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In this video we'll learn how to send advanced media pieces to clients via chat. We'll also discuss a few examples.


In the conversations module, there are a few other options aside from knowledge base docs, default replies or files you can use to make your chat replies to users more informative and attractive. Let’s discuss them now. When you type a message to a user, you can enter a text formatting tab. All you need to do is selecting a given part of text and the tab appears. From here you can not only format the text itself but also add a hyperlink, select images or embed videos. Linking may be very helpful when there are some sources other than your Knowledge Base you may send users to, if they request additional materials or asks about more details on a given aspect. Let’s say a user asks about the sizes guide. It’s available on your company blog and you want to help this user and send the direct link to the webpage with the guide. I’m selecting the word “here” and adding the blog post link. Now it’ll be super easy for my user to get to what they need. It may happen a user requests a few more pictures of a given product available in your online store. Or you have some short gifs recorded showing how to navigate in your app. You can add those files directly to the chat message, thanks to image selecting option. Just find the image you want to send and then, after clicking it, you can adjust the image size directly here. Simply decrease or increase the size of the picture by holding the mouse click and moving it in the messaging box. And now a user can enlarge it by one click and see the instruction directly from the chat! In the Conversations it’s also possible to send embedded video materials like tutorials or marketing spots added to YT. Let’s say a user asks you how to edit a record in the software you offer. As you have the whole video course on that ready and published on your website, simply paste a URL to the exact video of interest and add it to the message content. Thanks to it, a user will be able to watch the video immediately and directly from the chat widget. And that was a short description on sending advanced media in chat. Thanks for your time!