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First step in customization of your chat widget is changing its color. In this video you'll learn how to adjust color and design of the chat widget to your needs.


Once the chat has been installed on your website it’s time to take care of its design! As the widget itself along with a welcome message are the first things a user will see on your site, it’s a decent reason for making it look smashing! To adjust your chat widget’s design to your needs, go to Settings -> App settings and you will land at “Widget design” which is in the “Chat widget” section. The colour of your chat widget is by default set to the standard blue. You can easily change it by selecting the preferred color in the “Color picker”. One of my company’s colors is orange so I’m typing in the exact colour code here. If you don’t have any predefined color, you can of course pick anything you want from the palette. Having saved, we see the color of the chat widget has been successfully updated. An additional possibility here is that you can use gradients. So I’m selecting 2 other colors I like and… After refreshing my chat widget has been changed. The second color option available below is the “conversation color”, which basically is the background for the messages sent by your users. By default it’s blue. Let’s set it to greyish one. And we now see a new message sent by the user has grey background. And that’s a short video on setting up the chat widget’s colors. Thanks for your time!