What are the best examples of omnichannel approach?

18 stycznia 2019 16:01

What is the omnichannel definition and what are the best omnichannel examples in real life?

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18 stycznia 2019 16:10

You can have amazing mobile marketing, engaging social media campaigns, and a well-designed website. But if they don’t work together, you don’t win a customer. Omnichannel is one of top trending marketing tactics that helps people succeed.  

Omnichannel is an approach that treats all channels as one, unified communication stream, making sure that all customers will have a great experience and their issues will be solved quickly, not important they visit online or brick and mortar store. An essential thing in omnichannel strategy is building a stronger relationship between consumers and the brand, not merely getting as many new customers as possible. 

It allows providing a seamless user experience across all channels relevant to the buyer’s journey. And it works. 

The best omnichannel approach examples are:


Starbucks and its Rewards Application

It’s an app that allows recharging client’s profile both on the mobile and through the website, in addition, this is completely automated and users can check their profile balance in real time. 



It’s UK fashion retailer that understands Omnichannel perfectly. Oasis established an online shop, mobile app, and several brick-and-mortar stores. They also created a tool that lets the stuff send customers real-time information on product availability.



My Disney Experience tools help to organize the trip to Disneyland, taking under consideration all details: restaurants where you want to eat, booking attractions you want to visit and even navigating you during the walk through the Disney park, from one point to another. What’s the best, your phone can serve as a storage device and any time you are photographed on Disney attraction, the picture appears on your phone. Stress or troubles? Almost impossible.