What is micro-influencer marketing?

4 lutego 2019 13:03

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23 lutego 2019 21:27

Brands are increasingly choosing to move through agents of influence with a relatively small audience. According to the independent research HelloSociety and Markerly, such users maintain a much higher level of interaction than the “Internet stars” with tens of thousands of subscribers. Advertising contracts with such users are usually much cheaper. It is important that the micro-expert tells a sincere story about your product and has the opportunity to present a promotional code. Here's how to work with mini-stars.

Micro influencers - users with a significant number of subscribers in social networks in a specific niche - from 1 thousand to 100 thousand people. Since the reach of the audience, in this case, is limited, the campaign must be targeted very precisely. Each micro agent must tell a story that will cause a response from users and force them to make a purchase.

Micro influencers are in many ways similar to ordinary consumers, not counting higher authority in a certain area.  The studies showed that subscribers consider them a reliable source of information and are more likely to associate themselves with them than with more popular users, and therefore the influence of micro-influencers of influence can be a decisive argument in favor of the purchase. Micro influencers - they are like a regular customer.s This means that their content is as relevant as possible for other similar customers who are theoretically interested in your brand.

Bloggers share their experience using a particular product, and subscribers rate a brand based on that experience. It is important for the campaign that this experience is unique and positive. In order to significantly increase sales efficiency, it is not enough just to share a photo, - the agent of influence must tell you how the product or service was useful to him.