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20 grudnia 2018 14:46

How to write an introduction?

For article or blog post.

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do Aleksandra

20 grudnia 2018 14:46

Why do you want to know how to write an introduction? We may suppose you want your reader know the topic of your post and you are afraid to lose him in the middle of the reading the text. That is why you need to know how to write an introduction. The idea is that there have to be three elements of introduction: catching beginning, presenting the topic or the problem, explaining the solution to the problem. The introduction should be not so long but consist of all necessary brief information about further reading. First of all, you need to catch readers attention. It is your choice how to do it but you can start with an interesting question or sunny joke. You can tell a story or express emotions regarding your topic. Another way is to present a fact or statistic data or write a quote of a famous and influential person. All these tricks may work depending on a context or topic of your post. You should also pay attention to your target group and main message you want to pass to them; probably it is not a good idea to start the introduction with a joke when you raise you the question of world terrorism and methods of fighting against it. Secondly, introduce the main topic and the reason why you write that text. While creating any post or article we know why we want to write it automatically – we are the authors – but how do the readers know? Purpose of the post should be mentioned in the introduction that ensures the understanding by the readers. Thirdly, write briefly what is the solution of the problem you propose in the text. This information will explain how the post addressed to the problem and what are the ways of developing this topic.