What is a customer advocacy?

28 stycznia 2019 11:58

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1 lutego 2019 15:39

In the advanced companies, the positions of senior managers are created to protect the interests of clients. With their help, companies will have to re-gain the trust of customers and provide high-quality services based on the protection of their interests. To do this, you will have to spend your time to study the changing needs of customers, understand their goals, and then individually educate and advise everyone so that in the future they will be able to make reasonable and informed decisions on the market themselves.

Customer protection strategy is built in stages. The basis for building the protection pyramid will, of course, be the high quality of the product (service) and customer satisfaction. Next, it will be necessary to transform CRM into a trusting relationship and introduce programs of real protection of clients' interests.

Consumer power has increased significantly and continues to grow, in parallel with a shift in corporate strategies. A protection strategy can increase long-term sales, company revenues, and increase the return on investment (ROI). Customer protection programs are widespread in the world, while customer trust itself is a universal value.

Each company must develop its own protection strategy using general principles: create quality, increase the volume of services provided, and build trusting relationships with customers. Trust and customer protection should be the core of your company. Protecting the interests of customers is the only way to obtain the highest income in the era of the market power of consumers.

Studies show that in a client’s trust, his personal experience with the company plays a key role. To maintain a competitive advantage, you must have a clear network of sales and distribution, the best prices, and in all other parameters: the site, dealers, representatives - surpass competitors.