How to warm up cold leads with Marketing Automation?

28 stycznia 2019 13:00

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4 lutego 2019 12:20

Everyone probably deals with them – you have an old lead that went silent a long time ago. First, he was interested, he even left his email and then… nothing. He could go to your competition or he just wasn’t ready for the purchase. Whatever the reason was, there should be no excuse for you to stop your attempts to engage and attract him. Marketing automation caused that cold leads that would have normally been ignored, can now be availed with some automated communication. How to warm this lead up using marketing automation campaign?

Personalization campaign

It works because it is based on using the prospects name in the subject line of the email. Directly speaking to the recipient automatically gets his interest, and he’ll click the message right away. There are many tools that can help you with personalizing emails by name or even by location.

Remaining campaign

Ask “Is now a better time?”  and see how your recipient reacts. Maybe he just forgot about your existence, and he is still interested in your product or service? Most of the people receive a huge amount of messages a day, and they ignore every email besides ones coming from their relatives or collaborators and marking them as spam.

Special promotion

It works well especially if you can give the recipient the opportunity to test your service or tool for free. A 14 or 30-day free trial version is an excellent way to re-engage him. A special discount should work well too.

Valuable content

Sometimes catching title and a special offer are not enough. Use your blog or landing page as a platform for sharing valuable content, that is both connected to your everyday activities and user interests as well. Of course, making the content part cannot be fully automated and demands some work but becoming the authority pays off in the future.


As you see, good content and personalizing messages play the key role in the warming up process. But remember: if your campaign is not enough to reactivate some cold leads, don’t be afraid to “kick” them out of your system!