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Learn how to decide whose avatars appear in the chat widget. We'll show you how to take care of this element of your chat widget's appearance.


Let’s now quickly discuss the agents appearing in the chat widget. When we have a quick look at the main view of the chat widget on our website, we’ll notice a few avatars at the top, right below the widget’s heading. Those are avatars of your agents. Thanks to it, your chat has an additional real-life touch and brings your team closer to the user. How to decide who appears in the chat widget? By default all team members of yours are displayed here and we now see 6 of them. However, if you want to hide specific team members from the widget, you can easily do it. You just need to go to Settings -> Team management and in the column on the right-hand side you’ll notice a little eye icon. Simply click it if you want to hide a given team member from the chat widget. I’m doing that for a few of my agents. The eye icons next to them are now scratched. And when we now look at the main view of the chat widget, we see there are only 2 avatars visible. Whenever you will want to bring those agents’ avatars back to the chat widget, click the eye icon again to reactivate it. There may be several threads in your chat widget, as a user can talk to support guys, sales guys or even to a particular person dedicated to solve only some particular problems and so on. When a new conversation is started, a random agent’s avatar (from those that you allow to be visible in the chat widget) pops up. But then, once the message in the conversation is answered by a particular agent, the conversation is assigned and their avatar will be displayed here. So that was a quick instruction on how to display team members in or hide them from the chat widget. Thanks for your time!