What is viral marketing?

1 lutego 2019 11:47

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23 lutego 2019 01:16

While some advertisers are investing millions of rubles in marketing budgets, others successfully run advertising campaigns with minimal loss of time and money. How do they do it? The secret is simple - they managed to create a unique advertising product that was so liked by the users of social networks that they themselves spread it on the Internet. This technique of advertising is called viral marketing.

The term “viral marketing” itself means spreading from person to person within the target group, which forms the basis of the whole idea of the viral process. Original information, an idea in the form of a ready-made marketing message (video, text), is virally transmitted to each other in the form of “jokes”, recommended for viewing information, links; as a result, information is associated rather with benefit and (or) entertainment, rather than with imposed advertising appeal.

Viral marketing is a method of popularizing advertising information, implying that the main distributors of content will be its recipients. The main task here is to create such an advertising product that will interest users to the maximum and inspire them so much that they will want to share this knowledge with others.


Advantages of viral marketing:

  • Spreading viral advertising is cost-effective
  • Viral advertising shapes consumer attitudes
  • Viral advertisements are free from the censorship and restrictions of the Advertising Act
  • The life cycle of viral advertising for at least three years


The popularity of viral marketing has been growing noticeably lately: fast Internet channels allow users to easily share video clips, photos, and music files; promotes the spread of viral marketing and the growing popularity of all sorts of online communities and blogs. Almost every third who received an interesting message sends it to his friend. As is known, in order to force a person to buy a product, it is necessary to form his need for this product. People send links that are considered interesting, those that subconsciously affect the scope of their interests and needs. Thus, competently made viral product actualizes the problem, which the product is intended to solve.