What are upselling and crosseling?

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3 stycznia 2019 15:26

Upselling it is persuading a customer to buy an upgrade or add-on to a currently chosen product or to select a more expensive product than the one customer wants initially. You probably see this daily, but you didn’t think of it as up-selling: if you go to a pizzeria and order a pizza, you are asked about extra cheese, any additional toppings or a fizzy drink right? That’s up-selling! When you went to a fast food brand and asked “Do you want fries with that?”, That’s up-selling! Longer guarantee for your mobile phone? That’s up-selling!

While Cross-selling it is offering an additional item to a customer who already bought something. The important thing here, the additional item must match with what customer bought earlier. If a customer bought a laptop, he could get offered to buy a new mouse or keyboard. If he purchased a mobile phone, maybe he would be interested in buying a phone case? A large number of e-commerce stores websites use those techniques - for example when depending on the item you bought or watched, you get additional items show as “You might be interested in.”