When is the best time to email your customers?

28 stycznia 2019 14:00

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18 lutego 2019 10:46

Sooner or later, every owner of an online store that uses e-mail marketing, will ask himself this question. Unfortunately, there is not one perfect answer here. Despite the fact that each recipient and each group is characterized by individual preferences — we can rely on a series of studies that coincide with the e-commerce market.

Does the perfect day even exist?
According to data provided by MailChimp, the best day for sending emails is Thursday — the open-rate ratio was the highest that day. However, it is worth noting that only slightly higher than on the other working days. Sending messages on the weekend does not give such good results, and Sunday seems to be the worst.
In turn, according to Experian's reports, Monday is the best day in terms of generating orders from e-mail marketing, and on that day you can usually generate the largest sales within the whole week.
The perfect moment to send promotional mailings seems to be Monday or Tuesday. If we send a promotional mailing on Thursday, it's rather a small chance of customer satisfaction before the weekend.

What about the hour?
The GetResponse research results show that messages get the best results after an hour of sending them. During this period, 22.6% of the messages are opened. Messages sent in the evening reach the highest opening rates. The period between 21.00 and 22.00 works best. Messages sent during these hours have obtained an opening rate of 36.2%. Emails sent between 19.00 and 20 get the open rate at 26.5%.

Try your best solution
However, the most reasonable solution is to find the best day for mailing based on your statistics of messages sent. Of course, key information will be included in open and click indicators. Check which day of the week generates the highest open rate. However, it is a good idea to monitor this data to update the shipping day. In this way, there is a good chance that the messages you send will achieve the best results. So I have one advice — try to analyze, don’t fully rely on the research.