How to use email marketing automation to help small business?

28 stycznia 2019 12:45

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23 lutego 2019 20:04

The main task of a small business is the sale of goods and services. The target audience needs to be offered something that it cannot refuse or find somewhere else. And for this, you need an effective marketing plan, which would clearly define the strategy of finding the ideal client and distinguish you from competitors. Here are some marketing automation ideas for promoting a small business.


  1. Define your goal and budget.

First of all, it is necessary to formulate a business goal and plan a budget. You have to ask yourself the question: “What do I want?”. It is necessary to decide what is important for you: to increase international coverage or to gain a larger share in the local market, to increase conversion rates or brand awareness, etc.


  1. Invest in advertising

To make money, you first need to spend it. For effective promotion will have to spend money on search, media, and social advertising. Do not be scared. You may have many questions at once: where to start, how much does it cost, how to find out if advertising on social networks or AdWords works? Do not worry, you quickly figure everything out.


  1. Choose your primary social network.

Working with social networks is not easy. Especially when you try to cover all platforms at once. It is difficult to say whether such a tactic will work at all. It is great to be present at once on many channels, but for a small business, it is much more efficient to choose only one channel where most of the target audience is registered.


Make your own list of marketing automation ideas. Include for yourself individual ideas from the list above, or your own ideas. Include for yourself the marketing ideas that you used earlier and those that you haven't used yet. Include for yourself the marketing strategies that you have seen in other companies. Then start to install them in practice, one for another. Create a target for yourself - try out new marketing ideas every week. Continue to use those that work, discard those that do not help grow your business.