I need to find all users who have visited a page containing "xyz" in the URL. How do I do that?

25 stycznia 2019 22:23

In people section > filters, there's URL attribute, but with this I can filter users based on the last page visited by the visitor only. 

We very much need to match against the complete URL history.

Also, is there a way for me to export all users with all URL history? 

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28 stycznia 2019 08:47

You can also create a automation. Triger (Visit Page: contains xyz) > Add Tag: xyz. And then you will be able to filter all users with this specific TAG


26 stycznia 2019 13:00

Sure thing. You can do it via automations! There is a special module called "Visited Page". More info here: https://docs.userengage.com/action-module-visited-page-condition/

Example: D&T trigger > Visited Page > yes > Add Tag