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  • How to improve conversion in Wordpress?

    Conversion - a metric that allows you to find out the effectiveness of the resource. To increase the conversion of sites created on WordPress, you can use various plugins that allow you to interact with users. Plug-ins for communication with the client On every second website today in the corners of the screen you can find pop-up chat windows or handsets offering to leave your question to the operator. Such additions attract the attention of users, allow them to quickly understand the problems that arise, and also significantly increase the conversion.   Think about whether to write about it at all? Before you even add a new entry in the admin panel, put yourself in the user's place and very honestly answer the question: "Do I want to read about it?" If your goal is conversion, then do not forget that conversion is created by the human factor, and not by the search engine. And you need to talk with people, and on the topics of interest to them, and even better - in their language.   Forget the battered phrase "quality content" Forget about quality content, create interesting and useful, which can help your readers. You write for people, right? Think about whether they are interested in what you want to tell in the next post? Communicate in writing as if you were telling something to live in front of an audience. The most successful bloggers know how to live, it is interesting to express their thoughts.   Use clear calls to action Want to increase the number of subscribers? Place in a prominent place a button to subscribe to the newsletter of your blog. The best way to do this is on the page where you talk about subscribing to the news. The area of the call to action button should stand out against the whole page and content, for example, using color, borders, and so on.

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  • How to boost lead generation with video?

    Numerous studies confirm that users prefer video content over text. Why is this happening, let's talk further, but for now some facts and figures.   The video brings the company many important advantages and values: Increases user engagement; Improves brand awareness; Increases customer confidence in you;   All this you can get with the help of video content. According to a ReelSeo study, 73% of the visitors who watched the product video were psychologically ready to buy goods, and 96% said that the video helped them make the final purchase decision. The video creates the user feeling that he was face to face with something or someone, then there is not just an emotional connection, but trust, which is a very important value for the business. A similar effect can not produce an image, audio or text. Video content allows companies to uncover who they are at the human level, which is extremely important for branding. Personal contact, which allows you to set video with users, can turn them into regular customers because people like to buy from those whom they know and who like them. With the help of the video, they will be able to imagine who you are, it will seem to them that they met you. The fact that the video is very popular with users and increases the degree of involvement is quite easy to explain from a psychological point of view. For people, sensations are primary - what they see, hear, feel. The language is secondary - it is only a superstructure that emerged in the process of the development of civilization, which rationally explains what is happening, referring not to emotions but to consciousness. The cognitive level of knowledge is much more complex than perceptual, it requires a greater concentration of attention and tension, plus the presence of certain abilities. However, if you do not know, for example, English, you will not be able to read the book, whereas you will be able to watch and partially understand the film even without translation.

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  • How to use marketing templates?

    A marketing campaign plan template is a solution for all marketers, regardless of the size and scope of the company. All tasks typical for a marketing campaign are already included in it. Carefully plan your product launch, develop a creative concept, think up requirements, prepare a marketing message, determine a budget and sales goals and plan any other activity. Carefully planned marketing campaign dates will indicate the right direction in the development of the project. The template is designed for all marketers who need a professional and effective assistant. Templates are ready-made cycles that are designed for different marketing situations. You will find them in the space of marketing. Templates are built from selected elements to give you a starting point. Conditions, actions, and filters are set up and combined to help you manage your contacts and the entire customer journey within specific scenarios. After selecting the template, you must configure the elements that are in it.   Templates are grouped into 8 categories: Greeting Lead Qualifications Engagement and retention After the purchase Abandoned basket Online Courses Webinars and events Sales and promotions   Select a category, and then select the template you want to use. You can use a template to automate specific processes, such as promotions or sales. You can also create a series of processes. For example, at the end of one of the processes, configure adding a tag that will launch another process for contacts with this tag. After setting goals and strategies, it's time to work on a budget. No matter how long the campaign lasts - for months or years - it is important to think about financial issues. Identify resources, set costs, task dates, and control all stages of the campaign. Thanks to the intuitive interface you will not get lost among the many tasks. If something goes wrong, or it takes more time and effort, make changes in a timely manner and prevent additional costs.

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  • What is event in marketing automation?

    When traditional advertising methods do not work, and the markets are replete with identical offers, more and more manufacturers resort to implementing their marketing strategies through event measures to promote the brand. Event marketing is not only the organization of events but also the promotion of companies, brands, ideas. It's not only conferences, training, picnics, but also city games or team building. It is a complex mechanism of managing market processes through events - a process in which the company's goals are realized. The number of possible forms of event marketing implementation is virtually unlimited and depends on the creativity of those responsible for this plot in the company. The purpose of event marketing is to promote the interests of the company, manipulating the behavior and opinion of the target audience. The task of event marketing is to create a positive personal attitude towards the brand, company, to generate interest, to give him the opportunity to feel the benefits, to get real experience of communication with the product, brand. A properly organized event is: the target audience corresponding to the event was selected; the event involves the participation of guests, action; The event offers the benefit of the audience communicating with the product, brand.   Event marketing uses a reason - an event: real or fictional, planned or specially organized, widely known or created specifically for a specific audience. Event marketing is used by companies not so much as a tool for reminding themselves, as when a new offer of a product or service appears. When playing on a planned event, it is necessary to take into account the fact that interest in the new causes a greater response. Properly operating with all advertising means of event marketing in the aggregate, it is possible to provide benefits both for those who organize the event and for those who participate in the event.  

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  • How to use research to write original content?

    Along with the development of search engines, their linguistic analysis is also developing, which can already distinguish ordinary rewriting from original content. In other words, the original content will help you avoid the filter from the lack of added value. High-quality unique content is the basis for successful promotion on the Internet since it largely determines the position in search results. Internet content is any information posted on the site. There are 4 types of content - text, images, audio, and video. But the text is the main type of content for modern sites.   Where to get ideas and material?   Rewriting texts. It is necessary to find an article on the Internet and rewrite it in your own words with preservation of meaning. Thus, it is possible to achieve a high uniqueness of the material. A lot of unique content can be obtained using the translation of thematic texts from other languages. Since hundreds and thousands of new articles constantly appear on foreign resources, there is no doubt about success. True, electronic translators will not allow achieving any tolerable quality of the text, but it is still easier to have a basis, and then just correct it, than to write material from scratch. If you speak any foreign language, welcome. Revision of old magazines and books. Materials containing interesting information and not lost their relevance, it will be very useful to you. Visiting various forums, you can collect a lot of not only unique but also useful material. However, it is necessary to take only fresh material written no later than three days ago.   Remember that the necessary thematic material is hard to find. This requires spending a certain amount of your time, as well as learning how to edit it. When writing your content to be easier. Any, even the most difficult fact can be explained "on the fingers," in three words.

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  • What is a Conversion Path?

    One of the popular strategies for optimizing the conversion of any web resource is to experimentally study those conversion routes (from the English path - the path, the route), following which users achieve their goal, that is, buying, closing a deal or filling in a lead form. The method of checking a particular conversion path is called a split-path test and its purpose is to check which route will ultimately prove to be more efficient in terms of conversion rate. The conversion path is a process from engaging users to making a sale. Unlike the usual landing pages, there are several elements here: segmentation pages, offers, thanks. It takes more time, while you collect better leads. If the user has passed "from and to", he is strongly interested in your product. The composition of the conversion path depends on the offer and product features. For example, the segmentation and email page with a confirmation of the target action does not apply in all cases. Creating a segmentation page is resorted to when the company has several sales offers for different audiences. A number of criteria: Type of audience: male/female, small business/large business, etc. Sales volumes: wholesale/retail, large wholesale/small wholesale.   Confirmation by email is relevant for educational products (webinars, free versions of programs, e-books, etc.), where the client needs to show the next steps. Typically, this type of test is characterized as a split-test subtype, in which the modification and subsequent measurement of the effect of the changes made is not one page, but a certain sequence or hierarchy of web pages. Actually, the whole essence of the test is not only to track the reaction of visitors to the variations of the same landing page but to send them along two distinct routes and see what happens in the end.

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  • How to create digital marketing strategy for a healthcare business?

      Properly planned strategy, prepared promotion, and distribution of materials play a significant role in creating the image of a medical entity: an institution or a personal person. When deciding to give advice or opinions, from the very beginning you should bet on the role of an expert. For example, by publishing content on the most popular medical portals, one can expect that the profile of a given doctor will be displayed by hundreds of thousands of people. Providing constructive responses affects the reputation and professionalism of the doctor-expert. Competition on the market of medical services - especially private ones - is huge, which is why you can not neglect the area of "informing" activities. Although it is not strictly an advertisement, it is necessary to approach medical marketing as for any other marketing activities. It is, therefore, necessary to analyze the market: supply and demand for specific services. Next: the ability to predict trends that will occur in the near future is required. Finally - you will not be able to determine the goals you want to achieve. Medical marketing, however, is governed by its own laws. An important role in building relationships is played by the physician's attitude and his approach to the patient. However, the visit is short and there is often a lot of time between one meeting and the necessity to arrange another one. That is why it is so important to make the patient feel that he is important to you all the time. Thanks to this, the next opportunity will be a natural visit to your office, and not - looking for a new one. However, the most important plot of medical marketing is the creation of the company's image on the Internet. In medicine, the first violin plays the trust. The high place in the search engine is associated with the position of the leader in the industry - and as a result, patients come. It is also worth taking care of deposing negative opinions, that is, lowering their position in the search engine so as to make it difficult to find them by a potential patient.

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  • How to get more conversions from your opt-in forms?

      Web forms are a stumbling block for many designers, and, accordingly, for their clients. Forms play an important role in any site, because they, like sites, collect all the important information in the ordering process, or deliver information to landing pages. If you want to please your customers and increase the conversion rate of their sites, the best thing you can do for them is to develop effective and optimal for each case.   The standard form is characterized by the presence of several fields where the user fills in his main contact information, such as their name, email address and telephone number. This is trivial and very ordinary ... just because this repetitive process does not mean that it should be typical. On the contrary, try shaking the population with plot forms to improve conversion.   1# Useless (or more) fields In the past few years, there has been a discussion about the specific length of the form, which is best for increasing conversion. News of the day: in fact, there is no specific length that fits best; shorter forms contribute to one kind of conversion, while longer fields contribute more to another kind of conversion.   2# Use only unambiguous names and explanations. Surprisingly, it can be found that some designers still neglect the fundamental principles that provide users with a complete understanding of the meaning embedded in the form fields. The purpose of using unambiguous names and explanations in the forms and their fields is to neutralize any potential input problems, many of which may result from confusion about which information to enter.   3# Mandatory registration is over If there is anything that can quickly kill the conversion, when your customers are already all ready to buy something from your online store, then this is a terrible registration process during the checkout. Experience tells us that forcing customers to register or enter, which implies additional actions before the purchase, will reduce the conversion rate.

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  • How to close more deals with goal-based marketing?

    Any modern company accumulates information about its own customers, even the simplest purchases in commercial networks usually end in receiving a discount card and providing a postal address, contact phone or e-mail address. The personal data of clients open up wide opportunities for communication with them. Many large corporations are actively using these opportunities to gain additional profits from working with their client base, both in commercial activities and in maintenance. Any marketing activity, as a rule, is directed to the existing or potential customers and is limited to financial and time frames. The campaign consists of an informational message that motivates the client to perform a specific action and a communication channel; The campaign is always addressed to the target audience or segment. The ideal campaign takes into account key events in the life of the client, the profile of the consumption of services or products, its behavioral features. Based on this information, the reason for the communication and the appropriate way of delivering the message should be chosen. In the context of Segment-Of-One marketing, the number of new offers must match the size of the customer base, and possibly exceed it, because, at different stages of the life cycle, the client may have different key needs. Goals - based marketing is part of a broader marketing concept. In addition to concluding short-term transactions, the seller is interested in long-term relationships with its customers, distributors, dealers, and suppliers. The seller must build strong economic and public relations, promising high-quality goods, excellent service, and reasonable prices and constantly fulfilling the promise. The goals of marketing have undergone significant changes: from the desire to get the maximum profit from each individual transaction to create the most mutually beneficial relationships with consumers and other interested parties. Each company seeks to create a special asset called the marketing network. The marketing network consists of the company itself and the surrounding market participants. These participants include consumers, personnel, suppliers, distributors, retailers, advertising agencies. The company builds mutually beneficial business relations with them. It is not a competition between companies that are becoming increasingly important, but competition between marketing networks. The company with the most developed network will be the winner of the competition.  

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  • What is Engagement Rate and how to calculate it?

    The number of comments likes and reposts in each of your posts is the most important indicators. But there is a parameter that combines the entire response of the audience to your content. It is much more convenient in analytics. You can calculate the level of interaction in social networks using a special formula. This will help monitor the performance. Engagement rate is a universal parameter that is important at any stage of business development. The calculation takes into account the ratio of the level of interaction and the number of audiences. Consequently, the indicator is of great importance in the competitive marketing analysis of the business.   How to calculate the involvement rate - Use specific formulas to define the indicator:   To calculate the average post involvement rate: (Likes + Reposts + Comments) / Number of Posts / Number of Community Visitors x 100%   Sum up the number of likes, comments and reposts on all posts for the right time. Divide by the number of posts and the total number of visitors. Multiply by 100 to get the percentage.   To calculate the daily community engagement rate: (Likes + Reposts + Comments) / Number of community visitors x 100%   The formula differs from the previous version only in the absence of a step divided by the number of posts. You determine how much percent your entire content engages your audience over a specific period of time. By calculating the engagement ratio, you can determine the exact cost of performing the target action. For example, you are posting a post on Facebook in which you are promoting a new lead magnet. The desired action - filling out the contact form on the landing page. Thanks to the engagement ratio, you understand how much one subscription cost you, considering all expenses.

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  • How long should you run your A/B test?

    While conducting advertising campaigns, we are constantly focused on improving the main metrics: CTR, CPC, CPA, CV, etc. One of the methods that help us achieve our goals and which we actively use in our work is A / B testing (Split testing). A / B testing is a powerful marketing tool to increase the efficiency of your online resource. With the help of A / B tests, they improve the conversion of landing pages, select the optimal ad headers in advertising networks, and improve the quality of search. To run an A / B test, you need to create two versions of one element, such as a landing page or ad, with a change in one variable. Then you need to show these versions to two identical-sized audiences and, after the data set, analyze which version worked better. The smaller the sample, the more influence each result has. You have already made a decision, and then the action of the new client completely changes the picture, and another action seems more logical. In order to judge the results of the A / B test with 100% certainty, it is necessary to conduct it with all the people on earth. Naturally, this is impossible, and not worth it. Moreover, it is not necessary to conduct an A / B test on all of your clients. It is enough to choose the optimal audience size, the increase of which will affect the results slightly. This is the subject of statistics. To understand that your result is not random, but amenable to statistical dependencies, you need to calculate the size of the sample, which should work in each variant.

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  • Why Omni-Channel Marketing is the key to winning costumers?

    Why Omni-Channel Marketing is the key to winning costumers?   Omni-channel is an approach whose principles are the integrity and consistency of user experience. Its main advantage is that users freely switch between channels, for example, a mobile device, laptop, social networks, and off-line store. Omni-channel is another international term in our professional vocabulary. The meaning of the prefix "omni" can be translated as "existing everywhere." In our case - covering all channels of communication with customers. Omni-channel is an approach whose principles are the integrity and consistency of user experience. Its main advantage is that users freely switch between channels, for example, a mobile device, laptop, social networks, and off-line store. By implementing this approach, the company does not lose customer information, which allows you to keep a personalized approach to the client and collect reliable customer base/customers. The client gets the opportunity to access all products and services in the most convenient way for him, while constantly being visible to the company. This approach can be applied when there are two or more channels of interaction with customers. Such channels include service terminals, websites, offline points, mobile applications, ATMs, social networks, email newsletters and more. The omni-channel approach is relevant for almost all companies that interact with clients at several points. It is effective for business and crazily attracts customers. In the field of banking, omni-channel can be applied in cases when all channels of interaction follow the same rules and are integrated with one client management system. An important factor in the application of the omni-channel is a comprehensive study of the needs of users in order to understand the relevance of situations and channels when performing various tasks.

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  • How to engage brand advocates?

    Lawyers (advocates) of the brand are satisfied customers who actively recommend to other people products or services that they like, and free of charge defend the interests of their beloved company. A brand advocate is a kind of indicator of satisfaction, trust, and loyalty, loyalty to the brand. Indeed, the positive experience of consumer interaction with the brand is a key factor in the emergence of supporters in the brand.   5 KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL "CREATING" BRAND LAWYERS Focus on the fact that the client should receive joy already from the first contact with the company Surprise customers by exceeding their expectations, and provide a positive emotional connection. Every brand lawyer was delighted with the product and/or service. Emotional communication leads to passionate enthusiasm, which manifests itself when customers talk about their company with friends or colleagues. Offer something valuable besides the product or service itself. For example, give customers useful and interesting information on the website, blog, social networks, etc. Show that you are an expert in your field and your products or services should be protected. Take care of consistent customer experiences As a rule, clients interact with various departments of the organization and through several channels. For example, users communicate with different employees when they make purchases, when they receive support, etc. Therefore, it is important that there are continuity and consistency at all stages of the organization’s intersection with the consumer: this causes trust. Brand advocates need to be confident that other clients will receive the same positive agreed experience as they do. Aim for a high degree of customer satisfaction Increasing customer satisfaction will help attract more supporters to you because a satisfied customer will tell others about your company. Give employees the opportunity to exceed customer expectations, measure and track customer satisfaction, focus on ensuring that the customer has excellent impressions about the company. Promote the brand By making efforts to increase customer satisfaction and trust, you are “cultivating” brand advocates who will bring significant company benefits. Together with you, they will “work” on creating a positive brand image.

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  • How to increase sales with marketing automation?

    According to Gleanster, 77% of CMOs in top-performing companies say that their main reason for introducing marketing automation is an increase in revenue. When sales and marketing come together to use customer data and rally around well-developed prospects, growth seems obvious. This article will show you how marketing automation can move a needle in your company. To maximize your marketing investment, sales and marketing must work together to apply customer data and educate leaders before final sales.   # 1 Use scoring for sales delivery Scoring is an automated process that adds or subtracts points from the lead, depending on the action taken or not taken. Because marketing automation tracks visitor behavior, you will know what drives and how long they drive. Use this behavioral data (plus other demographic data) to determine if each whistle matches your buyer's profile.   # 2 Separate Separate your leaders to improve targeting capabilities and encourage potential customers to become ready for sales. Authorize e-mail marketing by providing specific content to each manual. Begin this process by segmenting your leaders to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing automation and increase sales as a result.   # 3 Personalize every interaction One way to improve customer service is to use management and customer data to personalize your site and landing pages. Successful e-commerce brands serve to return products to customers who match their previous viewing history. This increases the efficiency of purchases, improves time on the page and increases sales.   To more effectively attract and develop perspectives, experienced marketers rely on evaluation, personalization, segmentation, and automation. As marketing automation divides and gathers information at the same time, leading brands can target potential customers with behavioral and triggered messages to manage their desired actions in real time. With full control and visibility on customer travel, sales and marketing can work in concert to convert more potential customers.

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  • What are the pros and cons of publishing ebook?

    E-books are becoming more and more popular lately. And this fashion has captured not only adults but also children, for whom parents buy comfortable gadgets. Pros A screen that does not tire your eyes Readers use electronic ink screens. They work in reflected light (that is, they do not require lighting) and look more like a gray plastic panel with letters printed over it. The ability to have hundreds of books on hand With the reader, the question never arises which of the books to take with you today. You can take everything! And it does not need a few suitcases with a porter. Your library is always at hand and always weighs about two hundred grams. Search and notes One of the main advantages of electronic books stems from the lack of paper - the lack of a full search. Even the most detailed content with an alphabetical index, alas, does not solve this problem.   Cons Gray illustrations Color screens on electronic ink have not yet come out of the laboratories, so reader users have to be content with gray illustrations (8-16 colors) for books, regardless of what they were in the original. Not instant flipping Updating the screen of the reader (that is, “page flipping”) usually takes a second or a bit less for an average reader. In any case, this is not instantaneous, which can potentially annoy. At least, such irritable people sometimes meet. There is no feeling of the book. Alas, from the reader does not achieve the same feelings as the paper book. There are no rustling pages, the smell of printing ink, thick binding. There is only a screen, a case a few buttons. Fans will always have with them something that will certainly come out of the printing, electronic readers are unlikely to be liked.

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  • How to conduct a content audit?

    The importance of quality content for any website is reflected in its traffic and positions. The availability of quality pages improves behavioral factors and gives an advantage in search engines. But since quality content is a subjective term, how can you be sure that the content on your site is quality? The easiest way to do this is to audit the content. Content auditing can show you about the poor quality of the content, which reduces the quality of the rest of your site. It can also provide insight to help improve the content strategy in the long run. In this article, I will show how to conduct an audit of the site with a focus on removing content using various tools. Content auditing is an important content marketing strategy that involves analyzing every single content on your website. During content auditing, goals range from removing low-performing content to identifying specific topics that are most appropriate for your audience.   If the resource is small in size, then its verification will be as simple as possible. So, for a blog with dozens of articles, you only need to familiarize yourself with the guidelines for conducting an audit and analyze it using Google Analytics. For larger resources, from 500 pages, follow the following action plan: Write down in a separate table all links that lead to pages with content. Analyze the effectiveness of these pages. Do some content research. Use manual auditing. Assess the situation with key queries. Determine what content is missing on the site. Describe the current situation and make recommendations for correcting it.   This action plan can be supplemented with separate items, depending on the specific nature of the resource. In any case, for convenience, use special tables, write out the results of the evaluation and recommendations.

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  • How to design successful automated emails?

      Marketing research has shown that in the case of 80% of transactions, in order to attract a customer, you must contact him at least 5 times. At the same time, 70% of sales managers are dealt with after the first unsuccessful contact. This usually comes from lack of time, lack of results or customer interest. Your way of communicating with subscribers depends on many factors. The industry of your activity, the target audience, the mission of your campaign — these and other elements influence the way you communicate with leads and existing subscribers. The process of automatically sending email is also related to the fact that you often want to send similar messages to different contacts (companies or persons). Therefore, it is important that the content of your message is universal, and at the same time, it does not look like an automatic message system. In the letter editing window, you can use Variable values that automatically enter the data (first name, last name, role, company, website, email address and signature). Using any method, you will have the opportunity to immediately see all the letters related to the transaction or person. In addition, you have complete control over who sees the messages that you sent or received. The default setting will always be "Shared Access" since we believe that sales are a team sport. But you can change it to "Personally". This means that your team members will not be able to see the letters you sent to Pipedrive. Increase the number of emails sent, while maintaining an individual approach. Choose one of the Pipedrive templates or customize your personal templates. In any case, you will have more time for the part of the negotiations that really matters, while Pipedrive does the rest for you. Schedule tasks and associate email contacts with related transactions directly from the mailbox integrated into Pipedrive. Making your transactions has never been so convenient, and you can do it all without interrupting the conversation.

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  • How to reach millennials with inbound marketing?

    Millennials, or "generation Y", is the name given to the generation of young people born in 1985-2000 and meeting the new millennium at a young age. And now the period is just beginning when millennials become the largest group of consumers of goods. Marketing strategies change every day, but thanks to useful tips you can quickly adapt and find an approach to the youngest clients. User Content User-created content will help promote the millennials as they trust it  50% more than any other media. This is bad news for companies that still use predominantly traditional advertising, but great news for those who have already created their own online community or are going to create it soon. Social approval is a powerful phenomenon. Sometimes your audience just needs to evaluate the product in action before making a purchase. Marketing influence Millennials increasingly trust authority. 60% of Millennials said they would try a product recommended by a blogger on YouTuber, while one - third of them consider blogs as the best resource for getting information about a product. As a result, cooperation with bloggers and authorities in social networks has a huge potential for attracting millennials, especially in the fashion and beauty industry. By giving authority to demonstrate your product, you can interest its subscribers and establish contact with their ideal buyers. Live Broadcasts Live broadcasts have become incredibly popular among the millennial. Even Facebook decided to keep up with this trend by offering a live video feature. When viewing news, 43% of millennials value authenticity more than content itself. And live broadcasts are the best to meet this requirement. Social well-being Millennials are a socially responsible generation, they want to change the world, that's why they choose brands that help them contribute to the general well-being. 69% of Millennials around the world want companies to engage their clients in solving social problems. Mobile First Millennials - mobile generation, 87% of them have a smartphone always at hand. Therefore, companies should primarily focus on developing a mobile strategy. They use smartphones most often to access the Internet, so you need to make sure that all your offers are optimized for this platform.   Knowledge of the above trends will help you in developing a marketing campaign to attract millennials and improve business performance.  

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  • What is a Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

    The NPS customer loyalty index (Net Promoter Score, net support index) is an easy-to-calculate metric aimed at assessing the loyalty of a company's customers or customers of a product. It is believed that the NPS index is closely correlated with the company's revenues, and a company with a high NPS index tends to grow much faster than its competitors. This indicator is based on the assumption that customer loyalty to the company consists of:   Wishes to make repeat purchases Positive attitude to the sale (purchase of additional accessories) Recommendations of the company among friends and acquaintances Honest and open feedback on products and services of the company             The NPS index is considered by many foreign and domestic experts to be one of the best indicators of loyalty to a company or product. The standard approach to measuring consumer loyalty index usually consists of several stages. Knowledge of the NPS indicator clearly demonstrates the company's “reputational weight” in the eyes of customers and the calculation of this metric is a good indicator from the category of “is everything okay with us”? Thus, ease of calculation, fast data collection speed and comparability with the main players in the industry are the main advantages of this method. The general rule of the NPS methodology is: “the indicator should not be negative.” The positive value of the indicator signals that the share of supporters of the "promoters" of the company exceeds the number of "critics", therefore, there is a certain potential for the natural growth of the customer base solely due to the loyalty of customers, in the very case when a satisfied client leads another client.         A zero or negative indicator indicates that the number of “critics” prevails over the number of “promoters”, and this, in turn, is a clear signal to the lack of growth potential of the customer base and even the possible outflow of customers due to the low rating of the company.

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  • How to audit a website for better SEO and conversions?

    SEO audit of the site allows you to quickly identify problems and fix them, so as not to lose positions in the search results. In this article, you will learn about the technical audit, page optimization, competitor analysis, assessment of behavioral factors and the semantic core, and other features. Why your site needs a conversion optimization audit. Most attempts to increase conversion fail because people try to copy good practices from other resources. As long as the "best practices" are not tested against your audience, they are useless. If you poke your finger in the sky to improve the conversion, this is unlikely to lead to a positive result. Decision? Audit conversion. A full audit of your website and traffic sources is needed to find the reasons that sabotage the increase in conversion. The conversion optimization audit determines why visitors do not become consumers, and corrects this. Audit includes a whole list of works on site evaluation from the point of view of SEO, during which the following indicators are revealed: page loading speed, interface operability, usability; credibility, trust and position in the rankings, content: uniqueness, informative, optimized; the correctness of the tags; positions on key key issues, with and without regional factors; the number of internal and external links, their relevance, the correctness of anchors; availability of registration in catalogs; site traffic and user behavior, traffic sources and their performance indicators, etc.   In addition, an analysis of competing sites superior to the site may be carried out in order to identify differences in promotion policies. As a result, you get a complete picture of optimizing your resource and advertising effectiveness. This allows you to abandon the costly and not profitable campaigns, change the strategy of SEO-promotion.

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  • MRR: What it stands from and how to calculate MRR?

      Regular monthly income, or MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), is the foundation of any SaaS business, making it so attractive in the eyes of entrepreneurs. You do not need to worry about maintaining the required level of unit sales: all payments are made by customers automatically - in the form of a monthly subscription fee. Cloud-based systems are an excellent investment protection for both customers and vendors. They help to avoid significant one-time investments in the purchase, installation and maintenance of licensed software, since all the management of the IT system lies on the developer’s shoulders and is included in the rental price. Sellers sleep well: while the client uses the service, his income is guaranteed. However, this gold mine, this wonderful SaaS metric has some features that you should consider depending on your business model. Consider them in more detail. So, MRR is a regular income, reduced to some monthly value. This indicator averages all your tariff plans and billing periods and reduces them to one common value, which allows you to track changes over time. But how to calculate it correctly? This method of calculating client-to-client is extremely inconvenient: as a rule, more than two clients use the service, their number constantly changes, sometimes they can switch to a different tariff or refuse services altogether, and each time you will not be able to recalculate the MRR manually under the force One of the surest ways to keep your business growing is expanding your MRR, or increasing your profits with existing customers. If you achieve that extended regular monthly income covers your losses from user churn, then in fact you can remember this unpleasant indicator, which will be considered as negative churn. In this case, the outflow of users does not change your current MRR, and new customers become a constant source of additional income. You can expand the MRR by switching customers to a more expensive tariff, for example, including additional options in the package or increasing the number of users (if you use the per-user calculation system).

  • 1 lutego 2019 15:51
  • How to get faster growth with a multi-channel approach?

    The drop in the sales dynamics in the industry causes an increasingly fierce battle for the share in the retail trade market, which is growing year by year. Retailers and retail chains compete for customers like never before. Increasing advertising spending, which is still the basic method of acquiring customers, and strong price competition, also cause an uninterrupted decline in margins.   Why is it worth using different sales channels?   Such a strategy allows, on the one hand, to reach new recipients with new distribution channels, and on the other hand to better use the sales potential of existing clients. The use of additional distribution channels contributes to a significant increase in the company's revenues. The possibility of obtaining information about the products sought in the online store may result in a possible change of the buyer's decision in favor of a given seller. In addition, consumers using multiple sales channels spend more money when shopping, which translates into an increase in the average value of a single transaction. These observations are confirmed by research on the Polish e-commerce market, indicating that the average revenue of stores focusing only on e-commerce is about 5-10 percent. less than the profits of the competition using many sales channels. The variety of channels is customer-friendly only when the company has the tools to fully exploit their potential. For example, you can not allow a client to be able to track the status of an online order because of software limitations. The same applies to the exchange of goods and complaints. Transparency of data in an enterprise is, therefore, a basic condition for conducting multi-channel sales. The proper preparation of internal infrastructure and software is necessary here. Comarch offers a package of integrated solutions for managing all sales channels, which significantly shortens the time of launching a multi-channel strategy and avoids many errors and unnecessary costs when implementing such an important process.

  • 24 lutego 2019 11:35
  • How to improve your cold calling?

    Business enterprises of many areas depend on the effectiveness of dialing potential customers in order to increase the level of sales of goods or services. This technique is called “cold calls” and is based on the quality work of call center managers. Consider what is the effectiveness of cold calls and how to increase it for more revenue on sales.   How to improve your cold calling?   Adequate database formation You should not spend time on calling all possible customers on the list - preference is given to those of them who are really able to interest your offer. To do this, find out everything possible about the future interlocutor or representative of the company to whom you want to make an appointment. Staff motivation The higher the interest in the result of the manager making the cold call, the greater the chances of success of the conversation. Piecework and systematically increasing wages, bonuses, intangible rewards and benefits - you have all the possible ways to influence the quality of the call center. High quality calls themselves Managers must speak emotionally, purposefully, benevolently. Be sure to at the beginning of the conversation should ask the interlocutor about the relevance of the call. For example: “Good afternoon. Is it convenient for you to talk now? ”Select candidates by conducting personal interviews and evaluating the behavior of applicants. To improve the efficiency of calls, it is necessary to conduct training, “slogans”, do not spare funds for staff development. Continuous analysis of the results Statistics of cold calls - an important component of success. It is necessary to track the dynamics of results and personal achievements of managers, and then build further work based on the data obtained. The call is not for sale, but for the sake of meeting To buy a product or service, the customer must know everything about them. The duration of the conversation should not exceed 3 minutes, so as not to tire the client and not get away from the purpose of the conversation, and during this period it is impossible to convey all the important information about the offer.

  • 23 lutego 2019 17:39
  • Why data visualization needs to be part of your content strategy?

      Visual content has never been more important than today. It has become the main form of communication, not only in social networks but throughout the Internet. And marketers responded quickly to demand. They are trying to create more and more new campaigns to meet user requests.   Why data visualizations is important?   "One picture says more than a thousand words." Only a fraction of a second is enough for the information contained in the images or graphics to be properly processed by us. We need much more time to read and understand a sentence or text. Research conducted in the field of cognitive psychology confirms the importance of graphics as a medium of communication. The more attractive the stimulus, the greater the interest of the recipient. This will also translate into his commitment to attention and reaction that activates the body.   Short communication time. How many seconds do you need to catch your attention? The National Center for Biotechnology Information research shows that the time when a person is able to focus their attention on one message has shortened from 12 to 8 seconds. We only have 8 seconds to attract the attention of potential customers. Taking into account these two numbers and the fact that more than half of users leave the website after just 15 seconds, you should take a closer look at the speed of communication. Well-thought-out visualization in content marketing can save us time and be beneficial in acquiring customers.   The dominance of visualization in everyday life. The breakthrough in visualization is nothing new because it is an integral part of our everyday life. Let's pay attention to billboards. Why are we able to assimilate their message in fractions of a second while driving? The answer is simple. We are visual and the picture reaches us faster than intricate text messages.   Create visual content that will interact with people. And soon you will be surprised to see that it has overwhelming popularity! Try, improvise and joke - everything will definitely work out!

  • 24 lutego 2019 14:14
  • How to achieve the greatest marketing impact?

    The marketing strategy is an element of the overall business strategy of the company and is an expression of its mission in market behavior. It has a functional character. It is defined as a selection of objectives, types of policies or rules that give marketing direction to the company's activities, determine the combination and allocation of funds depending on the changing market situation (conditions of the environment and competition). Strategic problems vary depending on the level of business management and the overall economic activity for which strategies are formulated. Therefore, it is very important to distinguish marketing strategy from the overall strategy of the company. The implementation of the strategy consists in introducing into the business practice the assumptions and intentions provided for in the plan and monitoring the course of strategy implementation. How to achieve the greatest marketing impact?   formulating company's mission and vision, assessment of market opportunities, selection of target marketing markets, market segmentation, forecasting demand, setting quantitative goals, comprehensive programming of marketing instruments in the following strategies: portfolio strategies, competition strategy, marketing functional strategies; developing marketing plans.   A properly formulated strategy should promote the maximum use of opportunities and strengths of the company while minimizing the impact of threats also liquidating the weaknesses of the company. The company's strategy should decide about: 1) The way of competing, for example the strategy: production, distribution, production 2) The place of competition - concerns the choice of the competition field, recognition of competitors on the market 3) The basis of competition - which is the active attitude of the company, skills (eg regarding technology) and company assets.   The development of a marketing strategy requires a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the company's internal and external situation, the synthesis of useful information and the resolution of decision problems characterized by a high level of opacity, uncertainty, and risk. In the process of marketing strategy development, first of all, significant experience and extensive knowledge about the needs and behaviors of market entities are needed. In this process, it is necessary to conduct systematic analysis and strategic reasoning.

  • 24 lutego 2019 18:37
  • Why should you include your interactive content to your marketing strategy?

    Today, interactive content is becoming the foundation of a marketing strategy. Because it increases the involvement of the audience and investment in it is guaranteed to pay off. The appearance of interactive content on commercial websites gives them a significant advantage over competitors. By creating interactive content you improve the user experience of your target audience. And this is truly an effective way to reduce bounce rates and strengthen relationships with your customers.   Advantages of including your interactive content to your marketing strategy   A higher level of interaction. Interactive content gives users more value, so they are more likely to leave their email address for example, to receive newsletters, and then share it in their society. networks. Interactive content creates a positive dynamic in SEO, as it can lead to link building and increased traffic to your site.   Individual data. Since users communicate their personal information, the data obtained from them is very individual and more relevant for studying Central Asia.   Attention-grabbing The average level of attention of a person of new information has dropped to 8 seconds, so interactive content that keeps involved users can be useful to delay the attention of the online audience.   Increased brand loyalty Regular content allows you to look the same as many others, while interactive content can help you stand out from the competition. If you provide the experience to your customers, it will be remembered, and your brand will receive positive feedback.   Get accurate customer data Interactive content that attracts users' attention allows them to provide you with more relevant and accurate data that you can use to create targeted and useful content in the future.   Increase sales conversions A successful online marketing campaign will help you convert your audience from reader to buyer. Interactive methods provide the audience with the flexibility of choice that psychologically makes them more susceptible to buying.     Today we live like this in a world where customer expectations are becoming more demanding with each passing day. The traditional stream of the target audience, which is most often sent from advertising, now most companies seek to replace the target audience that comes from search, but they require highly personalized content and valuable experience.

  • 24 lutego 2019 14:29
  • How to boost mobile conversion rates?

    More and more users are browsing content on mobile devices. Take care of competitiveness on mobile phones and tablets, constantly monitoring the quality of product data and rates. You can lose traffic from mobile devices just because others are raising your bids or your ads are not attractive enough in auctions. Use these tips to help you optimize your Shopping campaigns to attract more mobile customers.   Mobile customers are often on the move. Take advantage of this to attract them to traditional stores.   Download the Geographic Locations report by selecting Data View> Geographical Locations in the Dimensions tab to segment your performance data by location. Start tracking conversions based on a visit to a traditional store and include them in the report to assess your offline impact. Learn more about conversions based on a visit to a traditional store. To make sure that the number of visits to the traditional store in your locations is high, make sure that mobile bid adjustment modifiers and location bid adjustment modifiers are strong. This will allow you to attract mobile customers and attract them to stores. Although CPC considers location, you can add mobile bid adjustment modifiers to increase your performance if you see many conversions from mobile devices and visits to the traditional store. Use local inventory ads to highlight local information for users of mobile devices. For example, if a mobile customer is looking for a product, you can show that it's available in your store nearby. Learn more about local inventory ads   Mobile customers search and display your ads on smaller screens, which is why creating mobile ads that differ from the ads of the competition becomes even more important. Convince your customers to choose your product, distinguishing unique offers.

  • 24 lutego 2019 18:32
  • What are best practices for responding to negative reviews?

    Reputation management experts advise in advance to post in the business community about the rules of communication in the group. It is necessary to indicate that comments of an offensive nature will be deleted, and their authors will be blocked. Then the obscene, meaningless messages that have arisen in the community can be safely overwritten according to the rules of the group. To create the right tactics for responding to criticism, analyze the negative feedback on the following criteria:   Who writes; what he writes (a type of negative and its tonality, the presence or absence of specific claims); where the feedback is left (on the user's personal page, in the official group of the company); audience reaction (the number of social network users who supported the discussion, liked the post, made a report record). After receiving a negative review, you must respond to it as soon as possible. The speed, in this case, will be your best friend. Remember: you can not just ignore the negative reviews. No matter how hard you want them to disappear, you cannot get rid of them without offering a solution to the problem or taking any action. Carefully follow your profiles on social networks and reviews on the site in order to have time to take control of the situation before it becomes too late. Regular monitoring will not only minimize the consequences of negative feedback but also give you the opportunity to always be aware of the mood of the audience. Also, do not be tempted to remove negative reviews or comments. This will only upset your customers, letting them know that you prefer to ignore their opinions. The only exception may be inappropriate and useless messages.   If it seems to you that a negative review is left to annoy you, it is better not to do anything. Any attempts to solve something will only make it worse because such people do not need a real solution to the problem.

  • 23 lutego 2019 18:09
  • What is On-Page and Off-Page Optimization?

    Currently, many people put the greatest emphasis on creating page strategy on the page SEO, that is preparing valuable texts for the website, but also creating a transparent structure, researching keywords and their appropriate placement on the website. We have complete control over the activities of on-page SEO, we change them on our own website. This is the whole page structure. Working on the factors on the page allows it to be better read by robots. Remember that taking care of these factors allows for good indexing of our site, understanding of what is the site, easy navigation through the structure and content of the site, which in turn translates into a specific position in the search engine. However, we can not forget about the off page SEO activities because they are a pillar supporting activities aimed at optimizing the website - they are somehow building a website brand. The first factor to be taken into account in the off page SEO is the acquisition of relevant links. You can not forget that what counts and quantity and quality, and building links to our site should be a well-thought-out process. Where to create such connections? The main source of them can be a company blog, on which valuable articles are placed. Of course, social media are an invaluable ally in getting connections and links. For off-page seo activities, factors that will support our brand should also be taken into account. Things such as a good product or service, taking care of customer service, as well as the image of the company by monitoring reviews, opinions, social media or good relations with the industry environment, would seem to be the basics of business. But they can also be strong support for off-site activities. When the business starts to function in the network, taking care of positioning can contribute to acquiring new customers. The case should be approached comprehensively. Although search algorithms and ranking factors are subject to change, it must not be forgotten that their inclusion and control ensures a good ranking result on the website. In addition, working out the relevancy and credibility of the site is also the key to success. Therefore, to achieve this success, which is visibility in the Google search engine, it should be combined on page SEO and off page SEO.

  • 24 lutego 2019 14:19
  • How to build a long tail for evergreen content?

    Writing a good text on a website is a difficult task. Regardless of its type and purpose, it should both encourage customers to use the company's services and become its showcase - shows that the company depends not only on the income and positioning of the website in the search results but also on the client's needs. The best evergreen content is one that in itself does not seem to directly encourage customers to buy. They should show that the company knows its recipients and knows what information they most often seek. They will be reflected in various types of content, among which may be:   Tips and tricks - users do not have to appear on the mowers page because they want to buy one. It is possible that they are really looking for tips on how to clean the mower they already have. If they find the information sought on the site, they will be more likely to return to it when their older model breaks down. Case study - customers always to buy will encourage the most proof that the product not only works but also liked other people who have already bought it. Therefore, it is worth collecting reviews and opinions from other clients and getting their consent to share their experiences. FAQ - gathering the most frequently asked questions by customers with answers is not only beneficial for users, but also for the company itself. Recipients will immediately find an answer to bothering them without using the contact form, and the company will not have to spend even a few hours each day only by replying to emails. Charts - every user likes information neatly shown in a graphical form instead of a text wall. Therefore, it is worth to prepare tables and charts illustrating, for example, available sizes and technical parameters of products on the website. Guides - this is not about city guides, but about how to do something step by step and what to do about it. For example, a clothing page can describe how colors and clothing patterns should be selected to fit together.

  • 1 lutego 2019 15:53
  • How IoT changed marketing?

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is currently at the very top of the Gartner chart, illustrating the maturation cycle of ICT technologies. This is a topic that warms the keyboard up to red. He speaks (and writes) about him more often. We no longer think of intelligent homes as a vision from a science-fiction movie, but we treat IoT as a technological breakthrough in line with the next industrial revolution. The main changes brought about by the Internet of Things are the dematerialization of the Internet (you will not have to "enter" it because it will "live" around us), hyper-personalization (products and services, as well as marketing messages, will be dedicated individually to each of us, at the expense of our privacy) and the hybrid world, or the penetration of the virtual network and the physical world. The Internet of Things has increased consumer engagement and brand loyalty. On the one hand, it results from the benefits given to the client, on the other - the products of one brand communicate better with each other, and only one application is enough to handle them. In this way, the customer is associated with the brand's ecosystem, from which it is difficult to get out. It is worth remembering that the development of intelligent devices that continuously send data to their producers may give the impression of constant surveillance. The knowledge possessed by the device can be dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands. Transparency of the Internet of Things rules and ensuring that users protect privacy and guarantee the security of their data will be important issues at the beginning of IoT development. If we do not take care of it, it will be difficult for us to build consumer confidence in smart devices. . It is worth considering today how to use the Internet of Things in your own company. In the new hybrid world, where reality is mixed with technology and the Internet, there are new sources of profit, new business models, new customer needs, new sources of information about them and new forms of communication. The Internet of Things can realistically change the balance of power on the market. Failure to include it in your strategy may negatively affect the market position of the brand. So it is not worth procrastinating.

  • 23 lutego 2019 18:16
  • How to write more powerful conclusions for content?

    The first thing you need to pay attention to when writing more powerful conclusion to the abstract is the questions and goals that we set in the introduction. The conclusion should answer all questions and highlight the degree of achievement of the goals. Describe what tasks you managed to solve when writing, what impressed you most, pay attention to the relevance of the essay topic. Remember, the conclusion is the answers to the introduction, but with the addition of your point of view. To make it easier for the reviewer to read the conclusion to the abstract, do not write one conclusion in solid text. It is better to separately write conclusions about each of the sections of the abstract. To avoid tautology, start each conclusion with different words. For example: This section talks about; It can be concluded; Summing up the section; In conclusion, it is worth noting; Summarizing; Therefore, the conclusion is as follows; Thus, we can draw the following conclusion; The work done leads to this conclusion. In order to better understand the structure of the conclusion, it is necessary to understand what tasks this section presents to. It is important to understand that the conclusion is a section that does not require the student to provide new information. It contains only the results of the information that was provided earlier, and your conclusions regarding this information. For writing a quality conclusion, go back to the introduction and read it again. So it will be easier for you to report on the results of the research of the topic and form your own opinion on the work done. In the conclusions, each next paragraph must be drawn up as a logical continuation of the previous one. This is very important, since the conclusions section should not be divided into subsections. This is a holistic structured model.  

  • 1 lutego 2019 15:30
  • What are the best marketing questions to ask customers?

    Asking the right questions in the right way is undoubtedly the seller's most important skill because it allows him to gather information about the client. And it is from the best source - because from the client. The questions asked during the service process are to lead to the achievement of the sales goal (which is usually the sale of the product, although it can be an intermediate step, eg. Taking a sample, catalog or arranging a meeting). It is important to pre-interview with the client before starting activities. This is when we define the most important elements of the future campaign: we select tools and prepare the strategy of activities. The initial interview allows for understanding the client's needs, the specificity of the industry and the actual goal of marketing activities.   What was the biggest argument that influenced your decision? This question will expose the reasons for your success or failure at the most superficial level. Keep in mind that, although you are perfectly familiar with your product and its advantages and disadvantages, potential buyers do not have the same experience and knowledge behind the shoulders.   How well have we adapted our presentation/product/ service to your needs? Today, personalization is another name for sales. Instead of preaching a uniform approach to all potential customers, companies should focus on optimizing every detail of the interaction to the needs of each person.   What are your decision criteria? Managers do not always have access to the full list of requirements that potential customers impose on the product. However, knowing how customers value your product or service can help you decide on which features or aspects of the product you should focus on the buyer next time.   It is important to pre-interview with the client before starting activities. This is when we define the most important elements of the future campaign: we select tools and prepare the strategy of activities. The initial interview allows for understanding the client's needs, the specificity of the industry and the actual goal of marketing activities.

  • 23 lutego 2019 19:31
  • What is PPC advertising?

    Anyone who decides to promote business on the internet, will probably sooner or later meet with the wording PPC advertising. This slogan can appear in literature and industry publications related to online marketing, but also in offers prepared by agencies. What exactly are PPC ads and why should it be included in the marketing strategy? Are AdWords and PPC campaigns the same? Are ads on Facebook also PPC? We explain unobvious evidence and answer the most frequently asked questions related to pay per click advertising. PPC is all advertising activities on the Internet, in which the advertiser pays for the user's interaction with the advertisement, mainly for clicking and redirecting to his website. PPC campaigns are not just AdWords, so you can not accept such a generalization. AdWords is an advertising system that offers to a bill in the pay per click model. At the same time, it is Google's advertising that is the most popular form of this type of campaign in countries where Larry Page's search engine achieves the vast majority of market shares. That is why in Poland the PPC campaign slogan is associated primarily with advertising on Google.   These types of ads are sold, among others by: - Search engine advertising systems Google, Bing, Yandex, Seznam, Baidu, and others - Facebook advertising system - Twitter advertising system - LinkedIn's advertising system - Advertising networks - Affiliate networks - Other, smaller advertising systems, offered as internal solutions of internet portals, e.g. Allegro ads, Amazon ads, etc.   Every company needs a marketing strategy. Nowadays, regardless of the industry, these strategies should take into account online activities. PPC campaigns allow you to precisely reach potential customers, as well as settle only for the user's interaction with the advertisement. This is a very beneficial solution for advertisers, and most importantly, the effects of such campaigns usually do not have to wait long.

  • 24 lutego 2019 19:37
  • How Marketing Automation empowers small businesses?

    Small business owners are experts in their field. They take risks, perform many different tasks, think creatively and lead a team of like-minded people. But not all owners of small companies are good marketers. The modern entrepreneur has to follow many important aspects: sales, financing, personnel. On marketing, often, just do not have time. In addition, many businessmen simply lack the right tools and resources to make marketing efforts more effective. For small businesses, social networks are the number one choice; they also plan to invest more resources in this direction in the future. Less than half of respondents use email marketing, online advertising, content marketing, and SEO. Small business owners are also not in a hurry to invest in these areas. Most entrepreneurs do not use special tools for managing Internet marketing. 42% of respondents use programs for SMM, almost 39% conduct site analysis. A quarter of businessmen surveyed are implementing CRM systems and only 11% automate marketing. The most popular content among small business owners is posting in social networks. At the same time, very few entrepreneurs create content that would help to attract and retain customers. Almost 34% of companies blog and publish articles, only 24% create videos, despite the fact that this type of content is the most popular and effective. Marketing automation tools are not only available to huge corporations. Their implementation will allow optimizing each stage of the sales process and uniting all departments into a single efficient mechanism. When used in conjunction with CRM systems, automation allows you to personalize communication with customers and send them automatic messages based on their actions and behavior. The first step to automation for small business owners can be the automatic sending of electronic messages to those customers who are not yet ready to make a purchase. In the future, marketing automation will continue to be introduced in all areas of the business. That is why it is important to master this tool as early as possible.

  • 24 lutego 2019 19:32
  • What should you take under consideration while choosing your first CRM?

      Choosing a CRM system in a company is a serious decision, both financially and organisationally. It defines for a long time, often for years, the way of building customer relations and the internal organization of the sales or service department. Errors made in the selection and implementation of the CRM system, therefore, lead not only to direct costs but may also translate into a loss of possible profits. That is why it is extremely important to avoid the most common mistakes that are made in the system selection process. When choosing a CRM system, the most important criterion should always be its adjustment to the real sales process we have in the company. You do not have to choose the cheapest or the most advanced one, but one that meets our expectations exactly (about this in a moment) and allows for flexible modification and adjustment - for example, determining your own sales stages. Therefore, before we choose a supplier ... It happens that the implementation of the CRM system is caused not by a real needs analysis and definition of implementation goals, but by other factors. The best examples of such reasons are related to having a similar system by the competition, or experience with using the system in previous places of employment of the decision maker. In fact, the reasons for making a decision about purchasing a customer management system should be specified in detail. The basis is to determine what CRM is for, what we expect. Setting goals (including operational) will allow us to define priority functionalities and those which in our situation may be only an option. At the implementation stage, it will allow you to save both time and resources that we will have to spend on the project. This is the analysis before implementation. It will allow translating the company's needs into the possibilities offered by a specific CRM system. Thanks to this, we will avoid mismatches and will ensure that we do not exceed the assumed budget. Insufficient pre-implementation analysis usually results in unexpected costs - both temporal and financial.

  • 23 lutego 2019 18:19
  • How to optimize your site for voice search (VEO)?

    Omnipresent technological advances also affect the world of search engines. Inquiries formulated in voice search are significantly different from classic text searches. The main differences are the form of inquiry and its intention. In search engine marketing (SEM), the so-called micromomentary. Micro-moments are called moments in our lives in which the need to search manifests itself for our need, which should be implemented here and now. Nowadays, nothing limits us - we can get any information anywhere, anytime using your smartphone. That is why people are used to the fact that they can satisfy their needs in a few seconds. In the case of voice search, most queries are related to micro-moments. SEO optimization for voice search (VEO) consists of 3 basic elements, all of them briefly presented on the infographic below.   Keyword selection We should concentrate our efforts on finding keywords from the long tail and possible questions asked by users within a given topic of a given subpage. In the selection of keywords for voice search in the form of questions asked by users, we can use some tools.   Content While in the text search the content of the page was optimized for specific keywords, in the era of voice search the website should be optimized based on the questions asked by users. The value of content is becoming even more important due to the growing interest in voice search. Each content created on the site must answer a question.   Structured data The purpose of structured data is to help search engine robots correctly identify individual items on a page such as company address, opening hours, product price information and much more. The correct marking of structured data affects the attractiveness of the appearance of the search result, which translates into an increase in its clickthrough rate.   To sum up, voice search is the technology of the future - it is simple, convenient to use and significantly simplifies the search for information. Looking at the pace of voice search in the west, it's time to prepare for the upcoming revolution in searching for information. Certain, ly with the appearance of the first Polish-speaking voice assistants, the number of users using such solutions in Poland will increase significantly. Regardless of whether you run a local business or an online store, optimizing your website for voice search SEO is a necessity that will help you gain a significant competitive edge!

  • 24 lutego 2019 18:43
  • How to improve lead generation using micro surveys?

      The analysis process, regardless of whether the purpose of the website is to sell or generate leads, is exactly the same. The first step is to collect data. We must remember that the data must be true (correspond to reality) and useful (correspond to the key metrics for us). The analysis of the data is based mainly on the answers to the questions: what happened and why this happened. Thanks to clearly specified information, we make recommendations - we define changes that should be introduced to improve the analyzed areas. Then, we undertake activities that, in the long or short term, are to improve the company's financial results. How to measure micro conversions? If we want to measure how many people watched the video on our website - set an event that is triggered by pressing "play". We can do even more: by setting the value of the event "play" as 0, and the value of the event "end of the movie" as 1 we get a factor and thus we check how many users watch the presented movie to the end. When we want to check how many users have read the information presented on the website to the end - we can use a script that tracks page scrolling. An event can also be a development of a given category or pressing any button (e.g., displaying a contact). Micro conversion is a source of information about whether users engage in the content presented and how this involvement translates into the generation of sales leads. How to use micro conversion tracking in practice? We can check using A / B tests what content or videos (say, manual vs. video referencing) better affect the conversion rate of our site. Event tracking extends the possibilities of analysis: when we want to optimize our website, it is worth checking how the segment of users who convert at the first visit is behaving. If it turns out that they are watching the movie until the end, we can assume that there is a correlation between this action and the conversion.

  • 23 lutego 2019 18:24
  • How to improve omnichannel marketing?

    With effective multichannel marketing (MKM), companies can increase their revenue growth rates and lower operating costs. Multi-channel marketing technologies allow to fully realize the potential of cross-channel interaction with customers by organizing work with them at all points of contact with the support of effective communications and customer analytics of practical application, based on business intelligence data. Multi-channel marketing is not just an addition to traditional marketing tools, but the main mechanism for coordinating work in all traditional and online channels of interaction with customers. Within the framework of an effectively functioning multi-channel marketing system, information processing and all work with clients are coordinated throughout the organization as a whole and beyond its borders, allowing us to improve customer experience and build long-term relationships. Taking into account the above factors, we have formed a four-stage process of creating a multi-channel marketing system in a better way:   Rapid assessment of the company's organizational readiness for the implementation of a multi-channel marketing system with analysis at the level of corporate culture, strategy, internal business processes, IT architecture and personnel skills. The choice of the optimal target format of work on the development of personal interaction based on the results of an evaluation, taking into account the specifics of the target group of doctors and the advertised brand. Integrating new channels, content management systems, big data analytics tools, and digital services to customize work.   At present, the complexity of work in the pharmaceutical industry no longer makes it possible to treat multi-channel marketing simply as an additional marketing tool. We are confident that the introduction of our approach to the creation of the MKM system will allow companies to significantly increase revenue growth rates and/or reduce operating costs. The proposed method allows us to improve customer experience by optimizing customer interaction procedures and services, as well as to obtain reliable analytical conclusions based on data for a better understanding of customers, including their preferences and needs.

  • 24 lutego 2019 19:42
  • Responsive design - what it is and how to use it?

    Responsive web design is a fairly new direction in the design of web resources, but now it is one of the main indicators of the quality of the site. In this article, we will talk about what is responsive web design and how it happens. This means that the same site can be viewed on a variety of devices, regardless of the resolution and screen format - smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. At the same time, browsing will be equally convenient for all formats - mobile device users, for example, will not have to expand certain areas of the site in order not to miss the necessary link. It is designed to make web pages and display their content relevant to the device from which they are viewed. Developing a responsive website design comes down to combining several techniques, the most popular of which are:   CSS3 Media Queries Flexible content scaling Javascript CSS3 Media Queries   These are conditional instructions in the CSS3 code that allow you to detect the resolution of the device on which we work. As a result, we are able to apply a block of CSS instructions, which will be displayed, for example, only in telephone or tablet resolutions. This is another old technology like the one that has found new uses. It involves the use of flexible, or relative, units when designing our websites. In short, units such as pixels are absolute units because they define the size of an element on the screen rigidly. However, the use of dimensions in percent will allow you to dynamically adjust our content to the width and height of the browser window or container. In some cases, we can also use JavaScript to detect client parameters. CSS3 Media Queries gives us many possibilities, besides testing the width and height, we can check, for example, the number of colors or resolution. However, with the help of JavaScript we also have access to news about the agent, for example, we can check which browser the user uses and whether it supports the Media Queries themselves.

  • 24 lutego 2019 19:50
  • How to create better web surveys?

    Surveys are a great tool for collecting information. Very quickly, we can ask a specific group of people for opinions, opinions or feelings. Such information is very valuable, sometimes difficult to obtain in direct contact. This has a high value for social research and business development.   How to create better online surveys?   Ask short and succinctly The quality of the responses collected in the survey depends on how you ask. Ask short and succinctly. Wherever possible, give the respondent the opportunity to choose the answer without having to enter your own. Make sure that the survey does not last longer than 5 minutes. Thanks to that more people will fill your questionnaire and the answers will be more valuable.   Display what you need Nobody wants to read questions that do not concern him. Do not display such questions. Use conditional questions and hide selected pages. Thanks to that, you can choose the right set of questions for a specific profile of the respondent. You can also force the end of the questionnaire for a specific answer.   Personalize the survey Respondents react differently when you approach them directly. By the personal phrase, you will get more answers and they will be more valuable. Personalize your survey using data you already own. Greet the respondent or ask him a precise question about the subject, you can do it both in the survey and in the e-mail invitation.   The online survey, compared to paper surveys, has the same advantages. Creating a survey is very quick, sharing the form takes a while, and the results are automatically collected in one place. For many companies, online survey is an irreplaceable medium in listening to their clients. Decisions based on the voice of the client allow you to develop your business well.  

  • 24 lutego 2019 19:59
  • What are the most important Key Performance Indicators for SEO?

    One of the many advantages of conducting activities within the scope of internet marketing is the ability to collect a wide variety of data on the effectiveness of campaigns. Compared to traditional forms of advertising, we are not able to measure the achieved results incomparable. This situation, however, has a negative consequence - you can get lost in the plethora of many, often very similar indicators. What's more, there is a risk of too much dispersion of the effectiveness measurement if we do not define what data is really important for our business. In order to fully benefit from the benefits of large measurability of SEO campaigns, it is worth defining key performance indicators (KPIs). In this way, we will avoid the risk of focusing on inadequate data and analyzing the excess of irrelevant indicators. In this article, we will try to suggest how to measure the effectiveness of SEO activities in line with business objectives. In any case, it can, of course, be a different set of data, however, we suggest which indicators should be followed regularly for the majority of SEO campaigns.   an increase of traffic on the website, bounce rate, average time spent on the site, number of entries from individual sources, the number of conversions for each source, assisted conversions, a number of page views for key subpages.   However, for most of the above, you need to remember about some limitations of the program we use. For example, Google Analytics, when collecting data about the duration of stay on the website, counts the difference between the exact time of entry into one page and the transition to the other, through the use of cookies. Therefore, in the case of user visits only on a single subpage, time spent on the site is zero.

  • 24 lutego 2019 19:54
  • What is micro-influencer marketing?

    Brands are increasingly choosing to move through agents of influence with a relatively small audience. According to the independent research HelloSociety and Markerly, such users maintain a much higher level of interaction than the “Internet stars” with tens of thousands of subscribers. Advertising contracts with such users are usually much cheaper. It is important that the micro-expert tells a sincere story about your product and has the opportunity to present a promotional code. Here's how to work with mini-stars. Micro influencers - users with a significant number of subscribers in social networks in a specific niche - from 1 thousand to 100 thousand people. Since the reach of the audience, in this case, is limited, the campaign must be targeted very precisely. Each micro agent must tell a story that will cause a response from users and force them to make a purchase. Micro influencers are in many ways similar to ordinary consumers, not counting higher authority in a certain area.  The studies showed that subscribers consider them a reliable source of information and are more likely to associate themselves with them than with more popular users, and therefore the influence of micro-influencers of influence can be a decisive argument in favor of the purchase. Micro influencers - they are like a regular customer.s This means that their content is as relevant as possible for other similar customers who are theoretically interested in your brand. Bloggers share their experience using a particular product, and subscribers rate a brand based on that experience. It is important for the campaign that this experience is unique and positive. In order to significantly increase sales efficiency, it is not enough just to share a photo, - the agent of influence must tell you how the product or service was useful to him.

  • 23 lutego 2019 21:27
  • How to write brand guidelines?

    Every brand wants to be unique, but not everyone succeeds. The functioning of many brands is often based on the duplication of sawn trails and the imitation of bigger and stronger ones. Achieving competitive advantage in the crowd of identical products or brands becomes more and more difficult, and marketing-mix tools do not always guarantee success. The latest trends show how important it is to position the brand correctly in the minds of consumers and to create a good image strategy that allows you to reach the consumer and communicate effectively with the market. Only such activities provide the basis for more effective use of marketing-mix tools, and as a consequence also affect the company's sales and its profits. Companies, corporations, organizations as well as individuals constantly follow and examine market expectations. They are still looking for new ideas to exist and to display their brand on the crowded market or to distinguish the brand from the competition. Regardless of whether you are looking for the best way to create a new brand, or if you would like to renew, change, improve the image of an already existing brand, brand guidelines will help you a lot. A brand guideline should contain detailed instructions for creating a unique story for a brand in order to reveal the personality and soul of your company in five simple steps:   Get to know your customers and determine what changes they will feel so that they will have more associations associated with you. Analyze the needs of clients, formulate the achievement of their goals with the help of your decisions and anticipate their objections with your ideal proposal. Define your values as the foundation of the brand to evoke emotional engagement with your customers. Create universal themes around your brand so your customers can think and reflect on life. Gather all the data together using this structure to create a flawless brand story for your company.   Your audience needs to connect with your brand on a deeply emotional level so that you can inspire them and share experiences.

  • 24 lutego 2019 20:07
  • How to set marketing goals?

    Without properly set marketing objectives, it is difficult to write an effective marketing strategy, approve a working marketing policy and implement a marketing plan for product promotion. Strategic goals in marketing are the basis of any business, have their own classification and a clear order of formation. When setting multiple marketing goals, you need to implement multiple segmentation. This is advisable if the resources and capabilities of the company are sufficient for the production and marketing of two or more products and there are two or more significant markets, each of which is characterized by the distinctive desires of consumers. After the product manager has formulated the problems, he must decide on the objectives of the plan. It is necessary to define financial and marketing goals. Financial goals are converted to marketing. What is more, from time to time, companies should completely revise their overall marketing objectives. From time to time should be reviewed and a strategic approach to the market. To do this, you can use two tools to assess the effectiveness of marketing and marketing audit. Companies can also review the quality of marketing, their ethical and social responsibility. The choice of goals must be approached selectively. Of the many tasks facing the enterprise, it is necessary to single out the most essential goals as goals so that they can concentrate the resources of the enterprise. Must be prioritized goals. For this, it is recommended to use the method of building a tree of goals, which is as follows: proceeding from the main goal and to achieve it, lower levels of main goals are formed, then intermediate ones, etc. In determining the goals of the enterprise, firms should pay special attention to reflecting the goals of its employees, increasing their interest in the success of the common cause. In order to achieve marketing goals, a marketing strategy is formed, which is closely related to the overall strategy. Marketing strategy - fundamental, medium or long-term decisions that provide guidelines and guide individual marketing activities to achieve goals. The strategy is developed on the basis of the goals set, forecasting the long-term prospects for the development of the market (s), analyzing the needs of customers, assessing the resources and capabilities of the enterprise.    

  • 24 lutego 2019 20:19
  • Why meta tags are important for online marketing?

    Meta tags are part of a software HTML code. These attributes are not mandatory: they are not visible to the user, but provide specific information to the search engine (description, title, keywords, etc.). Meta tag tasks Meta tags perform several important functions: It influences how it is displayed and what position the page takes in the index (issue). They help promote the resource to the most relevant to your target audience requests. Allow a potential visitor to see the necessary information in search results, making the description as informative as possible. They fix the data on the page, help to correctly display the information, adjust the indexing (analysis of the site and entering it into the database for later inclusion in the issue).   Now meta tags do not have a strong influence on the promotion but are still taken into account when evaluating by search engines. Other things being equal, preference is given to a resource with well-formed tags.   Meta tags for SEO (search engine optimization) This includes three tags: title, description, keywords. These attributes inform the search engine bot about the site, which helps to correctly determine the subject of the resource and rank (sort) in the issue. Therefore, when composing meta tags, webmasters necessarily use keywords (words and phrases that the target user enters into the search bar to find the necessary resource). All the above meta tags for the site are designed, first of all, to improve the perception of your resource by a search engine. Therefore, pay attention to the competent compilation of these attributes, reflect only true information, do not be mistaken about the number and content of keywords. Remember that now search engines evaluate resources, first of all, by the quality of content, code, structure. Therefore, when compiling meta tags, it is important to put oneself on the user's position: specify the data that can affect the perception and display of the page, present useful information consistently, logically, with key benefits for the client.

  • 24 lutego 2019 20:13
  • What is SLA?

    In an increasingly competitive environment, work on the quality of services is an integral part of the service business. Since it is impossible to imagine any improvements without metrics and agreements regarding these metrics, we come to the idea of an SLA. SLA - Service Level Agreement (Service Level Agreement) - an external document (existing between the customer and the contractor), describing the parameters of the provided service. “Compliance with SLA” is equivalent to the fact that the service works in such a way that the actual parameters correspond to the metric values stated in the agreement. Although the term SLA itself appeared in IT, today such documents are used to describe a variety of services, both in IT and in other B2B segments, for example, in servicing commercial real estate, in repairing specialized equipment, etc. SLA agreements are actively applied where the contractor and the customer of services are autonomous with respect to each other. This can be a relationship between companies or even divisions of one business if one of them is positioned as an internal outsourcer. In such cases, however, a different abbreviation of three letters is provided: OLA - Operational Level Agreement - a similar company internal document SLA, defining the areas of responsibility of the divisions when interacting in the process of forming a certain external service. The goal of any SLA is to consolidate the rules of the game with a certain category of business users, according to which IT will play with them. At the same time, it is important to understand that the SLA is not an internal IT document, but a contract, which is concluded jointly with business representatives, and about which all users are informed. The SLA describes the conditions for the provision of services (services), establishes a list of such services, as well as the rules by which the customer will use these services. At the same time, SLA is one of the main mechanisms for managing the quality of IT services and managing user expectations.

  • 24 lutego 2019 20:23
  • How to successfully refresh the brand image?

    The brand image - the existing perception of the company's brand by the market consumers. The perception of the brand is expressed in specific images, associations, which can be associated with the functional characteristics of the product and can only convey emotions and be abstract.   3 main idea show to successfully refresh the brand image? Again, the image is the associations that are formed through contact, brand communication with the consumer, in other words, through communication. In practice, there are 3 key components of any brand image: strength, attractiveness, uniqueness. By controlling these 3 characteristics, you can fully manage the brand's reputation in the market.   Associations must be strong Strong and strong associations make it possible to permanently fix the desired image in the consumer’s mind and reduce the likelihood of associations forgetting or losing when in contact with competing products. The strength of associations is created through the formation of interest in obtaining information (the right time, place, consumer interest), as well as through their own experience in the use of goods (the strongest images and associations are formed by the consumer during the personal use of the goods).   Associations should be attractive In order to become attractive to consumers, associations must be associated with the solution of the main problems of the consumer, meet the desires of consumers; provide a guarantee for solving problems, and reduce frustration when buying and using a product.   Associations must be unique Unique associations are strongly associated with brand positioning, which reflects the competitive advantages of a product. Uniqueness is emphasized through the superiority of the brand in a certain area over other brands. The uniqueness of associations provides a guarantee of purchase of goods, in the presence of strong and pleasant associations.

  • 24 lutego 2019 21:11
  • What is a Social Proof?

    Social proof is a psychological perception that forces a person to act according to a certain behavioral pattern, given that the chosen model personifies the right actions in his eyes. At the expense of popular public media, social evidence (recommendations, reviews, and others) quickly came to the mind of the average user, but marketing still knows this tool to multiply and convert customers. The principle of social proof works as fully as possible when we see the actions of people like us. The behavior of those with whom we have much in common can have a great influence on society. It is well known to advertisers: for effective sales of advertised goods, it is necessary to convince the public that many people use this product. Social proof (English social proof) works well in combination with an authoritative opinion. For example, research in health care has shown that the fight against smoking, conducted among schoolchildren, gives stable results only when leaders recognized by pupils play the role of agitators. Very often, social proof pushes people to do not quite deliberate and even reckless actions, based only on the behavior of others. The tendency to consider the action correct, if many others act in the same way, usually works well. As a rule, we make fewer mistakes when we act in accordance with social norms than when we contradict them. Usually, if a lot of people do something, that’s right. In this aspect of the principle of social proof is at the same time his greatest strength and main weakness. Like other tools of influence, this principle provides people with useful rational methods of determining the line of conduct, but at the same time makes those who use these rational methods toys in the hands of “psychological speculators” who lay waiting along the path and always ready to rush to the attack. There are a lot of social proofs in our life - some are faithful advisers in these situations, others are false. The line between false and true is conditional. Sometimes it is better to rely on your intuition and attitudes rather than the opinion of the “crowd” that someone third is confidently manipulating.

  • 24 lutego 2019 22:48
  • Lead generation for real estate industry - what are best practices?

    Lead generation is a qualitatively different approach to real estate advertising. A special marketing technique makes it possible to segment the target audience and get contact details of only those people who are to some extent interested in a certain service of a realtor or real estate agency. Apply such tactics can be realtors themselves or representatives of a real estate agency, developing an advertising strategy. However, ideally, the involvement of “leads” is better to delegate to a specialized firm. Today, lead generation has become a real business, many companies provide a service such as turnkey lead generation. In this case, you will have to pay only for customers who have committed a specific action you need: they will sign, leave a request, etc.   Lead generation for real estate - best practices Collecting information, analyzing an object, studying features, positioning Formulation of the main information channels and messages. Definition of communication tools. Calculation and fixing the cost of lead for the test period Development of a unique selling landing, preparation of promotional materials. Identification of primary and secondary traffic sources Setting up telephony, call tracking, sending applications and so on. Testing. Recommendations in the client OP Launch an advertising campaign. Promotion of the main ads. Getting the first leads A / A and A / B testing landing and advertising materials. Traffic flow optimization Completion of the test period, analysis, adjustment of the cost of leads. Long-term work planning 1-3-6 months.   Using the principles of lead generation in real estate allows you to solve the following tasks: Focus on one particular subject. Disclose major and minor advantages Deliver your offer as accurately as possible. Provide information about the object in the correct order At the same time, landing sites can be completely different in terms of design, content filling, use of triggers and other attributes, as well as prices - much depends on the property itself.

  • 1 lutego 2019 15:33
  • What is CRO in marketing?

    CRO stands for "Conversion Rate Optimization." Whatever the ultimate goal of your site, conversion is the successful completion of this action. CRO is a site optimization process to increase the likelihood that a visitor will perform a specific action. A conversion rate is a key indicator in e-commerce, as it shows the percentage of total site traffic that performs a specific goal. The higher the conversion rate, the better. Once you have determined which conversions you want to track, you can calculate the conversion rate.   What is CRO? A structured and systematic approach to improving the performance of the website. Awareness - in particular, analytics and user feedback. Determined by the unique goals and needs of the website (KPI). Taking the traffic that you already have, and make the most of it. What is not a CRO?   Conversion speed optimization is not: Based on guesswork, or what everyone else is doing. A managed opinion of the highest paid person. To ensure that as many users as possible, regardless of their quality or participation.   The success of the site does not depend on the position of the issue, not on the number of subscribers in social networks, and not even on the amount of traffic sent to the site from different sources. Only converted users make a profit. There are always points that can be improved. No matter how well the site is made, no matter what level of conversion you are watching now, you can always get more of the traffic. Optimization of conversion allows you to get better visitors - directly targeted users who are interested in the offer. CRO does not convert everyone, but filters out from the general flow of visitors those among whom the offer is really in demand. CRO turns ordinary consumers into brand advocates.

  • 24 lutego 2019 21:05
  • How to start a podcast?

    Increasingly, on websites and blogs with progressive policies, you can find audio that is intelligently used to dilute the main content. Podcasts - one of the formats of broadcasting on the Internet in the style of a radio program with a specific theme and frequency of appearance. They are becoming more common, which makes you think about creating your own. Moreover, it is not as difficult to do as it seems, and there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. What are good podcasts and what is needed for the development of new content? Creating, promoting and distributing a podcast among millions of Internet users is a relatively simple task. You can send your podcast to the network in just 5-10 minutes! Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular since most bloggers choose this format to distribute their music or their message. Read below how you can start your own podcast.   Determine the purpose of your podcast What will your material be about? Write it down so as not to forget. Think of a plan or list of what you will talk about and what to discuss.   Decide on the software If you have a Mac, you can use GarageBand (when you buy a Mac, it is free, along with the iLife package). There are also other free (for example, Audacity) and expensive programs (Adobe Audition).   Add tags, necessary information (artist, album, etc.) and cover Create your own, find a free, non-copyrighted image or have someone create one for you.   Podcasts - the original, yet free niche of online marketing with a competition an order of magnitude lower than in blogs. With the development of technology, software and the variety of equipment offered, podcasts are becoming easier, so you don’t have to worry about budget and technical skills. And if you listen to the leading podcasts, then you should not worry about the voice either, because it is different for everyone and the main components of success are, first of all, content and charisma.

  • 1 lutego 2019 15:55
  • What are benefits of making marketing podcasts?

    When it comes to audience engagement and response, which marketing channels come to mind? Social networks? Email newsletter? Online webinars? What about podcasts? A file distributed through specially designed podcast services containing links to media documents is called a podcast. For the first time, bloggers started talking about podcasting when they started uploading sound files instead of outdated text documents. Initially, podcasting was distributed exclusively using Apple’s iTunes service. Now it finds application in many other devices, and not only portable ones. Today, the best and perhaps the only way to the success of a podcast is to measure 2 indicators: the number of downloads and subscribers. You will not be able to find out the conditions in which a person listens to a recording, how it is more convenient for him to use it, whether he is being told about a podcast to his friends. Moreover, there is no direct relationship between the number of downloads and the number of subscribers. Uploaded - does not mean subscribed, and vice versa, subscribed - does not mean uploaded. How many people listen to the podcast only once, and how many repeats it daily? Even a special Apple application does not provide coherent statistics and analytics. So the information you get about the effectiveness of a podcast for your brand may be negligible compared to the analytical data from other marketing channels. All the data shows, podcasts are not just entertainment, but a real working “trick” in Internet marketing. Nevertheless, podcasts give you a great impetus for the release of better and more thoughtful content in general, the processing of the advertising campaign and its expansion. Involvement and feedback to the target audience is a good payment for your work.

  • 23 lutego 2019 20:05
  • What are common CRO mistakes?

    CRO, or conversion rate optimization, is an extremely important tactic in every company in the e-commerce industry. These days, only thanks to this tactic, companies can survive in an extremely competitive market. However, due to its complex form and different ways of implementation, the conversion rate optimization is still quite a problematic tool for marketers.   The help section for clients is not important The lack of a visible and easy-to-use help section for customers makes visitors leave your website faster. The lack of help sections may cause a lack of trust in your brand. Give customers answers to all of their bothering questions about your products as well as order processing. You can introduce help for clients in the form of a hotline, by e-mail, real-time chat, or by forms.   To use CRO tools you must be a programmer Optimization of the conversion rate is not related to programming and you do not need any knowledge in this field. Testing ideas do not require any skills related to programming.   Conversion rate optimization services are expensive The conversion rate optimization process does not generate as much cost as a paid ad. In some cases, CRO is much more effective to use because (as opposed to paid advertising) it is a cheaper and less competitive solution.   The content is for the search engine, not for customers One of the first principles in marketing is getting to know your clients from A to Z. Thanks to surveys and forms you can learn from clients what they are looking for on your website. Become a reliable source of knowledge directing your content to each group of people that you can distinguish.   In summary, CRO brings visible profits and is easy to use. By creating a free account you get a lot of useful CRO tools in the package. To transform visitors into buyers, focus on personalizing their personal experiences related to your website. Ask visitors what they think about your products and services and use this information.

  • 24 lutego 2019 22:55
  • What are the key elements of Call-to-Action button that works?

    Under the abbreviation CTA, there is a call to action phrase, which is literally a call to action. This is what we call a message that we issue to people visiting our website or receiving our e-mails to perform a specific action. As I mentioned before, it may be adding a product to the shopping cart, making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, sending a request, using a free trial period, downloading a file, etc. CTA usually takes the form of 2-3 words on a button, so it often happens We do not appreciate its value. Meanwhile, from these few words, it depends on whether we can achieve the intended goal. There are a few rules to stick to when deciding on the sound and appearance of CTA.   Remember that the look matters CTA should stand out from the background it is in. However, it must maintain the right size. It can not be too big or bright, because it can be tacky, which means you do not want to encourage. It is a myth that the CTA buttons should only be red. Yes, there are situations when such a color works best, but it depends on the overall design of the website or newsletter.   Think about what you want to call In addition to the location and appearance of the button, it is very important what we write on it. It is best to use two, maximum of three words because the message must be specific and given in a concise manner. We can not leave the recipient room for hesitation. It is a common practice to use phrases in the imperative because this form naturally calls for a specific action.   Always send to the right address This is one of the most serious mistakes that, despite appearances, is still being committed. Namely, we tell the customer, for example, Add to the basket, and when this button is pressed, it is redirected to the new subpage. What if he did not want to leave the place where he was? Then we only raise the customer's frustration and we reduce the chance that she will eventually buy something.

  • 24 lutego 2019 23:00
  • How to use email marketing automation to help small business?

    The main task of a small business is the sale of goods and services. The target audience needs to be offered something that it cannot refuse or find somewhere else. And for this, you need an effective marketing plan, which would clearly define the strategy of finding the ideal client and distinguish you from competitors. Here are some marketing automation ideas for promoting a small business.   Define your goal and budget. First of all, it is necessary to formulate a business goal and plan a budget. You have to ask yourself the question: “What do I want?”. It is necessary to decide what is important for you: to increase international coverage or to gain a larger share in the local market, to increase conversion rates or brand awareness, etc.   Invest in advertising To make money, you first need to spend it. For effective promotion will have to spend money on search, media, and social advertising. Do not be scared. You may have many questions at once: where to start, how much does it cost, how to find out if advertising on social networks or AdWords works? Do not worry, you quickly figure everything out.   Choose your primary social network. Working with social networks is not easy. Especially when you try to cover all platforms at once. It is difficult to say whether such a tactic will work at all. It is great to be present at once on many channels, but for a small business, it is much more efficient to choose only one channel where most of the target audience is registered.   Make your own list of marketing automation ideas. Include for yourself individual ideas from the list above, or your own ideas. Include for yourself the marketing ideas that you used earlier and those that you haven't used yet. Include for yourself the marketing strategies that you have seen in other companies. Then start to install them in practice, one for another. Create a target for yourself - try out new marketing ideas every week. Continue to use those that work, discard those that do not help grow your business.

  • 23 lutego 2019 20:04
  • What are best practices for CRO?

    Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is not science fiction. This marketing technique, like any other, is based on clear procedures and the replication of effective patterns. One goal - first of all, you have to remember that each landing page has a clearly defined goal. The whole graphics sphere of the page as well as its content, including messages, will be prepared for this purpose. Without a specific and clearly defined goal, it is impossible to create a landing page. On such a small page, you should not implement two different conversion paths that lead to two different goals. A clear message - the art of building a message is a sphere that often goes beyond the website itself. Let's start with the ones on the page. They should be clear and simple, encourage specific action on the site. For example, if the page is supported by an advertising campaign in AdWords, you usually use specific messages in ads. When building your message on a website, you must remember to be consistent with those that guide it. If the user does not find an answer to your questions, he or she will most likely leave your website. An effective call to action - buttons should be placed in the right place, as well as stand out graphically to be noticed, but a good call to action is something more. First of all, it is worth to give the user the final, specific argument for which he has to click on a given button or fill in a given form in the button itself or in its immediate environment. Secondly, remember that the button informs what will happen after clicking on it. None of us like unknowns, and there is no shortage of fools on the net. Distinguish yourself from them. Conversion finalization - remember that after the user has made a specific conversion, there was always one more last step, for example in which you inform him that the process has run correctly or simply thank you for making your choice. It is very important that users do not have to think about whether they have done everything right. Sometimes a simple message like "Thank you for sending your inquiry" is enough, it is sometimes worth sending an e-mail - decide what is best for you.

  • 24 lutego 2019 23:05
  • How to become a mobile-friendly company?

    Mobile technologies are changing the world. Today, practically everyone has a smartphone with him, which he constantly uses to communicate with others and search for information. In many countries, the number of smartphones has exceeded the number of computers, so having a website adapted to mobile devices is now so important for an effective presence on the Internet. How to become a mobile-friendly company?   Step 1 - Google's Mobile-Friendly Test You need to find out if your website is optimized for mobile devices. This is what the Google Mobile-Friendly test is for. Just enter the URL link of our page and click the "Analyze" button. If the message "Awesome!" Means that your site is friendly to mobile devices "   However, if you get a message saying "Not mobile friendly", then Google will tell you what should be done to make the site mobile-friendly. For example, Google can offer suggestions for text zooming, which is too small but read it on a mobile device.   Step 2 - PageSpeed Insights If the test done in the first step shows that you have something to do, click on the Pagespeed link. This page shows what needs to be changed on the mobile version website and how to fix it. It also shows examples of problems, highlighting different areas of your website in a mobile edition.   Even if the site is rated as mobile-friendly, the page speed analysis has suggestions for speeding up the website.   Step 3 - Improve your website! If I have already given you all the tests to do, it's time to get to work, of course, if these tests showed bad results. Also, thank goodness Google yourself can fix your website. Tips on how to repair the fault will guide you step by step to repair faults on your website.

  • 24 lutego 2019 23:57
  • How to build a successful customer marketing plan?

    A customer marketing plan is a document in which the company's marketing strategy has been formulated. It may apply to the entire range offered (most often in the case of a new business) or a specific product and service. A marketing plan is one of the key elements of any business plan. It is usually prepared by the owner of the company, manager or a team of specialists with the participation of management, and is prepared mainly for potential investors who can finance the planned project.   As with any plan, the following steps can be distinguished when creating a customer marketing plan: Getting to know and defining the company's strategic goals Collecting information about the company Gathering information about the company's environment (market analysis) Conducting SWOT analysis and market segmentation Defining assumptions, marketing goals, and expected results Creating a marketing strategy and action plan Development of the budget as well as financial and investment forecasts Plan control and update procedures   However, before you go through the above-mentioned stages of creating a marketing plan, it is necessary to prepare an appropriate plan structure:   The sample structure of the discussed document consists of the following elements of the marketing plan: Summary of the marketing plan Analysis of the situation Marketing goals Marketing strategy Schedule of implementation Budget Control and updating procedures   The development of the above-mentioned parts is not the easiest task, as it requires the combination of various types of data both from the inside of the company and from its external environment. The task is more difficult if you plan to start your own business. When preparing a business plan, especially a part regarding marketing strategy, you should have knowledge about the market segment in which you want to operate, offering your goods or services.

  • 24 lutego 2019 23:52
  • How to create a marketing case study?

    A case study is a description showing how a given project was implemented. This form allows to present the course of the real case: the approach to it, the problems encountered, the ways to solve them and the results achieved.  Thus, a good case study is a great tool for building credibility, confirming our achievements and effectivenessLet's try to figure out whether it is easy to write a clear case and how to do it better.   What should it contain a good case study?   Summary: text encouraging further reading, enabling to learn basic information about the project Background: describe the situation before you start solving the problem. The better you describe this passage, the easier it will be for the reader to empathize with being your client Problem: what did you get employed for? Solution: what did you do? Describe the process of creating the idea and its implementation, materials used, the dynamics of the project. Result: data, what was the result. Conclusions and thoughts: show the human side of the project. What has happened and what needs improvement? What did you learn? This is the part that will help the client get to know you better.   A case study is a strong argument that will effectively support our sales. If we follow the rules and take time to create an interesting and credible history, we will soon discover the profitability of such a solution. Each study that we write will be our bargaining chip in future transactions. When you realize how a case study helps in the sale of your services, you'll quickly find that it's worth finding the time. Even if the refinement of their writing skills will take some time - it's worth it.  

  • 1 lutego 2019 15:35
  • How to drive customer engagement in 2019?

    Attracting customers is the primary task of any business and entrepreneur. Digital marketing does not stand still, and every year there is a huge amount of new ways and tools to attract sales. But many specialists and directors have a question: what trends in attracting the target audience will be in trend in 2019?   Social networks - Instagram, Facebook Social networks have turned the lives of modern people upside down, while opening up access to an unlimited amount of information and opportunities to interact with each other. Without exaggeration, we can say that soc. The networks set the pace for modern business and began to dictate their own rules, forcing virtually all companies to re-evaluate markets and methods of interaction with customers. YouTube You ask why we decided to separate YouTube from social networks. The answer is simple: this video hosting service is fundamentally different from the standard understanding of social services. networks and offers other tools for interacting with potential audiences. You can run your YouTube channel, or just use this service as an advertising platform, but one way or another - it’s impossible to ignore this portal as a tool for Internet marketing. Email marketing One of the most "ancient" and at the same time effective tools, which allows you to interact with potential or already realized clients with minimal budget expenditures. The mechanism of e-mail marketing is very simple: in the course of your organization’s activities, you accumulate a customer base. With proper segmentation of your customers' data, you will be able to implement targeted e-mails to various target audiences, thereby opening up wide opportunities for personalizing your calls to customers. Contact marketing A new and possibly the most underestimated type of marketing activity. This method of attracting customers is rapidly gaining momentum due to the minimum budget costs for advertising campaigns with incredibly high ROI (return on investment).  

  • 1 lutego 2019 15:41
  • How to use email marketing to sale more?

    Advertising on the Internet is different from the usual, offline, advertising primarily the ability to collect accurate statistics. By purchasing advertising space in a magazine or newspaper, installing a billboard on the street, you basically pay for your image and do not have on hand the clear data that this gave you in terms of profit. Similar is the case with expensive television clips. Internet advertising always connects counters and statistics systems, which allows for analysis and forecasting. Acquiring customers and generating sales thanks to sent e-mails is the basis for generating direct revenues and return on investment from e-mail marketing. However, the most effective effects can be obtained after combining them with the following types described below. Our immediate goal is not to generate revenue for the company, so the message must be prepared in such a way that the client does not have the feeling that we want to sell something to him. A great example here can be a message with information about the company's anniversary. On this occasion, you can thank your customers for trust and give a discount code for your next purchase. Typically, the best recipients of this type of correspondence will be the most active clients and those whose activity has temporarily died down, with emphasis on those who want to have constant contact with the brand and build loyalty and awareness. For other clients, I can say the opposite effect of the intended one. Messages that will be fun, interesting, written in a language appropriate for your business profile, will arouse sympathy for our brand and company. The e-mail regarding maintenance is intended to generate subsequent purchases from the returning customer, the content of the message will almost always be a sales offer, a discount or a free gift to be ordered. However, we can also inform you about new products that may be interesting to the customer. A client who has not been in touch with you for a long time, only a very good and financially advantageous proposition can make a second contact. At the same time, the longer the client had no contact with us, the better the offer should be. Free gifts, free shipping, bargains unavailable to others, and at the same time very attractive to the recipient, will be the most effective type of client.   E-mail marketing is a great way to reach your customers. It is an excellent tool that allows you to increase sales and directly reach people interested in your offer.

  • 25 lutego 2019 00:12
  • What is the AIDA model?

    AIDA model- the classic scheme of hidden control during the presentation of the goods in marketing, advertising, sales. AIDA - stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. The AIDA buyer, consumer, viewer management scheme best describes the mechanism for making a purchase, successful advertising exposure. Attention to advertising, product, interest in them causes a desire to get acquainted with them, ownership of the product is a reflection of the emotional state of the client, and the action - as a result - the sequence of actions of two participants in the process: the seller and the buyer. If there is no help from the seller, the buyer, having the desire, will not always make the purchase action. He needs help. AIDA focuses on the preliminary collection of information, which allows to successfully influence the buyer, the consumer. The most important element of the scheme is an attraction, which creates prerequisites for consumer confidence, which is a key element of advertising. Decryption AIDA: A (attention): attract customer attention. It needs to be adjusted to what you are saying now, and he is listening.   I (interest): arouse interest in the product. Tell the client why your offer might be interesting for him (you already know what kind of person he is).   D (desire): make the customer want to own the product. Moreover, causing interest, focus on logic, and here - play on the emotions of the buyer. Create attractive images that will not leave him indifferent. Talking about the product, take a position, as if the goods have already been bought and the buyer solves his problems with it: not a car is sold, but prestige and safety, not a vacuum cleaner, but cleanliness and health, not furniture, but coziness and comfort, and image   A (action): encourage a potential buyer to take action. In other words, let him know that all this time they were telling him about the product not just like that, but for that. To the client bought it.   Under the scheme of hidden management, AIDA can build a system of persuasion, product positioning, act in order to persuade a marketing specialist, sales manager, and PR manager.

  • 24 lutego 2019 23:40
  • How to instantly improve your local SEO?

    Local promotion is gaining momentum and shows excellent results both in large cities and small ones. Local SEO is a search optimization tactic that allows web resources to occupy the first places in the results of search engines issued by the users of a particular region. When properly implemented, it can help small companies that do not have large budgets to bypass larger competitors. However, given the upcoming changes in the mobile sector, this is not something that local business should worry about. Many tactics, which will be discussed below, can and should be part of a comprehensive optimization strategy. They will show how to instantly improve your local SEO. Make sure your company’s address is in the footer of the site. Although this aspect of optimization may seem insignificant to you, in fact, it is one of the most important signals that help search engines find your site and link it to a specific geographic location. Make sure that you clearly indicate the scope of your company If visitors cannot find the name of their city, region or country on the site, they will automatically remove you from the list of potential firms that can provide the goods or services they need. It may just be a bulleted list with the names of countries and cities or an interactive map embedded on your site that will allow users to find exactly what they are looking for. 3. Optimize custom pages for specific locations. You know all the basics of search engine optimization, but creating special landing pages for each region where you provide your services has its own nuances. These local pages should be a kind of mini-sites and contain everything so that the user can decide whether you are suitable for him.  Instantly improving a local SEO strategy manifests itself better as part of an overall optimization strategy, as they complement each other. Many of the tactics mentioned here are quite standard SEO tactics that you probably already use in your practice.

  • 23 lutego 2019 19:59
  • How to optimize on-page SEO?

    Search engines use many factors when ranking a website, but how to understand which ones to focus on and how to optimize a website in order to improve its position in search results? Website optimization is a set of measures aimed at raising the position of a website in the results of search engines issued for specific queries. Website optimization methods can be divided into two types: Working with internal factors. Work with external factors. Of course, website optimization for search engines before its promotion is the main and most important point. Since website promotion through the purchase of backlinks without optimization will not have any effect, and in some cases, on the contrary, it can harm the site and lower its traffic. How to make an internal site optimization (on-page SEO), and how to check whether your site is optimized for search, you will learn from this article.  Internal site optimization includes: 1) Doubles of pages 2) Tags 3) Sitemap - sitemap.xml 4) Setting up a robots.txt file 5) SEO texts 6) Content uniqueness 7) Microformats or microdata ) Usability and interface   This is an incompl8ete list for internal optimization, but these are the most important and main points, which we will consider in more detail later. For internal optimization, you need to do a huge amount of work before promoting your site. Every little thing when optimizing a site can affect its position. When optimizing a project, you will have to use dozens of different services and tools. Promoting not optimized website links is strictly prohibited. Perhaps these are all the points that I would like to say regarding the optimization of a separate page of the site. However, this is far from enough to bring the site to the top, even if this work is completed with all the pages of the site. Other internal optimization parameters are also important: site structure and navigation, download speed, linking, social signals, etc. - and all this also needs to be optimized.

  • 24 lutego 2019 17:54
  • What are common marketing automation mistakes?

      Automation of marketing activities is slowly becoming a trend, and it is becoming a widespread activity used not only by large brands. The possibilities of automation are getting bigger and bigger - we can segment users, personalize messages, choose the most suitable time and place of sending messages and recommend users products that are likely to hit their tastes. However, the multitude of options and possibilities makes us sometimes make mistakes. Some are harmless, but many of them may result in the loss of money invested in the campaign or the chance of earning them.   Lack of user identification A big mistake is not to identify visitors to our site, social media accounts, and mobile applications. Monitoring online contacts are one thing - the most important thing is to be able to update customer data on an ongoing basis and combine their activities from different sources in one place.   Too high frequency of displaying advertising information Users are rather eager to read, and they will certainly remember the information about the discount and promotion, provided it appears several times. If, however, they are attacked on all sides, they will become resistant to it and either stop noticing it, or it will irritate it even more. Effective marketing does not consist in flooding the user with intrusive ads, but in order to choose the time, place and content to encourage him to a certain activity.   The same recommendations for all customers Let us try to differentiate products sent or displayed on the website as "recommended" or "related". Many companies display them according to simple algorithms, eg showing all clients the same recommendations or presenting them based on a selected feature, eg color, category (eg people watching a blue sweater, a green sweater is shown).   Look out for all the common marketing automation mistakes and think about how many of them you commit or commit. Now think about how much your business can change if you avoid them. Gradually improve your automation using the above advice - and you will certainly increase the efficiency and quality of communication with your clients.

  • 24 lutego 2019 23:18
  • How to check SEO score for the website?

      Building and adapting your site to Google's and other search engine requirements is critical to its visibility in search results lists. The SEO test allows you to check the most important elements of the website, which are evaluated by search engine algorithms and affect its position in the search results. Check the status of your website by entering its address on the bar and press the analyze button. Then, let us prepare detailed guidelines for optimizing your site.   SCOPE OF ANALYSIS   Technical aspects of construction Analysis of technical aspects of website construction such as technology used or the use of frames. The occurrence of a robots.txt file and a site map will also be checked. In addition, the necessary corrections will be indicated to increase the charging speed.   The mobile version It will be examined whether the site is adapted to mobile devices along with the presentation of its appearance on the screen of the smartphone. In addition, the most important aspects will need to be addressed in terms of the usability of the mobile site and its charging time.   HTML document header Analysis of the header of an HTML document, the scope of which includes occurrence and correctness of tags: title, description, keywords, and robots. In addition, a preview of the index view of the page under review will be presented in Google search results.   The content of the page Examination of the content of the subpage for the occurrence and correctness of the structure of headings and images, together with the use of alt attributes. Additionally, the text ratio of the subpage will be indicated in relation to the volume of the HTML code.   The value of the site The total number of indexed sites in the Google search engine will be indicated along with the date of the last visit of the robot. In addition, a short list of domains linking the site and sample linking URLs will be presented.   The free SEO analysis tool provided for the website is dedicated to both private and corporate website owners, as well as web developers and interactive agencies. The presented results are used for general site evaluation in terms of search engine guidelines and factors affecting the position in the search results. A full, detailed analysis requires an individual approach to each site and checking additional elements.

  • 24 lutego 2019 23:25
  • How to start with link building?

    A link building campaign is a process of making active attempts to increase the number of links pointing to our site, usually supported by various contact techniques. In this type of campaign, assets belonging to the site are used to obtain links. In the case of the link building campaign, there are a few basic elements that can create its entire structure? they are the most important. In fact, their number and type depend on what assets and resources are available to us. The basic goals and tasks may look as follows:   Setting goals  What should the link building campaign give you? Do you want to earn more, collect more users, increase views, improve conversion and at what time you want to achieve it. Finding your assets You need to identify exactly what resources and assets you have. What products, services or content may interest customers and potential partners. What will allow you to build links? What links do we need At this stage, you have to decide which type of links you are most interested in. Links that go to your site themselves, links that you had to create yourself, and so on. You also choose industries that are worth doing. Finding people to contact Once you know what industries may be right for you, then you start looking for people worth contacting. Identification of target recipients You must be able to determine who will be the potential recipients of links and how their construction can help not only you but also your partner who shares your place with you.             These are just a few ways to get links to the new website. Ideas and methods for obtaining links can actually be as many as people running the site, only the imagination limits us.

  • 24 lutego 2019 23:35
  • How to improve marketing in 2019?

    Traditionally, at the end of the year, experts in all areas are summing up and trying to predict the future of their industries. Most often, the forecasts supported by these data come true, as they allow to identify trends and assess the degree of their influence on the market. Marketing Trends 2019 is no exception. 1# High tech in SEO 2019, like 2018, will be a year of high technology. Working with big data, machine learning, the use of artificial intelligence can more accurately determine the needs of customers and predict changes in demand. Day-to-day machine learning is enhanced by voice assistants and various chat bots. The share of voice search has increased significantly even in the framework of the 2018th. Add to this the possibility of the emergence in the 2019th 5G networks with fast Internet. The smartphone has finally become an integral part of human life. With the development of technology in 2019, it will help to solve more and more tasks, the most unusual and diverse.   2# Attracting Infusers and Close Cooperation with the Subscriber Social networks have long outgrown their original purpose - a platform only for communication. They still serve this purpose, but more globally: they are a means of communication between the buyer and the business representative. In 2019, the trend for advertising will definitely continue to evolve through opinion leaders, the influencers. If earlier marketers turned to bloggers with an audience of millions and tens of thousands of subscribers, then in the future the format will narrow to the micro level. Already, advertising with bloggers with a small audience (up to 10 thousand) shows more effective results.   3# Strategy based on in-depth needs analysis Many people talk about the portrait of the consumer but still in the old-fashioned way they segmented users according to the main metrics: gender, age, marital status, interests. If you want to build a profitable business, this data can no longer be taken as indicative. Companies should know everything about their customers and create a personalized value proposition, rather than one common, focused on the "vague" portrait of a mass audience. It is on the strategy based on in-depth analysis of needs that leading marketers will focus in the new year.

  • 1 lutego 2019 16:03
  • How to make customers come back?

    Everyone knows how important it is that every customer who comes to your site or makes an order comes back again. This will be the best proof of the correct choice of strategy for promotion and high customer loyalty. In order to achieve this, you need to thank your site visitors.   7 available ways to help you do this: The system for the accumulation of points The implementation of this system is very simple. The user places an order on your site. You encourage it with bonus points, and then the visitor exchanges the accumulated points for a discount or free delivery - this gives a guaranteed return of the client to the site and the growth of your profit.   Service of free delivery of goods The most powerful tool to influence the user when choosing a store can be free shipping. Indeed, according to statistics, more than 60% of consumers will make their choice in favor of free delivery if it is available in the online store.   The ability to use your customers as a company brand For regular customers of your site, there is a great opportunity to take part in the life of the project. In return for the participation of famous stars in advertising your website, you can offer it to your visitors, thereby reducing the advertising budget and making it clear how important customers are for you.   Special conditions for regular customers A good and inexpensive way to increase brand awareness and become discussed by additionally informing their regular customers about special actions only for them. This can be done via email distribution or by creating a special section on your site.   Congratulations users Caring and courtesy is a very important factor that positively influences the opinion of regular visitors. Send out to all registered users a greeting card with congratulations on their birthday, thus you will strengthen the emotional connection with customers and increase loyalty to your project.     Pay attention to your customers, increase the level of service and let us understand that they are not indifferent to you. An individual approach will allow you to increase the number of regular customers and additionally attract new visitors.

  • 24 lutego 2019 17:57
  • How to create a memorable experience for your customer?

    There is a fairly wide arsenal of tools that allow you to develop products that are optimally integrated into a person’s life, and to manage experience at every point of contact with the consumer, providing the best experience. In short, you can describe the principles of operation of modern customer experience tools as follows:   1) They study the consumer in a broad context, and not only in the application of using a certain category of goods and services; 2) Give importance to positive emotions as the basis for building loyalty; 3) Take into account the peculiarities of perception and processing of information by man.   Design Thinking, Customer Journey, Neuromarketing and Neuroeconomics are the tools that companies can use today to make their customers happier and their business more successful.   Design Thinking (Design Thinking) as a tool for creating empathetic products. To understand what this tool is for, you first need to understand the etymology of the word “design” in the name. In this case, we use design in the context of “design, design,” that is, we are talking about thinking, which allows us to design products, services, and user experience. Customer Journey: How to use for the benefit of the consumer and the company. Customer Journey allows you to manage customer experience by examining the customer’s path and measuring experience at each point of contact. Neuromarketing is another tool for managing customer experience, based on a deep understanding of its consumer, taking into account the neurophysiological mechanisms of perception, information processing, and decision-making. In the era of neuromarketing, it makes sense not only to stimulate the buy button in the consumer’s head, but it’s also worth thinking about the consequences - what kind of experience do we create, is it useful, does it make people healthier and more prosperous? Connecting a neuromarketing tool with the social responsibility of business will definitely benefit both the company and the client.

  • 24 lutego 2019 17:44
  • How to create a personal brand on social media?

    Building a recognizable personal brand on social media opens up great professional opportunities. It may be: Best work; Improving the quality of contacts and the number of clients for your company; Recognition of your professionalism. To create a personal brand, you need to understand what values ​​drive your life. What do you think when you make decisions. For example, a person can make the majority of his decisions based on such values ​​(they each have their own): Family Friends Society This is something that is very important for a person. You rely on them when you make all the basic decisions in your life. For example, when you get a job. You ask yourself what your family will think? How would be better for them? And what will your friends say? Etc. How to make a personal brand unique? Think of the great people you admire. It can be leaders in your niche, artists, parents, acquaintances, worthy of praise. Each of them has its own way. They took the lessons of other people, applied them in their lives, improved something and achieved success. The most important sign of success that most people who have achieved heights in life will call you is uniqueness. Think about what you are unique? All people have their hobbies, experiences, history that distinguishes them from others. Create your own list of "uniqueness" that distinguishes you. It could be a rock climber or a charming smile, whatever. Then review your list and prioritize it. Some things may not be as unique as we think at first glance. Remember, you are looking for something that sets you apart from hundreds of other special people. And at the end turn your highlights into the strengths of your brand. To do this, incorporate your features into your view of the future brand. This can be done in many different ways. For example, you like sports cars. Write about them in your blog or shoot a video.  

  • 23 lutego 2019 19:55
  • How to use digital ads to grow sales?

      The 21st century is a century dominated by digital technology. Everything that was before is hopelessly outdated: tablets have taken the place of paper diaries, a phone that will not be a smartphone is hard to find in the store, instead of billboards you can more often see video screens. Digital marketing or digital marketing in retail is the use of digital technologies to attract customers and increase sales. As a rule, the term digital means online technology, that is, the use of the marketing potential of the Internet (social networks, websites, etc.). However, Digital marketing is also a working offline tool, implying the technologization of various processes. In retail, every stage of interaction with the consumer is important - both in the online space and outside the virtual world. Therefore, for business development, it is worthwhile to focus on using Digital technologies for all sales channels. In retail, digital signage tools are predominantly used - technologies for presenting information on digital media installed in public places. These are not only familiar digital screens, but also more functional devices: video walls, interactive display cases that react to movement, information kiosks with additional modules (QR reader, thermal printer, card reader, etc.), interactive projections onto any surfaces. Digital tools can be used not only as a means of communication with consumers but also for analytics - obtaining data on the number of buyers, counting regular visitors, etc. This information is obtained by scanning the store area with sensors that determine the unique MAC addresses of portable devices or digital analytics using video surveillance. Digital technologies offline provide an opportunity to use dynamic and bright advertising, to adapt it to any target audience. They also make it easier to make a purchase by placing signs for orientation on the trading floor, informing about promotions and discounts, new arrivals or additional services.

  • 24 lutego 2019 17:18
  • How to create partnership program for the company?

    The partnership program is a very effective sales tool. In addition available for everyone. Provided you allocate time and quite a budget to create your own software. The solution is to run the program in cooperation with the affiliate network. This is incomparably lower costs for access to thousands of publishers and technology facilities, in other words, a sales statistics tracking system.   How does it work? You provide the product database. You are invited to the partner program. Partners advertise your range on their advertising space. Customers from the partner's website land straight in your store and make a purchase. You pay your partners only a commission for finalized transactions. How to create it?   Get the best partners Create a list of top partners who will help you achieve the campaign goal. By getting partners yourself, be prepared to devote time to contact and a higher barrier to entry, especially in the case of opinion-forming portals or well-known bloggers.   Think about how you will motivate your partners Affiliate programs are focused on long-term sales. That is why it is so important to maintain valuable partners. Make it easier for them to run a campaign, e.g., send a list of bestsellers. If you see that someone sells more to you than the rest, he repays to him by awarding an exclusive rebate code. A form of motivation is also increasing commission.   Be systematic and verbal Trust is the key to creating a partner relationship. And the timing is the basis for its acquisition. In partner programs, this means systematic verification of transactions and billing, as well as timely delivery of advertising tools. Due to delays, it is easy to lose the trust of partners who will not be regained so easily.   It turns out that many individuals and entrepreneurs are happy to join online affiliate programs, which are becoming one of the most profitable ways to make money online. While initially, the proper preparation of the website requires a bit of work, after some time the websites can bring relatively high revenue from commissions. This is especially noticeable in the case of very popular portals or websites.

  • 24 lutego 2019 18:15
  • How to get more conversions on your landing page?

    In the simplest terms, the conversion rate is the number of completed goals divided by the number of recipients. For example, how many of the thousands of visitors to our site made purchases, subscribed to the newsletter, downloaded a commercial offer or a price list of products. How to get more conversions on your landing page?   Graphic design of the website - It pays to be straightforward Remember that you have only one chance to interest a user who accidentally came to your website. When designing a landing page, be very obvious in your offer. Visitors to the site should not need maps or flashlights so that they can find what they are really looking at.   Serve the most important information in 300 pixels Research shows that more than half of people visiting the site do not scroll down the bar. Remember that landing pages that are supposed to convert are not essays. So go straight to the heart of the matter and put all your most valuable information at the top of the page.   Get rid of too many choices. Too much choice affects destructively the level of conversion. For example, I will translate this into products. We know from the research that the choice between three flavors of jam will potentially generate more sales than the choice between thirty. We just get lost when the choice is too big. Therefore, the desired conversion should be clearly emphasized (it does not matter if it concerns sales or simply filling in the form).   As the conversion rate increases, all advertising methods begin to be cheaper. Thus, the higher the conversion rate, the more ads you can buy, thus gaining more and more customers. Such actions often rapidly increase the company's market share - and everything starts with the conversion rate. That is why smart companies are so eager to optimize it.  

  • 24 lutego 2019 18:05
  • What is a customer advocacy?

    In the advanced companies, the positions of senior managers are created to protect the interests of clients. With their help, companies will have to re-gain the trust of customers and provide high-quality services based on the protection of their interests. To do this, you will have to spend your time to study the changing needs of customers, understand their goals, and then individually educate and advise everyone so that in the future they will be able to make reasonable and informed decisions on the market themselves. Customer protection strategy is built in stages. The basis for building the protection pyramid will, of course, be the high quality of the product (service) and customer satisfaction. Next, it will be necessary to transform CRM into a trusting relationship and introduce programs of real protection of clients' interests. Consumer power has increased significantly and continues to grow, in parallel with a shift in corporate strategies. A protection strategy can increase long-term sales, company revenues, and increase the return on investment (ROI). Customer protection programs are widespread in the world, while customer trust itself is a universal value. Each company must develop its own protection strategy using general principles: create quality, increase the volume of services provided, and build trusting relationships with customers. Trust and customer protection should be the core of your company. Protecting the interests of customers is the only way to obtain the highest income in the era of the market power of consumers. Studies show that in a client’s trust, his personal experience with the company plays a key role. To maintain a competitive advantage, you must have a clear network of sales and distribution, the best prices, and in all other parameters: the site, dealers, representatives - surpass competitors.  

  • 1 lutego 2019 15:39
  • What is negative SEO?

    Positioning for some time is an increasingly popular topic on many industry websites and blogs. This is the best proof that the phenomenon also referred to as negative SEO is slowly becoming the everyday practice of native positioners. Why should we be afraid of negative SEO and how to face it and keep it in the Google search results? The case turns out to be more difficult than one might think.   What is negative SEO? Negative SEO is someone using unethical techniques known as Black Hat SEO to lower the ranking of your site. Generally, the rule applies ... the older and correctly guided the website, the more difficult it is to harm it. However, the truth is that there are many different forms of attacks on websites.   Building backends of bad links leading to specific phrases Linking exact match, systematically or aggressively Linking to the phrase "poison", "child pornography", etc. Spam reporting from many different Google accounts Duplicating content Unsatisfactory articles about the company and positioning them Changing analytical data, e.g. "time spent on the site" and "bounce rate" Influencing the removal of strong links, even with the help of entry reporting Hacking the page and adding code Website spam, e.g. through comments. Server load with a lot of page views. Each service provider will block the site generating excessive traffic and this will affect your position on Google Big damages can be caused by accessing FTP to the site and thus the ability to add a page to Google Webmasters Tools Creating fictitious company profiles   Negative SEO exists and is strong enough to affect the condition of the site, it can destroy it through even aggressive linking. It can also support sites containing unflattering content about the activities of competitors. Negative SEO can offset the revenue of your website and, consequently, paralyze more than one business activity.

  • 24 lutego 2019 18:18
  • How to choose effective CTA?

    The call to operate on the website has many functions - it indicates to the user important information, encourages to perform a specific action, and ultimately may contribute to increasing profits in the company. Currently, each website (regardless of whether it is an online store or a company domain) must have CTA buttons. We advise how to create them. CTA can take various forms - an underlined text, a graphic button or an icon that, by its appearance, unequivocally suggests to the user what will happen after clicking.   When creating effective CTA, you should focus on:   To increase the effect, you can put two CTAs in the content: at the beginning and at the end of the text as a reminder. From the very beginning, it was known that the call to action is clickable. Do it by increasing the size of the CTA font, underlining the text (as suggested by the hyperlink) and changing its color, or by using a graphic button with the appropriate content inside. It should have striking, contrasting colors or a clearly defined border. In addition, the surrounding of the button with a clear, free space will increase its visibility. It is a good practice to use the singular phrase in the button in the first person, ie, for example, "Enter" instead of "Enter". Applying this practice in CTA can increase clickthroughs by up to 90%! The CTA must immediately inform the recipient where it will be directed or what will happen after clicking (eg Download a free ebook). This form works much better than the enigmatic "Click here". It must be of the right size, adapted to the different size screens on which it will be displayed.   The call to operate on the website has many functions - it indicates to the user important information, encourages to perform a specific action, and ultimately may contribute to increasing profits in the company.

  • 23 lutego 2019 16:09
  • What are the most common mistakes while making Instagram video?

      Since the establishment of Instagram in 2010, many leading brands, influential personalities of social media, celebrities, and smarter entrepreneurs reach their target audience also through this website. Most people are visuals. They love to look. And this is mainly due to the huge popularity of Instagram. The ability to share images begins to serve us more than just putting more "selfies" on the Internet. Currently, Instagram is often used to run business campaigns to attract more potential and industry clients and, as a result, increase your operating income. What are the most common mistakes while making an Instagram video?   Lack of a strategy aimed at a specific goal The goal of a marketing strategy is one of those ubiquitous business phrases that are easy to forget about. Although it is the goal that is the basis of every plan and strategy.    No link in the description Network traffic is the driving force of your website A website that does not generate network traffic will burn out sooner or later. It's just a matter of time. Instagram generates up to 1.2 billion likes a day as well as up to 1000 comments per second. Each of them leaves a real, living person behind. Exacting what you want to encourage to visit your site.   Repeatedly sharing the same content Your frequent visitors will quickly stop being yours if you share the same photos and videos. Once in a while, of course, it may happen that for some reason it is worth to share something again. It would be better if it did not get you into a habit.   Instagram has been in our world for a long time. Take advantage of its power to acquire followers, generate traffic on your website and gather potential customers who will have confidence in your brand.

  • 24 lutego 2019 15:02
  • What are the most common mistakes while using popups?

    Along with contextual advertising, email-mailing and search promotion, marketing tools inside the site are beginning to enjoy great popularity, the purpose of which is to interest the user, to motivate him to use the services or to purchase products sold on the site. In other words, increase the conversion of the online store. Windows with smiling online consultants won't surprise anyone now - these services are available on most commercial and informational web resources. Today, the most promising type of marketing within the site is the so-called widgets - pop-up windows that inform the user about profitable offers and promotions or contain a form for collecting contacts about the visitor. However, it must be remembered that any tool will be effective only if it is properly used. Often, site owners and marketers make unforgivable mistakes when working with pop-up windows. Let's try to sort out the ten deadly sins that prevent widgets from benefiting the business.   Lack of targeting Targeting is commonly understood as a marketing mechanism by which from among all users of the Network, you can select the audience that meets pre-selected criteria and convey information to it (usually advertising).   Not relevant information From the preceding paragraph follows the next, calling for the use of only relevant data. It is unlikely that the visitor will like it if he is offered to participate in the action, which has already ended a few weeks ago. Most likely, it will only irritate him, and he will quickly leave the page in search of more profitable, and most importantly - relevant and existing proposals. Keep track of the relevance of the information in the pop-up window, prepare updates in advance. Otherwise, you risk not only not getting the buyer, but also earning negative feedback.   Poor quality design It is not a secret for anyone that a talented webpage is a powerful tool that motivates a visitor to stay longer, at least to admire an attractive design. The same goes for pop-up windows. If a huge and poorly designed widget that occupies the entire screen suddenly appears to the user, then the only desire that will arise for any visitor is to quickly leave the page or close the popup.

  • 24 lutego 2019 17:10
  • What are the pillars of customer centric approach?

      The client is always right ”- this phrase is the example given by the owners of the companies to their employees in order to teach them good service. “The client is always right” - this is the phrase that employees hate, believing that they provide good service, and the client simply “goes wild”. The fine line between good and bad is called a customer-centric approach. What is a customer-centric approach, why is it important and how to make it the norm for each employee of the company? Questions at first glance are simple. However, as practice shows, they are simple only in theory, and in life, we are constantly faced with examples of non-client-oriented behavior. In order for employees to show respect for customers under any circumstances, it is necessary to pay attention to this aspect constantly. It is not enough to announce that the company will now live in a new way. Important personal interest and example of the first person of the company and the entire management team. You need to know the fundamental, basic principles of customer focus. They are not complicated, but have greater depth: Clarification, understanding and customer satisfaction; Comfortable communication with consumers, built on the trust and respect for each other; Realization of products that meet consumer expectations, and even better than them; The willingness of the company's management to communicate in case of positive and negative references; The organization's flexibility to change in the wake of changes in consumers and their desires.   If all this is summarized, then it turns out - creating a strategy based on service and feedback to retain customers. In principle, this is all that you need to know about the concept itself before moving on to specific tools to increase customer focus.

  • 24 lutego 2019 15:09
  • What are the rules of A/B testing?

    When the A / B test is started and the traffic has gone, nothing depends on you anymore. Will the experiment prove useful, or will it be a waste of time and money? It depends on what you put into it before launching - what elements, hypotheses, ideas.   Rule one: the default control option is correct If this is not about creating a website from scratch, but about testing an already operating site, then the initial version of the page should always be in priority. A kind of "presumption of efficiency." And so on until it turns out that one of the test options shows higher rates. This approach ensures the continued development of the site, in which each new version is superior to the previous ones.   Rule two: always wait a week In seven days everything can change. Yesterday you had a winner with a margin of 240%, but then his performance began to deteriorate sharply. Continue the tests. Visitors can behave differently on different days of the week, time of day, on weekends and on weekdays. It is more reasonable to spend an extra day on testing than to fix errors long and hard.   Rule three: Use Options with 99% Statistical Significance If the test goes with a sufficient level of traffic, the statistical reliability of its results increases every day. What mark is it worth staying at? Many marketers consider the “gold standard” level to be 95%. This is about one “false positive” result for every 20 tests. Is it a lot or a little? You decide.   Now, such tactics will not help you achieve success now or in the future. Today, you need to resort to web analytics to get information based on user feedback in real time. This data can be used to optimize any area of your site since it will be based on the real opinions of real customers.

  • 24 lutego 2019 17:01
  • How to speed up Wordpress?

    The main influence on the speed was made by such factors as changing hosting with the use of SSD drives, image optimization, enabling the W3 Total Cache caching plugin, optimizing the site database, deleting old revisions, enabling server-side file compression, turning on the browser cache. This is followed by an instruction on speeding up a WordPress site.   Full instructions on how to speed up a WordPress site. High-quality SSD hosting, fast ping Hosting must be on SSD drives. It is desirable that the hosting server located in your geographical area, which is focused on the site. If the hosting is on SSD, but in the USA, and your blog is focused on Russia and the CIS countries, then there will be little sense from such an SSD. Since it will go a long ping to communicate with the server. Therefore, the location of the hosting center is also important. This is an important hosting option - fast ping, server response. And so the hoster does not do overselling services.   Optimize images Check whether you are using jpg-optimized image files. Which occupy a small size and at the same time have good quality. In Photoshop, you can save such images with the Save for Web command (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S), or via the export, assets function if you use Photoshop CC. You should not save large opaque pictures in .png format, it takes up too much space, and for this, it is better to use jpeg format. The png format is suitable for small graphics that are used in the design of the site, in the template, it can be images of buttons, bullets, images with a transparent background.   Configure Robots.txt - a ban on indexing unnecessary sites. The robots.txt file regulates the access of various search robots to the pages of the site. I suggest adding the following lines to the file, immediately before the Host directive. We will do this in order to prohibit the site from entering various search robots, grabbers and parsers that can steal content and create an unnecessary burden on the hosting.

  • 24 lutego 2019 17:06
  • What are the biggest mistakes while creating infographics?

    Domestic entrepreneurs finally realized what a powerful promotion tool (good infographics can bring a lot of traffic and natural links, as well as greatly increase the popularity of the brand in the network), and began to actively invest in its creation. True, only a few could achieve the desired effect. Most of the created infographics go unnoticed and are forced to collect dust in the darkest corners of the Internet until the end of their days. So how do you create such an infographic that accurately picks up likes? To answer this question, we have compiled 15 of the most common mistakes that make your infographics ineffective. Try to avoid them. You advertise your products and services. Finally, accept this harsh truth - no one cares about your products, services and other things. Stop imposing and start sharing something really useful with your users: recent research, practical advice, or humor. You are mindlessly copying other people's ideas To translate foreign infographics with the original design and attribution, of course, is not prohibited. And in some cases, this method can be very effective. However, we do not recommend using it all the time. Believe our experience - the best results are infographics with original text and design. Your infographics are hard to read. The idea of your infographic should be so simple that it can be explained in one sentence. All pictures and text blocks should be interconnected, forming a single stream of information. If you jump from thought to thought and try to shove into your material that which is not meant to be there, users simply will not read it.   Even if your infographic does not contain any of the above errors, this does not mean that it will immediately become viral and spread all over the Internet. A step-by-step algorithm that will surely guarantee success does not exist. Do not bother with his search. Simply generate interesting ideas, create beautiful designs, share useful information and think about the needs of your target audience. That's the whole secret. Good luck!  

  • 1 lutego 2019 15:59
  • How to engage online customers?

    With the increase of Internet access, the demand for the presence of companies and their services on the Internet has increased. The vast majority of companies already have their websites, but only a small percentage uses their potential and earns them! This is for many reasons - the most important is the lack of visibility on the Internet and the lack of a well-thought-out strategy on the Internet.   Content marketing It is from providing users with valuable content that your online success depends to a large extent. Content is a King statement clearly states that good content can make you a leader in the industry. Internet users are very accustomed to the easy accessibility of texts with high-quality content. Before we buy a TV set, we want to compare the technical data of individual models. Making a decision about purchasing an insurance policy depends on finding positive opinions about the insurer. If you develop and publish high-quality articles on your site, you will certainly generate more traffic on your site. Sponsored advertising An often used solution is advertising on Google - so-called sponsored links that work on the principle of displaying advertisements related to a product/service sought by the client. Sponsored advertising is a very effective method to quickly show yourself at the top in search results. At the same time, you must remember that this ad is relatively expensive.   Social media - be more social It is not enough to have a good page or a good text. You must be proactive and take the initiative to the client yourself. You should be everywhere where your clients can be. And they spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat. By leveraging the potential of social media, you can definitely increase traffic on your website.   A customer who is looking for products/services on the Internet has more and more requirements. It expects, above all, quick and easy access to information. If you want potential customers to first get information about your company and products, you need to stay ahead of your competition in the search engine.

  • 23 lutego 2019 19:48
  • Mistakes to avoid while implementing marketing automation in your business

    Marketing automation is of interest to companies of any size and scope, as it offers the opportunity to streamline the process of growing clients, qualification of leads and the creation of working triggers in response to a potential buyer’s action. However, there are some pitfalls that must be kept in mind in order for the result of marketing automation to meet your expectations. Here are the seven major mistakes that companies often make when they decide to implement a sales vehicle vault in their business.   The lack of a clear idea of who your customers If you are going to get the maximum benefit from the implementation of the auto-stove system in your business, you first of all need to go through the process of determining the profile of your ideal client or so-called the person of the buyer.   Lack of a well-thought-out strategy for working with data By starting to work with auto-buzzers, you will very soon realize that the quality of customer data is your main key to success. The information you collect through feedback forms or authorization fields determines exactly how you can interact with your leads (from the English. “Lead” is a potential customer who has left his contact details).   3. Lack of suitable content If you compare the avtoboronki with the engine, the content can be called the fuel of your business. One of the common mistakes of B2B marketers is that they believe that their existing content is suitable for the process of nurturing any client, regardless of the person of the buyer.

  • 24 lutego 2019 14:46
  • What are the best practices for mobile SEO?

    Mobile SEO, or the optimization of the mobile website, is the adaptation of the mobile or responsive version of the website to the search engine in terms of elements such as the appearance of the website, its structure, the speed of loading the site or content. If our website in the desktop version is well optimized, it is already half of the success. There are only a few elements you need to remember about when optimizing the page for mobile devices.   When optimizing the mobile site, attention should be paid to issues such as:   Google Search Console - This tool will provide you with information on errors and other necessary elements of the mobile site on a regular basis; page loading speed - due to the specifics of mobile devices, there is a belief that the page loading speed in the mobile version should be more priority than the one on the desktop. The most commonly used practices to increase the page's loading speed are, for example, graphics, movies, and animation compression, code optimization to reduce CSS, JavaScript and HTML, and improved server response time. matching the page to different types of devices - in Google Analytics you can find information on which types of devices are used by people who visit your website most often. Although it is known that you will not be able to adapt the site to all mobile devices, try to ensure that it displays the best on the devices of your most frequent users; matching elements on the page - all elements, especially those "clickable" must be adjusted to the size of the page, but also be easy to click - they can not be too small or too large. A too small element will be difficult to strike with your finger, while too much will disrupt the appearance of the page; navigation - make sure that the user in the mobile version of the website can easily go to exactly the same subpages as in the desktop version. Do not hide any subpages or links in the menu; content - your users should have access to the same content on both handheld and desktop devices. You have to design the layout and arrangement of the content so that there is no clutter, but that all content is available;  

  • 24 lutego 2019 14:38
  • What is lead scoring?

    The theme of lead scoring (scoring leads) has long been known to experienced marketers and has been repeatedly discussed on the Internet. Lead scoring or lead qualification is a marketing term by which you can understand the level of leadership involvement and willingness to purchase. You can read a more clever interpretation of this term on Wikipedia. In short, this is a way to segmentation of leads in hot and cold. If you ever come across sales, you know that warm customer are much more willing to buy your product than cold ones. I have written two articles on this topic. In the one that you are reading now, the term scoring leads will be deciphered. In the second article, I will tell you how to choose the right service for lead scoring. The goal of any sales manager is to calculate those customers who are ready to buy and give them maximum attention. In the conversational genre, this is done on an intuitive level, and the manager understands the degree of involvement in the dialogue, but on the Internet, it is more difficult to do. The higher the points accrued, the more prepared the lead is to the buying process, the higher the likelihood that he will accept the offer made to him The lead scoring algorithm, for greater accuracy, should contain both explicit external criteria - such as company size, market segment, a potential client representative whose contacts the company has, location - and implicit internal criteria: recorded visits to certain pages of the company’s website, download presentations or white paper, open emails, click on links in them, interest in certain topics, etc. The marketer in the process of generating or growing leads (Lead Nurturing) puts points on each manifestation of marketing activity. When the amount of points received reaches the reliability threshold, it is considered that the lead is ready for purchase, and the marketer forwards the application to the sales department.

  • 23 lutego 2019 19:41
  • How to create a marketing editorial calendar?

    The marketing calendar is an electronic document that records the dates on which any marketing activities are scheduled. First, all the activities and tasks should be reflected in the preliminary marketing plan, and then distributed to the daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal calendar tables. Such a calendar is especially effective when marketing activity during the holidays. Planning ahead and thinking about actions guarantees that your ad will work when people buy gifts and food. Marketing calendars are usually used by entire departments and help create a comprehensive marketing strategy. So how do you create a marketing calendar? Write a marketing plan for the year. Most large and small companies need, first of all, to identify those marketing strategies that will be used throughout the year. Although strategies may change, the plan as a whole should reflect the company's desire to establish contacts with customers, increase market share and produce marketing material. List all your marketing strategies. As the plan details and the detailed description of a specific project, reflect in your plan the dates and times of meetings, the launch of marketing activities and the collection of results for this project. You need, for example, to determine and reflect whether this event will be repeated weekly, every season or annually, so that the person making your marketing plan knows such details. The list should include all areas of your marketing activity, such as: email - distribution, preparation of articles, referral program, affiliate marketing program, blogging, updating information on social networks, pay for clicks, preparation of podcasts and videos, press releases, partnerships, events, social / trade events, holiday promotions, preparation of printed advertising material. Identify those responsible for each marketing event. This may not be one person, but two or more. If you have not delegated your marketing plan to someone else, then initiate the meeting in order to determine who will plan, justify, execute and verify the results of each marketing event.  

  • 1 lutego 2019 16:08
  • How to create effective push notifications?

    Browser push notifications are the fastest end user channel. They look like pop-up banners with a picture, a call to action and a link to the landing page, but they are much more effective. Unlike email, push notifications open up to 90% of users. At the same time every second follows the link. Fluffs are delivered and read immediately after sending, regardless of whether the person has your website open and whether the browser is running at all. More recently, push-notifications were used only for notifications about news on media sites, but now their scope of application is significantly expanding. In e-commerce, they are used for prompt reporting of goods receipts and promotions and reminders of pending purchases. Banks use the push to notify for payments on loans and report filing, and car dealers with their help inform about discounts. Push notifications themselves are a powerful tool for delivering information, but they can be made even more efficient if you follow the following recommendations. Do not send too many notifications in a short period of time The most common mistake is sending as many messages as the user cannot handle. Do not overload users with push notifications, otherwise, they may simply delete your application. Your notifications should be helpful When a user starts using an application, he does not object to receiving notifications, but only until he sees value in them. The whole problem is that very few notifications are useful. Personalize your message Personalized content that informs, inspires, and delights the user is an essential component. Sometimes, the smallest detail, such as adding the recipient's name, can increase the effectiveness of push notifications. Of course, personalization is not limited to adding the name of the recipient. Personalizing the content of the message is a guarantee that the user will receive important and valuable information for him.

  • 1 lutego 2019 15:38
  • How to use customer reviews?

      The topic of reviews for the Internet is not new. Very often on the websites of companies, you can find customer reviews. Another question is whether these reviews are real or did some employee invent them? For a long period of time, many sites used textual reviews, but now people no longer trust them, because they understand where they come from. With the help of comments and customer reviews on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can attract new customers and retain old ones, improve the reputation of the store and beat the competition.   How to use customer reviews effectively?   Monitor reviews of your company and neutralize negative People share in social networks impressions about successful purchases, but more often they tell about those who did not like. They do this in personal accounts, in comments on the pages of friends, in thematic groups. Such reviews can be monitored and turned in their favor.   Track competitor information and learn from their mistakes Keep track of branded competitors' requests in social networks, analyze what customers like or dislike about their products or services, draw conclusions and find opportunities to grow your business.   Look for potential customers In social networks, people ask for advice on where to order a particular product. You can search for such people and offer them your goods. Use queries with the words "advise", "recommend", "who does", plus the name of the product or service. That is words denoting a clear interest in the service or product.   Situations are different, as are the ways of doing business, the goods and services offered. Therefore, our list of receptions is only a small fraction of the various methods for obtaining customer feedback. Do not stop at one option. Experiment, use the creative component.

  • 23 lutego 2019 17:59
  • Why is brand awareness important?

    Now brand awareness is often used in cases where they can not provide real results. First, a couple of lines of theory: what is “brand recognition”? This is a numerical indicator (or several) of how well the audience knows your brand. The problem is that brand awareness has become an excuse for everything. Advertising did not bring customers? “This is image advertising, it is aimed at brand recognition.” Do you clearly understand that what the marketer is planning to do will not bring you, customers? Get ready to hear “so we will increase brand awareness”. To work on brand recognition, you need to start to count it. And then count after the event, and understand whether the event worked on this mythical recognition. The level of brand awareness reflects the ability of the target audience to distinguish the brand products at the time of purchase. Market research confirms that increasing brand awareness directly affects sales, it is important to create loyalty. Recognition is considered one of the most important indicators of brand popularity. It largely determines the volume of sales at different stages of the life cycle of a brand and is often the main goal of marketing communications at the initial stage of product promotion. Brand awareness in the circle of potential and active customers is important for long-term growth in sales, maintaining product competitiveness, evaluating audience loyalty, and others. At the same time, there are differences in the coefficient of a dependence of the level of brand awareness and the sales of its products for different product categories and consumer segments within the same market niche. It is important to take into account all the features to get the most objective result of the study.  

  • 23 lutego 2019 01:33
  • How to make the most of your paid content on Facebook?

    We are bombarded every day with billboards, spots, and pop-ups that make us buy. It is on Facebook that you can interact with your clients, ask them for your opinion, make a direct conversation, ask for opinions on specific topics. Facebook is the perfect place to acquire customers, and some of them are already focused as part of your brand's fan page. What can you do to increase the chance that they will make purchases in your store?   Create a Facebook Shop Currently, you can create a separate tab on Facebook, where you can present products from your online store, and which will allow your customers to buy them.   Mark products in posts After setting up the store, the option to mark products in posts will be included in your fan page. It looks particularly attractive when you mark products on the image depicting them. Thanks to such a treatment, you can more effectively encourage users to go to your store's website and, thus, significantly increase the conversion rate.   Remember about CTA To make your store on Facebook even more effective, add a CTA button to the fan page, encouraging you to perform a specific action. The default button for the "Shopping" template is "Buy it now", but you can change it to any other one, which you think is better suited to the fan page - for example, "Call now" or "Learn more".   As you can see, Facebook is a great tool that can effectively help your sales and win new customers. All you have to do is use it skillfully and use all the opportunities it gives you. To achieve success, think first of all about your clients and to provide them with the most valuable content. It is they who set the purpose of your presence in social media and it depends on their character.

  • 24 lutego 2019 23:12
  • What is the best way to send sales emails to get a response?

    Usually, you send reminder letters for two reasons: you just want to remind yourself, or you need an answer to an important question very urgently. If you ever had an interview, then you probably know the first situation. You may have checked incoming messages several times a day, hoping to hear some news about work. Yeah, deathly silence, in this case, is depressing. The second variant of events - when you urgently need an answer on a question, but they don’t write it to you - can also make you angry. But worst of all, when you have to wait for an overdue project or news from the boss on a crucial issue. Such situations require a slightly different approach. Friendly reminders about yourself will not work.   If you need to remind yourself and get an answer to a question urgently, use these tips. 1# Write easier If you are writing a reminder letter, then you have already contacted this person. So in your previous messages already had all the necessary information. Of course, the context does not hurt - the recipient must understand the basic essence of the case from one letter so that he does not have to look through all the correspondence. But remember - you only need to specify the main points of the question.   2 # Try other methods We all usually rely on email - and for good reason. This is a convenient and easy way to communicate. But sometimes our mail is so overwhelmed that some letters just get lost. The person read your message and decided to respond to it later - only “later” never comes. If you urgently need to resolve the issue, it is better to get up from the computer and try other methods to reach the right person.   Use these tips, and the chances that you will get the long-awaited answer will increase. But what if they didn't help? Well, at least you tried to do your best.

  • 23 lutego 2019 01:15
  • How to create better Christmas Newsletter?

    The easiest way to increase the turnover from the newsletter during the holiday season is to prepare promotions for products that can be used as an excellent gift for the Christmas tree. In this case, we see a joking slogan: "gifts better than socks", which encourages you to familiarize with the offer, as well as a clear division into two categories: "for him" and "for her", which further facilitates for the customer looking for gifts. Importantly, the promotion is periodic, and the additional pressure is put on us by the last days in which it will be possible to send the order.   Last minute offer In the pre-Christmas period, the store ran various types of promotions or sales, while for those who did not manage to make purchases on time, he prepared an offer from the "last minute" category. This is an electronic gift card that could be delivered to any email address within a few moments.   The Christmas newsletter does not have to be green it is worth writing directly - if you are preparing a Christmas newsletter, you do not have to create it In red. There is a convention according to which everything festive should change with different shades of red, but who said you can not break away? You should do it if you want to stand out.   Original wishes Christmas is, of course, not only sales. Every company that cares about the client should also - make it happen to the tradition and show that it cares about a good relationship - give people original wishes.   The holiday season is the perfect time to use marketing to communicate with recipients. You can do this in many different ways, for example by sending them wishes, sales offers or requests for support. It's best to do it in the most personal way possible.

  • 23 lutego 2019 01:16
  • What is viral marketing?

    While some advertisers are investing millions of rubles in marketing budgets, others successfully run advertising campaigns with minimal loss of time and money. How do they do it? The secret is simple - they managed to create a unique advertising product that was so liked by the users of social networks that they themselves spread it on the Internet. This technique of advertising is called viral marketing. The term “viral marketing” itself means spreading from person to person within the target group, which forms the basis of the whole idea of the viral process. Original information, an idea in the form of a ready-made marketing message (video, text), is virally transmitted to each other in the form of “jokes”, recommended for viewing information, links; as a result, information is associated rather with benefit and (or) entertainment, rather than with imposed advertising appeal. Viral marketing is a method of popularizing advertising information, implying that the main distributors of content will be its recipients. The main task here is to create such an advertising product that will interest users to the maximum and inspire them so much that they will want to share this knowledge with others.   Advantages of viral marketing: Spreading viral advertising is cost-effective Viral advertising shapes consumer attitudes Viral advertisements are free from the censorship and restrictions of the Advertising Act The life cycle of viral advertising for at least three years   The popularity of viral marketing has been growing noticeably lately: fast Internet channels allow users to easily share video clips, photos, and music files; promotes the spread of viral marketing and the growing popularity of all sorts of online communities and blogs. Almost every third who received an interesting message sends it to his friend. As is known, in order to force a person to buy a product, it is necessary to form his need for this product. People send links that are considered interesting, those that subconsciously affect the scope of their interests and needs. Thus, competently made viral product actualizes the problem, which the product is intended to solve.

  • 23 lutego 2019 01:16
  • Is it worth to create customer self-service?

    The self-service business model originated in the United States, where at the beginning of the 20th-century self-service stores appeared. If in family shops the visitors were traditionally served at the counter, now they had to independently take goods from the shelves. The concept of self-service has evolved in parallel with the universalization engendered by the industrialization of the universal desire to increase productivity and efficiency. In the case of using the self-service business model, value creation is to some extent passed on to customers in exchange for a lower price (as). In particular, this approach is optimal for processes with high costs, bringing consumers low perceived value. Clients usually point out that self-service also helps save time (that). It may even increase efficiency since in some cases the value creation stage will be shorter and more targeted. The classic examples of this method are the delivery of goods from the shelves, the planning of your own projects or the independent settlement of goods or services. A self-service business has great potential in the context of the economy because consumer participation can often lead to a significant reduction in the number of full-time positions. It is well known that self-service can bring significant benefits to your customers, your employees and your company. Implementing the right knowledge management methods will allow your team to maximize their self-service potential and give their customers exactly what they increasingly prefer: the ability to self-serve and help themselves. The "Self-service" template is great for customers who are willing to work a little for lower prices. It will also be useful when the “do-it-yourself” element of the production process creates perceived customer value (for example, this may apply to T-shirts, which customers design themselves for themselves). To successfully apply Self-Service, you must analyze the potential of the template from the point of view of consumers.

  • 23 lutego 2019 01:18
  • What are essential elements of every influencer marketing strategy?

    The modern world dictates its own conditions, but the strategy still remains the art that every entrepreneur must possess in order to win the battle for profits and market share. Any organization has a common strategy that is consistent with its global goals and strategies by type of activity. One of these is the marketing strategy of the enterprise. A strategy is a general, non-detailed plan of any activity, covering a long period of time, a way to achieve a complex goal, which is uncertain and central to the manager at the moment, further adjusted to the changed conditions of the existence of the manager-strategist. The objective of the strategy is the effective use of cash resources to achieve the main goal. A tactic is a tool for implementing a strategy and is subordinated to the main goal of the strategy.   Marketing strategy is an element of the company's overall strategy (corporate strategy), which describes how a company should use its limited resources to achieve maximum results in increasing sales and profitability from sales in the long term.   What are the essential elements of every influencer marketing strategy?   The formulation of a strategic marketing problem (this item needs to be given the most attention) Needs analysis Segmentation of the consumer market Analysis of threats and business opportunities Analysis of competition in the market Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise The choice of strategy   An influencer marketing strategy should do more than just promoting the right product in the right place at the right time. There is a necessary to think and analyze a lot before you come to an understanding of how to successfully sell product and how to develop an effective marketing strategy.

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  • What makes a strong brand?

    Branding is how you understand your place among competitors, what level of service you offer. Your job as a boss is to clearly understand and convey your position to people. You are the author of your story, and it depends only on you how you tell it. In the modern world, there is a lot of competition. Entrepreneurs have to fight for customers, talented employees, profits, and more. Using the following 7 principles of design, marketing and building relationships with people will help you create and launch a powerful brand.   5 principles for building a successful strong brand:   Simplicity While you want to be a great professional everywhere and in everything, it’s better to do one thing. This is a very good way to stand out in a crowded market. They will come to you as a specialist.   Going beyond Marketing strategies and brand building scenarios that go beyond allow the target audience to reconsider their attitude to your brand.   Originality To express yourself, you need an original idea. This will help you write your story and build a certain attitude to your proposal. Select it among the rest.   Global Vision The vision of your brand and its further development will help you build the right strategy for market behavior. You will understand what your customers think about the company and how you can expand your business.   Symbolism Powerful characters go beyond words and have a strong influence on people. Make your brand a symbol. Pleasant memories of childhood or a bright summer, or, for example, a cozy home.   A brand is an important component of any business. This is his voice in the market. Building a strong brand is not an easy, but very necessary task, the implementation of which will bring a steady stream of customers and significant profits. The described steps will help to cope with this task much faster and get the desired result.

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  • How to use email marketing for ecommerce?

    E-commerce is an economic area that includes all trade transactions via the Internet. E-commerce is the purchase and sale of goods and services, the transfer of funds or data through an electronic network. E-mail marketing is a great way for you to increase conversions and create new versions for your e-commerce business. Your potential, existing and forgotten customers are targeted, and you can catch their attention with a bit of email. When sending your new potential customers, you can send them by email, introduces your brand, products and gives them an incentive to start shopping. You can add a coupon code to your email or offer them free shipping for their first order. When you email to your type 2 clients, you want to show their products that they may be interested in. You can choose ones based on their previous orders. You can include products with discounts as well. When you are mailing to your type of 3 clients it can be noted that they are not reduced recently. You can use phrases like "We miss you" or "haven't seen you lately" and keep it private. When creating your email you should make sure that you have a very good topic. The subject line is the most important thing since receiving people decide to open your mail if they find it interesting. You must intrigue them and make them want to open your mail. Many emails are deleted for not having the best subject line. Make sure your subject does not contrast the content of the mail too. After the Subject line, you need to make sure your headers are in order. For this part, important tips properly. Check how your mail looks like without a photo you include. Some users prefer to block visual aids in the mail, and therefore your mail may look like a blank page. For this reason, you have to make sure that even without a photo, the mail makes sense, and the user can see the rest of the mail.

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  • How to generate leads through content?

    The trend in recent years has become content marketing. If earlier it was necessary to spend huge sums of money on link promotion, now it is extremely important to pay attention to the content. With the help of content, your project can fly up to heaven. So, the more money and time you invest in content production today, the sooner you will see a tangible result and overtake your competitors.   All of the above factors are ways to scare off any unsure marketer from content marketing. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the possibility of getting hot leads using content generation.   Choose just one ad channel and learn how to get traffic from there. Nothing could be better than the first results. And they will be able to get them only if they constantly make strikes at one point. In this case, you have every chance to start getting leads, and of the highest quality. How to generate leads using content? For example, take up your account on Instagram and promote it until you receive 10-15 applications for your product per day. Then you can take to study the next channel promotion. And so you can create your sales funnel just to infinity.   Content must be outstanding Information processing should be at a high level. It makes no sense to post just pictures without signatures, photos of models of clothes in Chinese women, and so on. If you can see that the content does not belong to you, then you will always look defective. Content should be delayed in reading and learning.   Surprise and do everything so that it would be as interesting to watch you as you would watch a popular show on the TV channel. What is the key to success for any show? Of course, the fact that the audience simply does not know what will happen next. If you are at least interested in watching you, if each next step causes intrigue, then, in this case, you will quickly become popular. Intrigue your audience with content, and you can easily make money on it.

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  • What are best practices for UX?

      Ideally, the design should be dealt with systematically from the launch of the first products of the company. But this is not always the case for various reasons - it is important to start as early as possible, there was no money at the start, the fastest growth was required, the concept was constantly changing in the search for a working business model, etc.   Create a design for offline access Internet access is something that we take for granted, but that can be very different outside urban areas. For people who do not have or can not afford constant access to the Internet, allow downloading content for offline use. Also prepare for problems with persistence, making the retry / reload experience more painless.   Remember different devices The trend to use mobile devices instead of a desktop is very popular. The identity of a customer from a developing market is a person who has a low-end device, an older operating system, a smaller device screen. Also, such devices have bandwidth and performance limitations, so designers should be aware of content that can take a lot to load and which may not display correctly.   Do not forget about the cultural context. In culture, there are various unspoken norms and values. For example, individualism or community. Western societies value personal success rather than group achievement, which is associated with higher self-esteem and the pursuit of personal happiness. But this is not universal for all communities in the world. If you understand the difference in user attitudes and habits, your design will become more flexible in different contexts.

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  • What is a Closed-Loop Marketing?

    A Closed - Loop Marketing concept, ie closed-loop marketing, had a theoretical overtone for a long time. The reason was the difficulty in linking the work of various departments of the company. Currently, technology allows any company without major problems to put it into practice. And although not in every case its effects will be equally spectacular, it certainly can be used to significantly improve the financial results of most businesses. What is Closed Loop Marketing and what benefits can be brought by the introduction of this concept? This is what we will deal with in this text. A closed loop marketing is a business strategy based on cooperation between marketing and sales departments in order to better understand the sales process and customer behavior. This cooperation should take place both in the area of data collection, processing, and analysis, as well as adapting sales and marketing activities to the conclusions drawn on their basis. The reference to the loop is meant to mean the joint work of the marketing and sales department in all of these ranges, including the needs and reactions of customers in the same sequence. Simply put, such a cycle can be visualized as a way of activities undertaken by a person from the moment of its entry to a given website until the sale is finished. As part of the closed loop marketing, information is collected about which sources the user has visited our website, what content he was looking for, which resulted in his conversion to a lead (if he left his data), and then sales. At the same time, however, data about the Internet user - as well as his or her professional profile - are also collected. This information comes from different channels and departments of the company, but they must be considered as a whole so that the analysis of customer behavior becomes possible. Thanks to this, we will be able to assign to each final customer a specific marketing action that led to the sale.

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  • Why do you need a customized 404 page?

    When a person hits an error page, he feels depressed and annoyed. Page 404 tells us that we failed. But you can fix everything and return the user to the site unscathed. In the ideal situation, there should be no links on the site (or external links) giving 404 server errors. Let's be realistic: if the site has more than a thousand pages, their appearance is most often not avoided. From a marketing point of view, a 404 error page (hereafter referred to as 404) is a tool for increasing sales, which uses targeted traffic to convert to leads. Further examples of the use of pages with 404 error will be considered for both commercial and informational sites. This separation is especially important because each type of resource has its own monetization methods. Page 404 is an integral part of any site. So why not use it to redirect visitors to other pages instead of simply reporting that the page was not found? In fact, page 404 exists on every site for the sole purpose: to tell visitors that the requested page cannot be found. This situation may arise for a number of reasons. The visitor could type the wrong URL or the page was moved or deleted. In most cases, page 404 contains a background message stating that the page was not found. But there are more valuable ways to use it. Page 404 is an unsuccessful attempt to open something on the web. This is an automatic page that opens if the requested site cannot be found. Usually, such an error occurs when a person enters an incorrect website address or follows a nonexistent link (for example, you deleted the old link, but it remained in search indexing and the person passed). Page 404 can occur on any site because it cannot be controlled completely.  

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