What are the most useful tools for the marketing manager?

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2 stycznia 2019 10:33

There are a lot of tools that are useful for a marketing manager. Every day new ones appear and some old ones die. But there are tools that have become classic. The article will be useful for those who do not know whether he has implemented everything on the site, or where to start and what to strive for. ONLINE CHAT ON THE SITE After the site is ready, you need to install a chat on it. Through the chat on the site, you can trade as in the market. In the chat, you see which page the visitor is on, and you can write an address to this person. GOOGLE TAG MANAGER Google Tag Manager is a convenient container for codes on the site. You need to install Google Tag Manager once, and all subsequent codes can be installed on the site without the help of programmers. That is, the container makes it possible to put on the site any codes, not only from Google. GOOGLE ANALYTICS Google Analytics has excellent multichannel sequence reports that show how many times and from what sources a user has visited the site before leaving a request. PAID ADVERTISING After the site is ready, the tools for communicating with the audience and recording information about the visits will be set up, we will connect the advertising channels. The following discussion focuses on the classic advertising tools on the Internet. BROADCASTING We are talking about email mailings on our base - for those people who were on your site and subscribed to news or for those who are already your customers. Newsletters are an amazing way to meet your customer yourself and introduce your product to the customer. Mailings are suitable for sales in complex services and online stores. Mailings do an excellent job with the client's “warming” function, and, of course, this is a great tool for repeat sales. Use tools comprehensively. Think over the channels of attracting the audience to the site, ways to increase the conversion of the site, ways to “warm” clients.