What are common CRO mistakes?

1 lutego 2019 11:22

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24 lutego 2019 22:55

CRO, or conversion rate optimization, is an extremely important tactic in every company in the e-commerce industry. These days, only thanks to this tactic, companies can survive in an extremely competitive market. However, due to its complex form and different ways of implementation, the conversion rate optimization is still quite a problematic tool for marketers.


  1. The help section for clients is not important

The lack of a visible and easy-to-use help section for customers makes visitors leave your website faster. The lack of help sections may cause a lack of trust in your brand. Give customers answers to all of their bothering questions about your products as well as order processing. You can introduce help for clients in the form of a hotline, by e-mail, real-time chat, or by forms.


  1. To use CRO tools you must be a programmer

Optimization of the conversion rate is not related to programming and you do not need any knowledge in this field. Testing ideas do not require any skills related to programming.


  1. Conversion rate optimization services are expensive

The conversion rate optimization process does not generate as much cost as a paid ad. In some cases, CRO is much more effective to use because (as opposed to paid advertising) it is a cheaper and less competitive solution.


  1. The content is for the search engine, not for customers

One of the first principles in marketing is getting to know your clients from A to Z. Thanks to surveys and forms you can learn from clients what they are looking for on your website. Become a reliable source of knowledge directing your content to each group of people that you can distinguish.


In summary, CRO brings visible profits and is easy to use. By creating a free account you get a lot of useful CRO tools in the package. To transform visitors into buyers, focus on personalizing their personal experiences related to your website. Ask visitors what they think about your products and services and use this information.