What is PPC advertising?

1 lutego 2019 11:20

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24 lutego 2019 19:37

Anyone who decides to promote business on the internet, will probably sooner or later meet with the wording PPC advertising. This slogan can appear in literature and industry publications related to online marketing, but also in offers prepared by agencies. What exactly are PPC ads and why should it be included in the marketing strategy? Are AdWords and PPC campaigns the same? Are ads on Facebook also PPC? We explain unobvious evidence and answer the most frequently asked questions related to pay per click advertising.

PPC is all advertising activities on the Internet, in which the advertiser pays for the user's interaction with the advertisement, mainly for clicking and redirecting to his website. PPC campaigns are not just AdWords, so you can not accept such a generalization. AdWords is an advertising system that offers to a bill in the pay per click model. At the same time, it is Google's advertising that is the most popular form of this type of campaign in countries where Larry Page's search engine achieves the vast majority of market shares. That is why in Poland the PPC campaign slogan is associated primarily with advertising on Google.


These types of ads are sold, among others by:

- Search engine advertising systems Google, Bing, Yandex, Seznam, Baidu, and others

- Facebook advertising system

- Twitter advertising system

- LinkedIn's advertising system

- Advertising networks

- Affiliate networks

- Other, smaller advertising systems, offered as internal solutions of internet portals, e.g. Allegro ads, Amazon ads, etc.


Every company needs a marketing strategy. Nowadays, regardless of the industry, these strategies should take into account online activities. PPC campaigns allow you to precisely reach potential customers, as well as settle only for the user's interaction with the advertisement. This is a very beneficial solution for advertisers, and most importantly, the effects of such campaigns usually do not have to wait long.