How to improve non-profit organization website?

14 stycznia 2019 13:52

Some may think that running a nonprofit website is easy – it’s about just having it and updating from time to time. To be honest- it’s far away from being even close to “enough”. A nonprofit website has own goals and purpose, just like any other website. It can be used to get donations, sharing the ideology or increasing awareness on some problems. It has to be perfect. But how to improve it?


- Increase website traffic -  Google traffic is one of the main ways to get more views regardless of the type of your organization. You can increase that traffic by few steps: 

- Take care of user experience – your website should be not only attractive to the audience but easy to navigate as well. Nonprofit activities are often connected with more disabled users. Everyone should be able to read your content.

- Analyze your content base on SEO factors – URLs, meta titles, and descriptions, hyperlinks, keywords.

- Engage with your content – write about current topics and ask readers questions. Remember to make it possible to write a comment without registration.

- Clear contact information - You don’t own this website without any reason, right? One of the many important reasons is unchangeable – you run the nonprofit website to contact people and to make them contact you. Be sure that contact information is clear and easy to access while scrolling. 

- Show the social proof - Many people don’t trust others. Show some testimonials, endorsements and good words from famous, trustworthy social icons or reliable partners. Let’s call it hero messages. 

- Be specific and say clearly what do you expect - Write some information about your history, purpose, and ideology. If you donate money – explain what is it for and what it will change in someone’s life. Tell your website users how can they donate. Good call-to-action is the key!


There are many simple solutions you can do to increase users and engagement on every website. If someone tells you that nonprofit website can’t use them – don’t listen. Do these things and see the differences.