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Hiding chat widget may be useful for the time outside the working hours of your support agents. Learn how and when to use this functionality.


You may be wondering how to configure chat for the time outside the working hours of your support agents. You obviously don’t want your customers sending messages to your support agents when they are all offline. There are a few ways of addressing this issue and one is setting up your own chatbot or autoresponder. However, in this video we’ll find out how to manually hide the chat widget for the time no person from the team responsible for chat support is in the office. So you see the chat widget is visible on my website and I have the “widget state” in the widget design settings set to “standard”, which means that chat message is displayed automatically a while after a user enters your site. Let’s assume your employee responsible for chat support works Monday-Friday from 9 to 5. To avoid a situation when outside the office hours of your support team your clients get angry as nobody replies to their chat messages, your chat support employee needs to manually change the chat widget settings before leaving the office. To do it they would need to go to Settings -> App settings and by default we land in the “Chat widget design” section. Here just change the “widget state” to “hidden”, and now, after refreshing my website, the chat widget won’t appear. With this approach an employee responsible for chat support needs to remember to change it back to “standard” (or any other visible widget state you usually use) every morning before starting work. Depending on your business culture and approach you may want to have different standards of chat visibility. Some companies always set up the chat as visible and only in specific hours set up autoresponders. The other ones set up autoresponder but only if outside standard office hours they are not able to answer messages immediately via mobile app. But sometimes there is only one person responsible for company's chat and when she or he is not online, you don't want to get any messages via chat widget.Also, with only 1 person managing the chat, from time to time it may happen she or he is late or has an emergency situation. In that case the option to manually disable chat widget's visibility is extremely helpful. So we’ve just discussed how to disable chat widget visibility manually. Thanks for listening!