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19 grudnia 2018 12:17

How to increase conversion rate?

Any tips and tricks for better conversion?

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do Aleksandra

19 grudnia 2018 12:17

The secret of successful sales is very simple: it is in understanding the client's psychology, how he thinks and what he wants. In this article, there are some tips on how to motivate a client, which are based on current psychological research. They explain how to influence the maximum number of visitors so that they can start using your product. 1. Help clients overcome the “fear of committing an action” by setting minimum requirements. Remind your customers how easy it is to start working with you (“Use our product for the first month for free!”) To help them overcome the “fear of committing an action” 2. Highlight your customers! During the study of behavioral patterns in the voting, scientists concluded that people, randomly designated as "politically active", were 15% more likely to vote. Despite the fact that they were chosen completely by chance, it was their selection among other people that predetermined their further actions. Highlight your customers, make them part of a VIP group, and actions will match their characteristics. + 3. There are three types of users. Experts in neuroeconomics have conducted studies according to which all buyers can be divided into three types: misers, spenders, and average buyers. Spenders are actively buying at the wow-effect and immediately, so strive to raise their average bill and offer several products in addition to what they were initially interested in. 4. Highlight your strengths while acknowledging weaknesses The researcher concluded that customers are loyal to companies that occasionally admit their mistakes, as they are really trying to correct the shortcomings, instead of looking for the problem in others. Right: We can do better! Wrong: This is not our fault! 5. Be persistent, but in moderation It is the persistence of company representatives and the scarcity of goods that drive successful sales. According to a study by Howard Levental, users tend to block persistent messages if they are not given clear information about subsequent actions.