How to make effective social media marketing?

19 grudnia 2018 12:56


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19 grudnia 2018 12:58

How to make effective social media marketing? With the growing popularity of social networks (such as Facebook, Google+ and others), marketers' interest in these sites has increased as a new source of a target audience for promoting brands and companies. Very quickly, social media marketing (Social Media Marketing (SMM)) has become one of the elements of the Internet marketing mix. It is used to attract visitors (and therefore potential new customers) to the company's website from social media environments. But positioning on these platforms and methods of promotion in them have a number of features. You can list a few basic steps in planning a strategy for an SMM company on the Internet 1. Use the power of social connections - Consumers are more likely to respond to the recommendations of their friends than to advertisements. 2. Remember the reach of mobile device owners. 3. Avoid outright advertising and imposing your product. Remember, your consumers are as smart as you are. They are well aware of any advertising tricks. Moreover, consumers do not trust advertising and people broadcasting advertising information. Social media users are looking for content and useful information that will allow them to make their own choices. You may be surprised, but we have material that reveals this topic in detail. 4. Actively use photos Photos are a real magnet for the audience. Many researchers claim that illustrations are one of the most effective business tools in social networks. They attract the attention of 44% of community visitors. 5. Continue social media communication via e-mail. According to Monetate, email has a higher conversion rate compared to social sites (see illustration). In other words, calls for making purchases have low effectiveness if they are published in online communities. Realize the growing consumer activity of social media users. This will be your first step in increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Use social networks to attract the attention of the audience and establish a relationship of trust with potential buyers. Try to continue to communicate with them via e-mail to increase the likelihood of transactions.