How to use LinkedIn for business?

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19 grudnia 2018 13:03

In net, professional social network LinkedIn has a reputation as a resource for finding work and employees. However, the creators of the platform are positioning it as a universal social platform that can be used to develop a network of personal contacts, distribute and receive useful information, and organize sales in the B2B segment. Want to unlock LinkedIn's potential? Use the tips below. Tip # 1: Optimize Profile URL By default, your LinkedIn profile URL includes an id, which consists of a set of numbers and letters. You can use a short and memorable id, for example, your first and last name. To do this, follow the link and use the "Create a personalized URL" menu. Tip # 2: Add a background image On Facebook and Twitter, you can use a cover and a cap, respectively, to make your profile more attractive, and on LinkedIn, there is a background image for this purpose. Use the menu "Edit profile - Add an image for the background." File size should not exceed 4 MB. The recommended resolution is 1400 by 425 pixels. Tip # 3: Add a logo to your personal website or blog. To do this, click on the link, select the button, copy the code and paste it into the site. Tip # 4: Optimize links to your website or blog. Select the menu "Edit profile - contact information." In the drop-down menu "Websites" specify the option "Other." Now you can write anchor text and add a link. Tip # 5: Include key phrases in profile descriptions If you want users to find you for certain requests, include them in different sections of the profile description. Use the keys naturally so as not to annoy robots and live users. Tip # 6: add examples of work You can do this in the “Publications” and “Work Experience” sections. Examples can be added as a link, document, video or presentation. Tip # 7: Swap Profile Sections Imagine that you know 25 foreign languages. Probably, you want all users viewing the profile to see it. Drag the section to the top of the profile. Tip # 8: Use the Save Search feature. This feature allows you to save the results of the issue. You can quickly play them at your convenience. You can also receive updated search results by e-mail with the frequency you specify. Tip # 9: Quickly turn your profile into a resume Use the Resume Builder for this. Log in to the application using your LinkedIn account. The system will do the rest for you. It remains only to choose a suitable template and print the document. Please note that the system uses templates in English. If you plan to send a resume to a Russian company, make it yourself. Tip # 10: look for a job in the "Jobs" Go to the "Jobs" section. Select the advanced search option. Here you can specify the country, industry and desired position. Also, enter in the search box keywords related to the job.