How to provide excellent customer service?

2 stycznia 2019 14:47

Conducting many projects in the field of customer service standardization, I often wonder what affects the overall level of customer service quality. If we think about the long-term impact on the quality of service in a company, we should pay attention to many factors. #1 Enter automation - advanced ACD system ACD are advanced systems for intelligent call forwarding. They can connect to external databases. In addition, they extract the sought information from them and, on their basis, divert the connection to the appropriate consultant. #2 Callback One of the most frequent assurances affecting the quality of customer service is the promise to contact the customer on a specific date and time at which the customer wishes to contact. To keep your word, just use the callback function in the contact center system. The system will save another contact with the customer in the calendar. Then it will automatically connect on a given day and time. #3 Listen to customer tips based on a satisfaction survey One of the situations that are very valuable for the company, which may translate into the quality of customer service is listening carefully to the customers' opinions on the services provided. You will learn what is most important in customer service. Thanks to the contact center system, this process can be automated. It is enough to recall the automatic SMS messages popular in telecommunication networks, asking for sending back a free answer in the form of a digit that assesses the level of satisfaction from the conversation. Customer expectations are growing, but a number of tools are being developed in parallel to facilitate and improve their service. A good seller must now follow changes in customer service standards (and it's best to overtake them!) As well as select appropriate solutions to meet the growing customer requirements.