Is it worth to create customer self-service?

4 lutego 2019 12:57

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23 lutego 2019 01:18

The self-service business model originated in the United States, where at the beginning of the 20th-century self-service stores appeared. If in family shops the visitors were traditionally served at the counter, now they had to independently take goods from the shelves. The concept of self-service has evolved in parallel with the universalization engendered by the industrialization of the universal desire to increase productivity and efficiency.

In the case of using the self-service business model, value creation is to some extent passed on to customers in exchange for a lower price (as). In particular, this approach is optimal for processes with high costs, bringing consumers low perceived value. Clients usually point out that self-service also helps save time (that). It may even increase efficiency since in some cases the value creation stage will be shorter and more targeted. The classic examples of this method are the delivery of goods from the shelves, the planning of your own projects or the independent settlement of goods or services. A self-service business has great potential in the context of the economy because consumer participation can often lead to a significant reduction in the number of full-time positions.

It is well known that self-service can bring significant benefits to your customers, your employees and your company. Implementing the right knowledge management methods will allow your team to maximize their self-service potential and give their customers exactly what they increasingly prefer: the ability to self-serve and help themselves.

The "Self-service" template is great for customers who are willing to work a little for lower prices. It will also be useful when the “do-it-yourself” element of the production process creates perceived customer value (for example, this may apply to T-shirts, which customers design themselves for themselves). To successfully apply Self-Service, you must analyze the potential of the template from the point of view of consumers.