What is the most important in customer centricity?

28 stycznia 2019 13:27

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25 lutego 2019 09:47

Being a customer-centric organization is the key to unlocking the big potential of the client’s value. If you want to add this approach, you should put yourself in the customers’ shoes and minimize his effort and maximize the value of your offer. What are the most important things to remember in customer centricity?

• Understanding your customer
This knowledge is a Holy Grail of creating an effective strategy focused on the client. Perfect knowledge of your customers, their needs, requirements, problems, objections, and challenges is the most important. You can blindly look for the needs your business can fulfill, but you will never be successful without knowing your clients' specific approach. Investigate the market and remember to constantly analyze how your clients are changing themselves.

• Focusing on problem-solving
Once you know what problems your clients are struggling with, what they like and what they lack in their daily lives, you can find solutions to these problems more easily and effectively. The company's entire activities should focus on providing customers with solutions to their real problems, not looking for new ones.

• Taking care of the relationship with the customers
Customer centricity is a constant and constant improvement in their relationships with clients. Treat them as part of your business family that you need to look after. When the customer feels that you are interested in him and respond to his needs, he will not seek help from your competitors.

• Constant feedback and adapting to suggestions
Always ask questions about customers' needs and whether your offer meets their requirements. Many tools will help you to do this, but social media are, for example, very effective. Thanks to their interactivity, you can know the needs and objections of customers completely free and in a natural way. All that remains is to analyze and adapt your offers to these requirements.

• Proper measurement of effects
There are two relevant customer-centric metrics that should be monitored: the churn rate and customer lifetime value. First one focuses on acquiring new customers (which is more difficult and expensive but you cannot forget about it). The customer lifetime value measures the profit your company makes from any given customer. It helps to understand why and how to invest in keeping your already existing customers.