What are the biggest mistakes while creating infographics?

28 stycznia 2019 12:00

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1 lutego 2019 15:59

Domestic entrepreneurs finally realized what a powerful promotion tool (good infographics can bring a lot of traffic and natural links, as well as greatly increase the popularity of the brand in the network), and began to actively invest in its creation. True, only a few could achieve the desired effect. Most of the created infographics go unnoticed and are forced to collect dust in the darkest corners of the Internet until the end of their days.

So how do you create such an infographic that accurately picks up likes? To answer this question, we have compiled 15 of the most common mistakes that make your infographics ineffective. Try to avoid them.

  1. You advertise your products and services.

Finally, accept this harsh truth - no one cares about your products, services and other things. Stop imposing and start sharing something really useful with your users: recent research, practical advice, or humor.

  1. You are mindlessly copying other people's ideas

To translate foreign infographics with the original design and attribution, of course, is not prohibited. And in some cases, this method can be very effective. However, we do not recommend using it all the time. Believe our experience - the best results are infographics with original text and design.

  1. Your infographics are hard to read.

The idea of your infographic should be so simple that it can be explained in one sentence. All pictures and text blocks should be interconnected, forming a single stream of information. If you jump from thought to thought and try to shove into your material that which is not meant to be there, users simply will not read it.


Even if your infographic does not contain any of the above errors, this does not mean that it will immediately become viral and spread all over the Internet. A step-by-step algorithm that will surely guarantee success does not exist. Do not bother with his search. Simply generate interesting ideas, create beautiful designs, share useful information and think about the needs of your target audience. That's the whole secret. Good luck!