How to use SMS marketing to generate more leads?

28 stycznia 2019 13:29

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25 lutego 2019 09:54

If you want to reach more people with your marketing messages and get a much higher open rate, there is one option you should definitely check out: SMS marketing. SMS messages have very high engagement rates (they are opened more often and get responses). Moreover, all phones accept SMS messages. How to generate more leads with SMS marketing?

• Send special discounts and offers
It is the easiest way to inform your customers about your discounts and promotions. This solution, rather than traditional e-mail messages, makes people feel more exclusive and helps with building trust.

• Write an Auto Reply
You can use it as an opportunity to introduce yourself and send any relevant information. Remember to include a shortened link your website in the text as they can easily go to read more.

• Encourage people to sign up to receive exclusive deals
It works excellent especially for restaurants and any service-based companies. It is a great way of increasing engagement.

• Ask for reviews
This can start a conversation with your customers and receive their opinion. Make sure your questions are short and easy to answer (Yes/No or on number scale).

• SMS chat
That is some replacement for website chats with one big advantage — it eliminates long waiting. The message comes directly to their phone.

• Remind about appointments
Text messages are a more effective way of reminding customers about appointments and confirming their will to show up. Ask them to reply to your message with a simple Yes or No.

These were some of the best ways to use SMS marketing for lead generation. Remember to always ask people for permission before sending any messages, and don’t spam your customers unless you want them to sign out quickly. Good luck!