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In this video we'll discuss different settings options related to the chat widget's display. We'll show each of the possibilities available.


So now when we already know how to adjust the chat widget’s colors and upload our own chat icon, let’s find out how to set up the widget’s display! When you go to Settings -> App Settings and then “Chat widget” and “Widget design” at the very bottom you’ll see “Widget display” section. Here we can take care of a few options related to the widget’s alignment on your website, it’s style and class. Before we start, let’s switch to the split view so that it’s easier to follow the examples. So let’s first look at the “widget class”. There are 2 options available here - “modern”, which is the view you know from the other videos, or “Classic”, and with this classic chosen the messaging box will be spread and adjusted to the full “height” of a user’s screen. Then there is “Widget state” and here we have: - “standard”, which is the view you already know with welcome message appearing automatically, - then “simple” - which means that a user will see only the chat widget’s icon while a welcome message appears only after hovering over the icon, - “Expanded” - and with that one on, a user will see the widget with expanded messaging box from the very beginning, - there is also “hidden”, which makes the widget invisible on your website. Disabling widget visibility is very helpful when you need to disable the chat widget for the time outside office hours. - the next one is “conditionally visible” - with that option on you can make your chat widget visible only to some users, for example to those that already are your top customers, or only to those that visit a particular webpage of yours so a particular URL. Depending on your business needs there is possibility to show the widget to some users or user segments and to hide it for other segments; OR you can show your widget only on some webpages. We’ll discuss some business cases related to chat visibility in detail in another video. - Let’s continue here. And the last one is “without welcome message” - which means that no welcome message will be displayed to your users, even when you hover over the icon. We can as well decide whether we want the widget to be displayed on the right or on the left. And for the launcher, so the chat widget icon, whether we want it in a modern - so exactly as it is now - or standard way. So now we know what options there are in the chat widget’s display settings. Thanks for your time!