What are the best Wordpress marketing tactics?

28 stycznia 2019 14:05

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18 lutego 2019 11:03

If your business website is powered by WordPress, your activities shouldn’t be chaotic and with no strategy prepared. What are the best WordPress marketing tactics that can help you with optimizing the site, generating more leads and engagement and, finally, sell more? Here are some of the best ones:

Focus on your SEO
The biggest power of WordPress websites is the possibility of continuous work on Search Engine Optimization. It demands some patience and knowledge but is totally free. High position in Google rank provides much more views and increases the number of potential customers. There are many tools and plugins that you can add to your website that help with better optimization.

A/B test your landing page and titles
A/B tests may be time-consuming but with WordPress plugins, it is easy and definitely worth trying out. Collected statistics give insight into the testing process and help to see which areas need some improvement. There’s not a secret that good title and headline are the keys to attract people with your blog post. It is a good idea to try to test different options on your audience and analyze what works best and what is not.

Enable comments
No matter what business you run and what is the purpose of your website, you should at least consider enabling comments to some of your posts. It increases engagement, helps with building a connection with customers and allows to get some feedback about your offer or content. It is extremely helpful when something is not working as you wish and you don’t know the reason.

Export leads to your sale CRM
If you use your website for a lead generation, you can use WordPress tools to directly import contact information to your customers into your CRM. It can also help with tracking audience behavior that allows you to set up new conversion opportunities.

WordPress is full of helpful tools that are worth trying. Basing on your needs and business profile and goals, you should find plugins that allow you to do almost anything.