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Learn a simple way of managing chat widget availability outside your business hours. In this video we'll show step-by-step how to set it up.


In this video we’ll explore another way of making chat widget unavailable outside office hours of your team. Apart from disabling chat widget visibility manually of by automations you can as well configure it quickly in the “Chat widget” settings. Let’s go to Settings -> App settings and in the “Chat widget” section there is a subsection “Availability. Here you can decide whether you want your chat widget to be visible for your users “Always” or only during your business hours. I’m selecting that second option and now I need to specify my team’s business hours. As we work Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, I’m selecting these 5 days from the drop-down list and setting up appropriate hours. And below that, there is one more field. Here you can decide how your chat should behave outside your business hours and there are 2 options available: hidden and with that one on the chat widget will simply not appear outside your business hours, and “Show chat message” with the field you can type in your own message and your users will receive that when they send any chat message to you when you and your team are out-of-office. Let’s assume it’s the time outside my office hours now and… here we go! And of course, as I have email prompt active, you can collect email addresses of those who will visit your site for the first time! So we’ve just learned an alternative way of managing chat widget availability outside your business hours. Thanks for your time!