What is content curation?

19 grudnia 2018 13:46

I've heard it gonna be a strong trend in 2019 marketing. But what is it?

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19 grudnia 2018 13:47

Content curation is the search, collection, and display of digital content on a specific topic. Using various tools, the content curator collects digital materials in various formats (text, image, audio, video, and so on), assesses their quality, and groups them according to one or another principle. The curator can both collect content for his personal needs, as well as to share his findings with others. Content management is an action aimed at finding, collecting and displaying digital content that is related to a specific topic. Despite the fact that for many this phrase is a novelty in the world of content, content management becomes a marketing tool for many successful companies that use it to determine and improve their positions online. Unlike content marketing, content curation does not have to be accompanied by the generation of new content, but rather its collection from a huge number of sources and the presentation of material in an organized, convenient, beautiful form. The content curator is responsible for finding relevant content that is related to a specific category and presenting the material to readers in the form of a beautifully designed flow of information. >> What are the secrets of successful content curation? It's no secret that a lot of information on the Internet. But the problem is that it is not decomposed, so to speak. Some great resources generate interesting content, yes, but there are many small sites, news resources, the existence of which no one is aware of. At the same time, they carry high-quality information, have excellent flow. And this is a chance to talk about them, to share. After all, it is not important where you take the information, but how important, interesting, specialized it is! It is important to show only the best, most relevant and interesting at the moment. Sites that use content management tools, do not remain without a reward from search engines, who are more willing and more likely to index their pages. Moreover, the content you supervise and create often includes keywords that help your business grow. In order to more effectively control content, you can use services such as paper. li, redux, which will assist you every day and deliver interesting and relevant content to your door.