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Except for chat widget's color, you can as well customize the chat icon. In this video we'll show you how to do it and discuss different examples.


Except for adjusting the chat widget’s colors you can as well change the widget’s icon to the one of your choice. By default it’s set to the styled symbol, in the color you set. But you can change it in the Widget Design section in the App settings. On the right-hand side of the Widget Design settings you’ll see one more possibility. To change the icon, simply drag & drop your icon here or select the file directly from its location. Having saved, we see that the icon has been changed. Whenever you’d need to change the icon of the chat widget, go to “Widget Design” and select another file. Or, if you want to go back to the default chat widget icon, click the “Remove” in the top right-hand side corner or tick the “Remove” box below. And now it’s back to as it was at the beginning. You can take a couple of approaches here: - you can add a photo of your team here - you can add your logo - make it adjusted to your design strategy, water (aqua) design etc - or any other icon you want. You can use whatever image you want to be your chat icon widget. You may for example upload your team photo. Or add your logo. Or any kind of icon you like. You can also use element aligned with your design strategy, for example aqua design or material design styled image. Just use whatever image you want to fully adjust chat widget appearance to your website! Hope changing chat widget icon is clear now! Thanks for your time!