How to generate more leads?

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19 grudnia 2018 14:39

Effective lead generation allows you to load your sales funnel with targeted traffic, which will help increase sales. As a rule, the process of generating leads consists of several key stages. If you have nowhere to get ideas for attracting leads, follow some tips. 1. Take care of your presence in social networks Try to focus on visual marketing. Use platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to attract the attention of consumers and potential buyers. Share attractive photos of your products, reveal the faces of your employees and share everything that might be interesting to potential leads. Remove the barrier between you and your audience, and try not to be another "soulless" corporation. Use the human factor for your own benefit. 2. Increase the number of optional offers on the site. The more you offer to your audience, the more your audience will be. We do not recommend that you fully rely on subscription forms in sidebars or in the basements of pages, even though users often pay attention to them. Each piece of content can be turned into a function. The point is to make the offer so attractive that your visitors could not hold back, and download the proposed resources. PDF documents, e-books, reports, articles, webinars, demo versions - try to offer users as much as possible, and always keep track of what content they like best. 3. Exclude all unnecessary from the form of subscription Even the most loyal visitors are unlikely to want to fill out long forms on your site. Subscription forms should be as simple as possible so that no one has to go back and correct mistakes. If possible, use the functionality that automatically highlights the incorrectly filled form fields. In addition, you should reduce the number of fields to a minimum. The more fields you need to fill in, the fewer users will be ready to do it. 4. Answer questions in Quora It is important at an early stage of development of your business to engage in brand promotion outside the site. In addition to guest posting, try to answer questions in Quora service, it will help you take your place in the industry and collect more subscribers and followers. Quora is a “question-answer” forum that discusses all sorts of topics. Using the keyword search, you can find topics that fit your activities and help people. The more you interact, the more people are interested in your profile, where you can enter all the additional information and, of course, a link to your website or social networks. 5. Learn the basics of psychological color perception. Colour is much more important than you might think, especially when it comes to CTA elements. For example, a yellow color is associated with fun and humor, green can cause a feeling of love and harmony. In other words, a simple button is more than a button. It's not just the text that will be written into it. The effectiveness of the button depends on its location, shape, and color. Contrasting colors are well suited for CTA-buttons, and smooth pastel - for smaller buttons. As a result, you will receive not only an increase in sales and a satisfied customer but also more weight in the market for goods and services. As an option, a satisfied customer can always leave positive feedback on your business online or recommend it to your friends, which will have a positive effect on the company's sales. It will be difficult for you to generate ideas for attracting leads if you do not pay enough attention to this area. Implementing an idea can also take a lot of time, but if you accurately capture the essence of the whole process, the conversion rates will increase. To create a constant influx of leads, you need to constantly make efforts. Experiment, test, customize, rework, watch your own strategies. Try to find the right balance, but do not expect that everything will work out the first time.