What are the best Wordpress plugins for marketing?

28 stycznia 2019 13:52

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11 lutego 2019 09:51

Well-optimized and perfectly running website is the key to successful online marketing. WordPress gives us a huge amount of plugins, made just for helping marketers to achieve goals such as increasing sales or traffic. We have picked some of the best of them.

• Yoast SEO — commonly used SEO plugin that makes the process of delivering SEO improvements to our website easier. It helps with XML Sitemaps generating, content analysis, snippet previews by suggesting new solutions for potential SEO problems.

• Autoptimize — this plugin is easy to use, even for non-technical marketers. It improves the speed of our website. It also aggregates and caches scripts and styles, as well as moving and deferring scripts to the footer.

• Featured Image Optimizer — it is an excellent plugin to get more clicks. It also allows you to run A/B split tests on your website for featured images.

• Title Experiments Free — it helps with picking the right version of your post title based on A/B split testing. It allows you to add multiple titles for a single article. The plugin will randomly show one of them to the users and then calculate how often they are clicked by the users.

• SEMRush — wide and intuitive use are the biggest advantages of this tool. It helps you with SEO, content planning, social media, and paid marketing. You can simply analyze your website as well as your competitors’. Finding the best keywords and creating the best strategy have never been so easy.

• Smush — that plugin is simple but powerful. It quickly compresses and optimizes your images and makes them remain high-quality while reducing their sizes. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

• Google Analytics by Monster Insights — You can easily connect that tool with your Google Analytics account and track all the performance of your blog directly from WordPress panel.

With these seven tools, achieving your goals will be so much easier. Try them all and get us to know if they’re good for you, too!