What is link building and how to use it?

2 stycznia 2019 11:32

Before the activities related to obtaining links, one should answer the question of what the link really is. It is nothing else than a link placed on one website or in an electronic document, after clicking which we are transferred to another website or to another document. The link can be associated with a text fragment called anchor text, a graphic element or simply appear as a URL. In the positioning, anchor text was used very often, which was one of the most important factors that increased the value of websites on Google. This is the text that hides the link. At this point, most of the keywords that best describe our site are used and are most frequently used by Internet users to reach it. Link building is one of the basic ways to build a high position of a website in search results. It is also often called the SEO Off-Site or Off-Page process to emphasize the fact that it can happen without access to the website. It complements the On-site process (On-Page). As the name suggests, it consists in obtaining links leading to a given website. If we want to understand this process more closely, let's first explain what the link is. Link building is about creating valuable links that lead to our website. It is a strategy that is the driving force behind effective SEO activities. The right number and type of links can help our website achieve a high position in the search results, and thus increase the earnings of our company. An appropriate number of valuable links can help our website to take top positions in search results. In turn, creating poor quality links can lead to Google's penalty and cause a significant drop in organic results.