How to give negative feedback?

19 grudnia 2018 16:17

How to give negative feedback at work and in private life?

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19 grudnia 2018 16:23

Psychologists tell it is very hard for the person to tell someone what was wrong in his behavior, but who will do that instead of us If you have such responsibilities? Imagine you are a manager who must give feedback to the employees and this feedback can be negative. We do not have any problem saying positive comments on someone’s work as we know the reaction of another person – he will be glad to receive compliments. However, we have to be careful with giving negative comments – they can hurt someone’s personality and simply influence future co-working. If this happens, especially in a team, there is a risk to destroy the whole teamwork and do not come to desired results. So how to be a polite but critical manager? One of the rules focuses on behavioral moments and give real arguments of why it is impolite or incorrect to do in the way someone does. It will be effective to emphasize that there are consequences and outcomes of workers acts or mistakes and that is the main problem. Until you do not say anything on the personality you are not a jerk. You cannot critics someone as a person but you can correct behaviour and to ask to accept the critic objectively. Choose the right time – do this not at the beginning of a conversation but in the middle. Try to be open-minded and have a positive mind that person feels it is not a punishment or lecture of how to do right but more as colleague advice. It is also good to present this information with the instruction of how to improve the behavior but not only what wrong. Then the person will definitely accept it as advice.