What are best practices for push notifications?

23 stycznia 2019 11:24

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23 stycznia 2019 11:26

Push notifications are a popular tool for interacting with the audience. Push notification is a short message addressed to users after the opening of the site. Visually, this addressing often comes from the name of the browser. Push notifications are successfully used to distribute advertising content, user information, trigger distribution, etc. This marketing trend, due to its efficiency, is today considered one of the most effective ways to develop business projects.

What are best practices for push notifications?

1# Sample target audience

The key to success is to push technology. Only personalization and consideration of the interests of the user can increase sales and achieve other business goals. In push notifications, it is possible to customize this same personalization, taking into account gender, age, and other user characteristics. The tool can analyze which products or pages the user has viewed and sent messages to him based on these interests.

2# Relevance of content

Tell users only the latest information. Promotions, discounts, news - all this should be on the topic. I mean, relevant. If a person has subscribed to the “daily specials” mailing list from the website of your restaurant, you do not need to notify him about the sale of the spring collection of shoes in the affiliate store. This is spam in its purest form, and it will be negatively evaluated by the audience.

3# Timeliness

People should receive notifications when it is convenient for them. Very few people at 3 o'clock in the morning will be interested in information about discounts or new receipt of goods. Most likely, after such a notification, the person will generally unsubscribe from your mailing list. It is best to send information on weekdays after lunch.


If you managed to make the user download your application, push notifications are a great free way to increase conversion and revenue. But do not abuse this privilege. Think over your actions, be in the center of what is happening, bring benefits - and users will reward you with activity.