sales, support and marketing activities.

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Most important features


Create your own charts that visually convey information about anything from team’s performance to conversion.

CRM Reports

Get a clear view on each of your sales agents’ work by reviewing their activities, deals and emails statistics.


Watch live chat conversations, registrations as well as changes in database structure.


Watch live chat conversations, registrations as well as changes in your database structure.

More features

Approach visitors, leads and customers in channels that best serve each purpose and manage it all from a single place.


See the number of each agent’s deals, conversion on every pipeline stage and more.


Know the number of activities, what was their type as well as how many were started/done.


See how many emails each of your agents sent and received.


Watch how many chats each of your agents had, their response times and other statistics.


See the number of all unique visits without leaving the application.

Segments and tags

See how many people/companies had a certain tag or belonged to a segment.

Event attributes

Sum event attribute’s values for each of your users or your entire database.


Get to know how many times an event was sent for one user or your entire database.

Call center use cases

A quick glance at how working with call center looks like in practice.