How to use color psychology in marketing?

28 grudnia 2018 16:30

Does it work?

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28 grudnia 2018 16:31

As research shows, more than 65% of customers consider color as the most important motivating element to purchase when choosing a product. Specified colors affect selected consumer behaviors. This is due to the fact that elements such as personal preferences, experience, upbringing, cultural differences, context etc often determine the impact of certain colors on us. Therefore, you should use the colors in the right way, at the right time, to match the right recipients and a specific purpose. The colors in the ad meet certain functions: - Technical function - the colors should not cause eyes to the pain and force them to strain their eyes - Information function - colors must facilitate the transfer of information - Construction function - colors should form a coherent whole - Aesthetic function - colors should be pleasing to the eye, give the impression of harmony and increase the customer's interest COLOR ASSOCIATIONS 1. Blue is the color of trust, peace, order, loyalty and also evokes the feeling of silence and self-control. 2. Yellow, although it is referred to as the color of joy and friendship, is used for warning. It is often said that it causes children to cry and annoys adults. 3. Green refers to nature. Interestingly, research shows that green stimulates creativity and is also associated with it. If your site has anything to do with nature, green is a good choice. 4. Orange color arouses haste and prompts impulsive behavior. It can be used as a color of joy, as well as to stimulate physical activity, competition, self-confidence and immediacy. Sometimes orange suggests that something is cheap. 5. Red is used to communicate passion, excitement, love, blood, warning - for example as a stop light at a pedestrian crossing. Red is absolutely eye-catching. 6. Black is luxurious, elegant, sophisticated and timeless. Black is a classic suitable for selling high-quality products, such as expensive watches, luxury cars, and exclusive clothing. We presented an analysis of selected colors and their importance in marketing. Remember to test different colors and shades to find the most effective one. As you can see, the psychology of colors has power! Use it for your business :-)