What is inbound marketing?

15 stycznia 2019 16:21

Inbound marketing is a strategy of attracting the attention to your outlet channels, engaging users with the tools you provide, allowing them to learn about your products or services on their own. Instead of finding customers, as is the case in outbound marketing, you make them come to you. How to start with inbound marketing?

#1 Create interesting content

Youtube videos, blogs, Facebook and Twitter feeds are all good ways of attracting consumers. This content must be interesting, informative and not obviously commercial in nature. People don’t mind store links and logos in content that is worthwhile. They’ll return and trust you if you do good enough job. They’ll also associate content quality with the quality of your products.

#2 Give easy access to your marketing materials

Big platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram are popular worldwide, easy to use and designed to engage. If you want to reach a specific demographic you might want to use less popular, more focused platforms. It’s also convenient to put a link in one piece of content so it directs people to the content on a different platform. Include all your social media links on your website, newsletter, and emails (when it’s not intrusive). Rewarding people with discounts or free ebooks for following you is an effective way of growing subscriber count.

#3 Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of inbound marketing. It works by making sure that your websites are included in the most visible search results. You can accomplish it by using popular keywords, editing content and proper HTML design. Google bases its search results largely on the number of links to your site on the Internet. This number will increase naturally with your popularity, but there are paid services that allow you to increase it artificially. You can pay Google to display your site in the search results marked as a commercial. Paying for the promotion of your Facebook page is also a necessity, as otherwise it will get buried by the algorithm.