What is opt-in form?

28 stycznia 2019 13:54

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18 lutego 2019 10:31

An opt-in form is often used in e-commerce marketing form used for asking customers for permission to send them newsletters, sales, and other marketing materials. Well created opt-in forms can convert traffic and generate new valuable leads. There are a few kinds of opt-in forms presented by marketers to website visitors:

Pop-up– usually used on the homepage or product pages. It, as its name says, pops up to the visitor screen asking for an email address (or other relevant information) and telling the potential reward for the customer (it can be a valuable newsletter, inaccessible content, sales etc.).

Landing page — depending on your strategy, this kind of form can be successfully used as the reason for making the whole another site. There are many benefits of this solution such as simpler analysis of statistics, more professional look, and more successful conversion funnel. This solution, however, needs some investment in the right tools and optimizing them.

Widgets built-in across the main website — some businesses don’t require building another website just for creating an opt-in form. On the other hand, pop-ups sometimes may seem intrusive and irritating, especially if they are hard to close and avoid. If you are not that interested in generating leads for your newsletter, you should consider building in a special widget, optimized for this special purpose and composing it in a visible place of your website. When someone wants to find a form, he can do it easily on his own.

Double opt-ins
Actually this is not another different type of opt-in form, however, it is the way marketers increase prospects quality and inspire their trust. Double opt-in adds another step to the whole process by requiring visitors to confirm the information and the agreement of signing in. It reduces the number of recipients but really pays off at the end.