Why data visualization needs to be part of your content strategy?

4 lutego 2019 13:16

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24 lutego 2019 14:14


Visual content has never been more important than today. It has become the main form of communication, not only in social networks but throughout the Internet. And marketers responded quickly to demand. They are trying to create more and more new campaigns to meet user requests.


Why data visualizations is important?


  1. "One picture says more than a thousand words."

Only a fraction of a second is enough for the information contained in the images or graphics to be properly processed by us. We need much more time to read and understand a sentence or text. Research conducted in the field of cognitive psychology confirms the importance of graphics as a medium of communication. The more attractive the stimulus, the greater the interest of the recipient. This will also translate into his commitment to attention and reaction that activates the body.


  1. Short communication time.

How many seconds do you need to catch your attention? The National Center for Biotechnology Information research shows that the time when a person is able to focus their attention on one message has shortened from 12 to 8 seconds. We only have 8 seconds to attract the attention of potential customers. Taking into account these two numbers and the fact that more than half of users leave the website after just 15 seconds, you should take a closer look at the speed of communication. Well-thought-out visualization in content marketing can save us time and be beneficial in acquiring customers.


  1. The dominance of visualization in everyday life.

The breakthrough in visualization is nothing new because it is an integral part of our everyday life. Let's pay attention to billboards. Why are we able to assimilate their message in fractions of a second while driving? The answer is simple. We are visual and the picture reaches us faster than intricate text messages.


Create visual content that will interact with people. And soon you will be surprised to see that it has overwhelming popularity! Try, improvise and joke - everything will definitely work out!