How to use digital ads to grow sales?

28 stycznia 2019 12:48

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24 lutego 2019 17:18


The 21st century is a century dominated by digital technology. Everything that was before is hopelessly outdated: tablets have taken the place of paper diaries, a phone that will not be a smartphone is hard to find in the store, instead of billboards you can more often see video screens.

Digital marketing or digital marketing in retail is the use of digital technologies to attract customers and increase sales. As a rule, the term digital means online technology, that is, the use of the marketing potential of the Internet (social networks, websites, etc.). However, Digital marketing is also a working offline tool, implying the technologization of various processes. In retail, every stage of interaction with the consumer is important - both in the online space and outside the virtual world. Therefore, for business development, it is worthwhile to focus on using Digital technologies for all sales channels.

In retail, digital signage tools are predominantly used - technologies for presenting information on digital media installed in public places. These are not only familiar digital screens, but also more functional devices: video walls, interactive display cases that react to movement, information kiosks with additional modules (QR reader, thermal printer, card reader, etc.), interactive projections onto any surfaces. Digital tools can be used not only as a means of communication with consumers but also for analytics - obtaining data on the number of buyers, counting regular visitors, etc. This information is obtained by scanning the store area with sensors that determine the unique MAC addresses of portable devices or digital analytics using video surveillance.

Digital technologies offline provide an opportunity to use dynamic and bright advertising, to adapt it to any target audience. They also make it easier to make a purchase by placing signs for orientation on the trading floor, informing about promotions and discounts, new arrivals or additional services.