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Measure everything

All your sales, support and marketing activities stored and organised in one places.

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Measure everything

Only important data

Customize your dashboard to show only statistics that matter to you - never be overwhelmed by huge amount of data again.

Dashboards and statistics

The dashboard can be customized in variety of ways - for example, to show only data from a specific period or campaign.

All data
In one place

Add data from different modules into one dashboard, for perfectly clear view.

A powerful analytics system with advanced features

Use detailed attribute filters to find the data or users you currently need the most.

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Combine data from different sources

Get crystal clear view of your business performance. Analytics tool can give you precise data whenever you need - If a user has purchased several items, you can automatically sum up the value of each transaction and save it as an LTV in their attributes. You can also segment the data per company.

Actionable data

Our analytics tool is connected to all modules in to allow you to track your KPI on every channel and help with personalizing all campaigns.

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