How to Use Twitter for Marketing & PR?

16 stycznia 2019 09:32

How to use Twitter for marketing? Not for business in general but for this specific, marketing and PR area?

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16 stycznia 2019 09:33

Twitter as one of the most famous social networks was created 12 years ago in the US. Nowadays it is broadly used by famous people, artists, politicians, and companies to promote their brands and share news or thoughts. This platform does not let create long posts because they are limited up to 140 characters. It looks like microblogging where you mainly post short messages for the general public or, to be more precise, for the followers. 

Why it can be used in marketing? Along with the other platforms, it is one more social channel where you can promote your image or products or inform the audience about coming events. Let see what to do there developing your marketing strategy.

•Announce promotions and specials in Twitter is the good way to inform and attract more people about your news and changing. 

•You can announce the events you organize or participate in giving a piece of short information about their main cores, location, and dates and providing the link with details. The more you share the more participants you will have! 

•All materials you write or just want to share can find their places on Twitter. Promote articles, researches, webinars or news there sharing the link.

•Each marketing strategy preparation requires analysis of the existing market and opinion on your brand. Twitter is a helping tool in searching what others think and write about your company. They can refer to you and you see by special search who mentioned you in tweets.

•Stay in touch with influencers and bloggers, media persons via Twitter. You can follow each other and your name will appear in more places you expect.

•Try to engage your CEO into the microblogging – it may be difficult but it is worth doing. If they find free time for posting short messages they will keep in touch with customers, clients, market representatives and show their interest in own brand.