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28 grudnia 2018 16:41

What are the most common email marketing mistakes?

What are the most common email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them?

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do Aleksandra

28 grudnia 2018 16:41

Are you responsible for sending mailing campaigns? Once again, you can see a text about how not to make mistakes in e-mail marketing - but you do not intend to read it, because you think it does not concern you? However, if you find a few minutes to read this article, you will come across 11 mistakes that you may be making. Familiarize yourself with them, save, remember and I assure you that your campaigns will be more effective. 1. Shipment of a mailing campaign despite disagreement If despite a disagreement, you have decided to send emails to your database with your offer, you risk a lot. And not only with your reputation or falling into SPAM, but also breaking the law. 2. Lack of required elements of the message Another mistake, which is one of the most serious, is the lack of two important elements that should appear in the message - namely the footer containing information about your company and the unsubscribe link from the newsletter. 3. Technical errors in the content of the message There is one more type of error that should not happen in your template. They can reduce conversion from your mailings. I am talking about such errors, such as links that do not drive anywhere, or CTA buttons, which are not really buttons at all. 4. No strategy Lack of strategy or a coherent vision of e-mail marketing communication is really short-term. Sending mailings only when you remember about it will not help you build relationships and loyalty of your recipients. Irregular shipping will also cause that your subscriber can forget about you and when you receive another message - he will simply unsubscribe from the newsletter. 5. Sending the graphic itself If you send to recipients only one large graphic - then you should change your tactics immediately. This is the first step to finding a place in the SPAM Folder. As you can see, there are many mistakes in email marketing that can greatly reduce the results of your campaigns and which could easily be avoided. I will not save you from everyone but remember those few mentioned. I hope that thanks to this your campaigns will be even more effective and better converting.